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The Right Denier For Every Season 

Hosiery is far from a one or two season apparel necessity. It’s not a coat, it’s not a pair of shorts; hosiery is the garment that elevates your look whether it’s the middle of July or you’re headed to a holiday party for the New Year. At we want to break down how you shop for hosiery for each season, and what you want to look for to find those perfect any-occasion hose. 

The most important characteristic to look for in hosiery for a particular season is the denier. Denier, or den, refers to the thickness of a piece of hosiery. A pair of hose with a lower denier will be thinner, more sheer, and more breathable. Hosiery with a higher denier will be stronger, opaque, thicker, and cozy. You also have deniers in between. The deniers to look for to keep you comfortable and fashionable for each season are: 

• Summer – In summer you’re going to want to look for the lowest deniers, or the most sheer hose. This hosiery will smooth out the look of the leg, give you a perfected silhouette, and keep you cool all at the same time. The Breeze Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael comes in 6 neutral skin tones and features an ultra-sheer 8 denier for perfectly breezy summer days or nights. 

• Fall – During the fall season that telltale chill begins to set in, and you’re going to want hosiery that gives you a bit of protection not offered by your low-denier summer favorites. Finding hosiery with a denier of about 20 to 40, depending on the weather in your location, is perfect for warding off any chilly evenings while still keeping you breathable and comfortable. The Amour HIP LACE 30-Den Tights feature an ideal 30 denier to go with all your fall wardrobe favorites. 

• Winter – Winter weather can be brutal, and you want hosiery strong enough to hold up to its icy winds. For winter hosiery, you’re going to want to look for the highest deniers, especially if you’re in a location that has particularly chilly weather. The cozy and opaque Fiore Roza 60 Den Opaque Tights are soft, versatile, and sturdy for most winter weather locations, while those in particularly chilly areas may want to opt for the exceptionally protective Cette LIMA Cashmere Wool Tights with an impressive 150 den. 

• Spring – With the sun making its return, and with it warmer weather, it’s all about going back to sheer for the spring. After braving a cold winter, the same temperatures that felt cool and crisp in the fall will likely feel much warmer in the spring, so you’re going to want to look for a denier just a little bit lower than your fall tights to keep you most comfortable. The Bellissima Unico 20 Classic Sheer Tights feature a spring season perfect 20 denier.  

No matter the season, we have just what you need at Browse our selection and make your seasonal picks today. 

A How To Guide For Hosiery With Sandals 

A How To Guide For Hosiery With Sandals 

Sandal season is here, and just because you want to give your feet a little air that doesn’t mean it’s time to put your hosiery away! Hosiery and sandals can go hand in hand, elevating your summer looks all season long. A few tips for always winning in your hosiery with sandals looks are: 

• Make the hosiery your statement piece – Statement hosiery should be shown off; it’s there to make a statement after all! One easy way to wear hosiery with sandals is to opt for fashion hose you can really revolve your outfit around. The Fiore INSTINCT 15 Pantyhose is a perfect example of light denier, summer ready, versatile statement hosiery. With a bold neutral leopard pattern and a breezy 15 denier, it’s the kind of hosiery you’ll want to show off in a funky pair of platform sandals. 

• For the hosiery no-hosiery look – Maybe you want the sleek, polished, and elegant look of hosiery on your legs, but you also want to show off that fresh pedicure without distraction – this is where toeless hosiery comes in. The Calzitaly Toeless Sheer Pantyhose with Cooling Effect features a cooling summer-ready 10 denier, and they’re toeless to look natural and seamless in any open toed shoe. 

• Go monochromatic – When your hosiery and your shoes match, it gives the effect of legs that go on for days. This rule rings true with sandals or open toed shoes, too. Sheer colored hosiery like the Cecilia De Rafael ETERNO 15 Glossy Pantyhose is summer perfect with a cool 15 denier, and when they match your open-toed high heel sandals, they instantly slim and elongate any look.

We have just what you need if you’re looking to try the hosiery and sandal look this summer. From classic to bold, see what we have in store at today. 

5 Ways To Reuse Old Hosiery 

5 Ways To Reuse Old Hosiery 

Even the finest European hose will wear out eventually. What do you do when your go everywhere, do anything, favorite pair like the Calzitaly NUDE 20 Pantyhose has seen better days? We hope you’re not getting ready to toss them away! At we want you to know that hosiery is valuable whether they’re on your legs or helping you around the house, and 5 ways we love reusing old hosiery include: 

1. Recover lost jewelry – It’s common and it’s stressful – an earring slips through your fingers, and the next thing you know, you’re searching under the vanity, under the sofa, or under the bed with a flashlight trying to find a “needle in a haystack”. This is where your old hosiery comes in. You can put the flashlight away, grab your old hose, and get your vacuum cleaner ready. Attach the vacuum’s hose attachment and place your old hosiery firmly around the opening of the hose, securing the hosiery with a hair-tie or a rubber band. Turn your vacuum on and use the hose to scan the area of the lost earring. The vacuum will pull the earring from the floor or the fibers of the carpet, while the hosiery makes sure it sticks safely for retrieval! 

