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Sheer Sophistication: 8 Styling Tips for Classic Nude Hosiery

Sheer Sophistication: 8 Styling Tips for Classic Nude Hosiery

Classic nude hosiery is a timeless accessory that adds a touch of elegance and polish to any outfit you put together. With that in mind, we have 8 styling tips you can use to achieve sheer sophistication with your classic nude hosiery.

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Making a Bold Statement With Colored and Patterned Hosiery

Making a Bold Statement With Colored and Patterned HosieryAre you looking to make a bold and unique fashion statement? Colored and patterned hosiery lets you express your individuality, creativity, and confidence through your outfit. Here are some tips on effectively making a bold statement with your hosiery.

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Fashion Forward and Functional: The Rise of Activewear Hosiery

Fashion Forward and Functional: The Rise of Activewear Hosiery

Activewear like active tights or leggings have definitely had a significant rise in popularity over recent years. This trend can be attributed to many factors, like the growing emphasis on health and fitness, the rise of athleisure fashion, and the advancements being made in fabric technology.

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Let’s explore some of the key reasons behind the rise of activewear hosiery.

Fitness and Wellness Boom

With more people embracing active lifestyles and prioritizing fitness and wellness, there has been a surge in demand for comfortable and functional clothing pieces like leggings that support our many physical activities. Activewear hosiery allows for flexibility, control moisture, and compression features.

Athleisure Fashion Trend

The athleisure fashion trend has blurred the lines between traditional athletic wear and casual clothing. People now want versatile clothing that can be worn in the gym and for everyday fashion. Activewear hosiery fits this perfectly, and leggings and tights can be styled with various outfits that can be worn beyond the gym. You can pair leggings with tunics, dresses, or oversized tops.

Fabric Innovations

Technological advancements in fabric development have also played a crucial role in the rise of hosiery. Performance fabrics are now being used to make breathable and quick-drying tights that are soft to the touch, retain their original shape, and are made with 3D technology.

Body Positivity

The fashion industry has also significantly shifted towards embracing body positivity and inclusivity. Hosiery is now more forgiving and accommodating to various body types. This provides a sense of comfort and confidence for the wearer, no matter their shape or size.

Fashion-Forward Designs

Hosiery has also evolved from simple and plain leggings to more fashion-forward designs, patterns, and color options. Brands now offer a wide range of styles, from basic black leggings to bold, printed leggings and jeggings that cater to all tastes and preferences.

So, with the combination of fashion-forward designs, the increasing importance of health, and the influence of athleisure culture, we are seeing hosiery trends evolve. Don’t miss out. Shop our hosiery collection on today and find new pieces for your everyday wardrobe.

Exploring Bold and Vibrant Colors in Hosiery

Exploring Bold and Vibrant Colors in Hosiery

Bold and vibrant colors in hosiery can add a fun and stylish touch to any outfit you put together. Do you want to make a fashion statement or simply want to brighten your look? You can incorporate colorful hosiery into your wardrobe.

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Complement Your Outfit

When you choose bold hosiery, think about the colors and patterns of the rest of your outfit. Choose hosiery colors that are complementary or contrast nicely with your clothes. This creates a balanced and eye-catching look.

Start With a Single Color

If you are new to color, start out slow. Start with single color options like red, blue, green, or purple. These are pretty versatile color choices and can be paired nicely with different outfits that make a statement.

Experiment With Patterns

In addition to bold color choices, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns. Explore hosiery with polka dots, stripes, geometric shapes, or even floral designs. These patterns add an extra layer of interest and playfulness to your ensemble.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Bold colors look good on all kinds of skin tones; however, certain shades may complement your particular skin tone more. For example, if you have fair skin, jewel tones like emerald or sapphire will look stunning. For darker skin, try a more vibrant color like fuschia or turquoise.

Dress Up or Down

Bold and vibrant hosiery can be used in both formal and casual outfits. Choose a darker, richer color like burgundy or deep navy for a more professional setting. For a more playful appeal, go for neon or pastel shades.

