The Pantyhose Rules Everyone Needs To Know

The Pantyhose Rules Everyone Needs To Know Women have been wearing pantyhose for generations. There was a time not so long ago when pants were a no-no and women wore dresses every day, even when staying home to clean the house (if one can imagine!). Pantyhose were as much a part of the daily outfit as the bra; with a different function, of course.

Ladies today have their choice between pants, shorts, skirts and more, and while some choose to bare-leg it, others stick with the polished look of pantyhose. At, we love the look of a smooth leg line ourselves, as long as they’re worn right. Are there rules when it comes to pantyhose? Yes and no. Be yourselves, we always say, but be the best version of yourself by following these pantyhose rules for wearing.

Stick To Pantyhose That Match The Closest To Your Skin Tone.
This is probably the most important hose-rule to remember if you are trying to look professional and pulled together. (Though there are exceptions that we’ll cover in a minute.) Do not pick a deep suntan color if you are of the fair-skin, and do not pick the lightest coloring if you spend your days as a sun worshiper. This will make you look like someone photo-shopped someone else’s’ legs onto your body, and who wants that?

There Are, However, Color Exceptions.

When you’re wearing patterns, like polka dots, plaids, or stripes, feel free to experiment with black pantyhose, like Pierre Mantoux Flou In Nero for a cool look. Wearing black shoes is a must to keep it all together. You can also pair black or jewel-toned tights with just about anything to make a bold statement. And patterned pantyhose are simply divine (hello, fishnets), so experiment with beauties such as Trivia Fashion Lace Pantyhose.

Wear The Right Shoes With Your Hose.

Please don’t ever wear sexy, strappy, open-toed sandals with a reinforced toe. You can, however, wear an invisible toe, such as Malaga Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, with a shoe that has more of a peep than a wide open view. When wearing pantyhose that match your skin tone, any shoe will do, from basic black to an outfit match. has all of the toe-styles, sheers, patterns, and colors you need to keep your legs looking sexy and professional. Browse through pages of lovely options and choose what works best for you. After all, the first rule to remember is to be you; and to look good while you do it.