Play Around With Texture

Experiment with different hosiery textures like fishnet, lace, or sheer fabrics. They can add depth and uniqueness to your look and style overall.

Don’t Forget Your Footwear

Finally, consider the shoes you are going to wear with your hosiery. Sandals can showcase your colorful hosiery in a fun way, while closed-toe shoes can help create a subtle peek of color.

Ready to shop for some new hosiery pieces to brighten up your wardrobe? Check out today and find everything you need to stand out.

The Right Denier For Every Season 

Hosiery is far from a one or two season apparel necessity. It’s not a coat, it’s not a pair of shorts; hosiery is the garment that elevates your look whether it’s the middle of July or you’re headed to a holiday party for the New Year. At we want to break down how you shop for hosiery for each season, and what you want to look for to find those perfect any-occasion hose. 

The most important characteristic to look for in hosiery for a particular season is the denier. Denier, or den, refers to the thickness of a piece of hosiery. A pair of hose with a lower denier will be thinner, more sheer, and more breathable. Hosiery with a higher denier will be stronger, opaque, thicker, and cozy. You also have deniers in between. The deniers to look for to keep you comfortable and fashionable for each season are: 

• Summer – In summer you’re going to want to look for the lowest deniers, or the most sheer hose. This hosiery will smooth out the look of the leg, give you a perfected silhouette, and keep you cool all at the same time. The Breeze Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael comes in 6 neutral skin tones and features an ultra-sheer 8 denier for perfectly breezy summer days or nights. 

• Fall – During the fall season that telltale chill begins to set in, and you’re going to want hosiery that gives you a bit of protection not offered by your low-denier summer favorites. Finding hosiery with a denier of about 20 to 40, depending on the weather in your location, is perfect for warding off any chilly evenings while still keeping you breathable and comfortable. The Amour HIP LACE 30-Den Tights feature an ideal 30 denier to go with all your fall wardrobe favorites. 

• Winter – Winter weather can be brutal, and you want hosiery strong enough to hold up to its icy winds. For winter hosiery, you’re going to want to look for the highest deniers, especially if you’re in a location that has particularly chilly weather. The cozy and opaque Fiore Roza 60 Den Opaque Tights are soft, versatile, and sturdy for most winter weather locations, while those in particularly chilly areas may want to opt for the exceptionally protective Cette LIMA Cashmere Wool Tights with an impressive 150 den. 

• Spring – With the sun making its return, and with it warmer weather, it’s all about going back to sheer for the spring. After braving a cold winter, the same temperatures that felt cool and crisp in the fall will likely feel much warmer in the spring, so you’re going to want to look for a denier just a little bit lower than your fall tights to keep you most comfortable. The Bellissima Unico 20 Classic Sheer Tights feature a spring season perfect 20 denier.  

No matter the season, we have just what you need at Browse our selection and make your seasonal picks today. 

Avoid Holes In Your High End European Hosiery 

You invest in high-end European hosiery because it looks chicer, it’s more comfortable, and it’s made to last. However, what happens when you find a hole? Even the highest quality hosiery isn’t completely indestructible but taking care to pay attention to a few things can help you to avoid more holes popping up in the future. Some simple ways you can avoid damaging your hosiery are: 

  • File and smooth – One of the most common causes of an unexpected run or hole in your hosiery isn’t what you’re wearing, and it isn’t what you’re doing – it could be what you’re not doing instead. When you put on your hose to find a surprise run or hole, check your fingernails. Even the smallest crack, chip, or jagged bit of nail can catch on your hosiery as you’re pulling them on, tearing at the fabric and causing a small run that will only grow throughout the day. Before putting on any hosiery, quickly run a nail file over the free edges of your nails to make sure you’re not going to unknowingly damage your hose. 
  • Reinforced toes make a difference – One of the most common places to find a hole in your hosiery is at the toe. These can develop due to your choice of footwear, or simply due to how your foot rubs inside of any shoe as you walk. One way to combat this is to invest in hosiery with a reinforced toe, like our Amour HIP GLOSS 20-Den Tights
  • Consider your denier – When it comes to hosiery, denier matters. You’re more likely to find a hole or a run in your sheerest hosiery, simply because this hosiery features a lower denier. Thicker pieces with a higher denier tend to be sturdier, and they can stand up to a bit more because of it. If you’re wearing sheer hosiery with a denier of around 20 or below, take care to pay attention to where you’re sitting, what your legs may be rubbing up against, and what activities you’re partaking in while wearing your hose. 

At our hosiery is built to last, and we feature all deniers for all looks or seasons. To see what we have in store, pay us a visit at today. 

Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

As temperatures start to drop, people start to bundle up. They prioritize being warm with puffy coats, wooly sweaters, thick pants, and boots over being fashionable or stylish. But if you care about how you look even when it’s colder outside, you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic. You can definitely wear a statement dress and stay warm with one simple accessory: hosiery.

Staying Fashionably Warm

The TrendSpotter reports that, among many things, sheer fabric and low rise miniskirts are one of the trends to look forward to this fall and winter 2022. The cold weather and these types of clothing do not seem to make sense, but how do the fashionable gals make it work? 

You got it, hosiery. 

They are a classic wardrobe staple that we believe will never quite go out of style. If you wore them as a child or teen to keep you warm in school during the colder months, then you already know how well a good pair of tights can keep your legs warm. You can wear the shortest skirts and still feel warm as if you were wearing a pair of pants. 

Some people even double-up on the hosiery to keep warmer. You can wear two pairs of tights—try nude tights designed to keep you warm under black sheer tights—or a pair of leggings under your tights. You could also wear all nude hosiery to make it look like you’re wearing only a skirt. 

But, of course, fall/winter 2022 is not about plain looks. It’s all about bold statements and colors. You can do that with tights, too! Statement tights, in particular are also expected to be a major trend. Our hosiery comes in so many colors, prints, and styles that can complement any trend you choose this season.

Best Hosiery For Warmth

Our Transparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Tights comes in nine colors that you can use for a bright-colored outfit. You could achieve the metallic look with a simple pair of tights with a metallic effect. There are so many options and endless combinations to last you a season over. 

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How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

What does it mean when someone tells us to dress for success? Are they talking about a specific outfit that can skyrocket your career, or are they telling us that we must wear certain brand names? Here is our answer to how to dress for success from head to toe. 

Don’t Forego Your Personal Style

Dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to sideline your personal style. When you look at outfits of professional women, you may find a common thread—they all look very similar with a few tweaks here and there. 

Instead of dressing like someone else, embrace your own style, find a new way to wear things, and be yourself—whether it’s fashion socks or opaque tights paired with your favorite skirt and blouse or more interesting prints you can find when choosing high-quality fashion tights. Go bold and be yourself. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

You also don’t have to be uncomfortable with what you are wearing either. If you are uncomfortable with what you have on, it certainly shows. It is hard to hide. You might start fidgeting, and the discomfort is plastered across your face. You will not be relaxed and instead will appear more rigid. 

When dressing for success from head to foot, ensure everything you wear is comfortable. You might want to wear heels to give yourself some height, but it isn’t worth the pain and blisters. 

Showcase Your Confidence

When dressing for success, make sure to highlight your confidence. Pair your attitude with the perfect ensemble and hosiery online. Wear what you feel your absolute best in. When you do this, you will also find that you feel your best, and it will show. 

There is no one specific way to dress for success. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in and feel confident wearing while being professional. 

Other Tips When Dressing for Success

Make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and well-fitted when dressing for work. When choosing your accessories, go ahead and show your personal style but make sure the pieces you choose complement your clothing rather than distract from it. 

Finally, pay close attention to detail because it may be the little things that put you over the top. The first step in dressing for success from head to toe is finding the right hosiery online to base your look on. Visit us at for the latest in hosiery trends and styles that are sure to impress.

Tips for Buying Hosiery Online

Tips for Buying Hosiery Online

Choosing what we wear on our legs is just as important as the rest of the ensemble we put together. And thanks to the many advances in the fashion industry, we have a wide selection of the best choices in hosiery. Here are a few expert tips for buying hosiery online.

Find a Dedicated Site

You want to start your journey by traveling to a site that is dedicated to legwear. They are the experts, after all. We have a vast selection of high-quality hosiery you will love. You can also take in our knowledge and expertise when it comes to finding the best hosiery for your body type. 

Look for Variety

You also want to purchase hosiery from an online site that offers the variety you need. You might be in the wrong place if you can’t find pantyhose and tights in the same online store as your thigh highs and stay up stockings. You also want to make sure there is some variety in the different styles, sizes, colors, and patterns you choose.

Check the Size Chart

Size charts are always helpful when estimating the size you may need for hosiery online. Our size charts give several measurements to pinpoint the right size. You may consider sizing up to avoid aggravating waistband rolling if you are in between sizes. 

Thicker Means Stronger

If the legwear you choose is thicker, it will be stronger and much more durable than most sheer options. However, remember that the thicker they are, the less leg you show. Always consider the thickness of the legwear you purchase online. 

Thicker legwear is also good for hiding any imperfections you may have. To understand the denier of your hosiery, you need to consider its opacity. 

Understand the Differences

It is also important to understand the difference between the different hosiery types, so you purchase exactly what you need. For example, stockings are a true classic. They cover your leg up to mid-thigh and are often reserved for special occasions.

On the other hand, tights tend to be sheer and more skin tight. They can easily dress up your legs while showing them off in the best way. 

There you have it. These are just a few tips you can keep in mind when browsing hosiery online. For a high-quality selection of everything you may need to dress up or upgrade your wardrobe, visit us at today.

Legwear Trend Forecast for the Fall and Winter: What to Expect

With Fall and Winter just around the corner, it is time to take a look at the legwear trend forecast to see what we can expect in the upcoming seasons.

Graphic Accents

The first trend is graphic accents. Fun designs and accents can add playfulness to any outfit and can showcase our unique personalities. Designs can also add more energy and go far beyond functionality. It also teeters on fitness, fashion, and athleisure.

Metallic Shine

Shimmer is also in this year. If you want to make a statement and use your style to stand out, you can do just that with some metallic shine. Metallic shine tights are fun and sexy while also being elegant and stylish. They give you a smoother look and extra comfort. 

Floral Prints

A trend that is continuing from the year before is floral prints. Flower designs and colors can give you more vibrancy, life, and joy. You can choose from classic floral designs in black or go for something more contemporary with a geometric floral design. 


Plaid is also in this season. Plaid is timeless and rugged but still feminine and stylish. It is a time-honored pattern that will dress up any outfit you have this fall and winter. Choose plaids in different patterns and play around with different clothing combinations to create a fun and mismatched look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been around for a while and show no signs of going away. We have seen many animal print hosiery and clothing items on the runway and have taken those looks and recreated them to use in our everyday wardrobe. These prints can be bold and will certainly attract some attention. 

Knee Socks

Knee high socks are good for casual and everyday wear and are a trend we love seeing stick around. Knee highs can dress up any outfit and give you more of a stylish edge. Some can even add some retro flair to your style. They are versatile as well and go great with shorts, dresses, heels, boots, and anything casual or dressy you want to wear during the fall and winter months. 

Polka Dots

Polka dot hosiery is another trend we see evolving. It is the look that keeps on giving and goes with almost everything. The best part? They also suit most leg types. Let your legs do all the talking when wearing polka dots or other patterned tights or hosiery. Polka dots work best with a muted color palette. 

Ready to see what other hosiery items you can add to your wardrobe this season? Check out our huge selection at