2. Give your light-colored shoes a good polish – With summer on the way, you’re probably getting all your favorite summer shoes out to show off for another season. Scuffs happen, but hosiery can help. Simply place a bit of toothpaste on a small kitchen sponge, then place the sponge inside of your old hosiery. When you moisten the sponge, get right to scrubbing. The sponge holds the toothpaste, while the hosiery ensures the sponge won’t further scuff or scratch the surface. 

3. Your garden helper – For gardeners, hosiery can be your secret weapon to beautiful, healthy, upright plants. Made from gentle fabrics, a small strip of old hosiery can help you to tie plants to sticks or supports to keep them upright without harming the plant like harsh wire. For potted plants, a piece of old hosiery placed at the bottom of a flowerpot can stop soil from falling out of drainage holes underneath. 

4. Store garlic and onions – Garlic and onions are best stored in a breathable, soft, and room-temperature environment. Rather than trying to find suitable produce bags, your old hosiery serves those needs perfectly. Simply take a leg of old hosiery and place onions or garlic bulbs inside, then hang in the kitchen to keep your ingredients close at hand. 

5. Fix that hole in your screen – When you want to toss open the windows for a little fresh air just to find a hole in the screen, it can throw off your whole good mood. If you’re airing things out this summer and find a hole, your old hosiery is the quickest fix you can find. Simply cut a piece of your hosiery to fit the hole, glue around the edges, and no bugs will find their way inside. 

When one pair of hosiery wears out, that also tells you it’s time to find your next favorite. Whether it’s a classic sheer pair of anywhere nude hose, or something a bit trendier, we have just what you need today at! 

4 Reasons Why Hosiery Is A Must For Sundresses 

4 Reasons Why Hosiery Is A Must For Sundresses

The summer season is sundress season, and we have just what you need to look your very best in all of your favorites this year. From soft and breezy, to short and slinky, these are our 4 reasons why hosiery is a must for all of your 2023 sundress looks: 

1. Fabrics can be unforgiving – The summer-friendly fabrics that most sundresses are made from are rarely forgiving. They’re loose, slinky, light, and aren’t very helpful in the support department as a whole. If you want that smoothed out, perfected, and polished look, hosiery is exactly what can give you the comfortable boost you need. A perfect summer example would be the So Silky Sheer Control Top with Invisible Reinforced Toe by Hue U10762, a sheer 12 den breathable hosiery option with an ultra-high control top to smooth you out in all the right places. You get the perfect silhouette while never losing the breezy comfort of your sundress. 

2. Tone down short hemlines – Not all sundresses are long and flowy. The short, flirty, “going out” sundress is a seasonal staple. Not everyone is comfortable with the ultra-short hemlines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel great in that dress you otherwise love. Hosiery is the perfect way to give you that touch of coverage without ever taking away from your look. In fun fashion colors, like the Cecilia De Rafael ETERNO 15 Glossy Pantyhose, sheer hosiery can even bring that additional flirty pop to any sundress centered outfit. 

3. The healthiest way to “tan” – Golden tones and summertime go hand-in-hand, but not everyone wants to expose themselves to the sun or opt for a potentially messy sunless tanner. This is where hosiery comes in. Giving your skin a perfected golden sheen, nude hosiery can give your legs an instant summer makeover to perfectly complement any sundress. 

4. Make it formal – Sundresses are comfortable, and they can be dressed up or dressed down, making it no wonder why they’re such a must for the spring and summer seasons. If you plan to take your favorite sundress on a night out, to a wedding, or another more formal event, hosiery can be your simplest solution for elevating your outfit to a more elegant space. 

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DIY Hosiery Stain Removal Guide 

DIY Hosiery Stain Removal Guide

Hosiery is made with thinner, more delicate fibers than other clothing like jeans or sweaters. So when it comes to the care of hosiery, it’s really important to exercise extra care. When your hosiery becomes stained, scrubbing too hard or using harsh chemical stain removers can degrade and hurt the fibers. To protect your hosiery from damage, it’s important to understand how to wash them and remove stains. Here is our guide to DIY hosiery stain removal.

Wash Your Hosiery

Start by filling a large bowl with warm water. Add the recommended amount of a gentle detergent. We recommend a hosiery-specific wash like Ames Walker. It’s best to wear gloves but if you don’t, remove any jewelry from your hands. You don’t want it catching and tearing. Place your hosiery in the bowl. Use your hands to gently wash the legs, waistband, and feet. While washing, inspect the hosiery for any stains. If you notice any stains that are not lifting, you will need to apply a stain removal solution.

Stain Removal Solutions For Your Hosiery

Depending on the type of stain you will need to add a capful of the following solutions to your bowl: 

● Hydrogen Peroxide: Coffee, blood, fruit, and vegetable stains

● Club Soda: Red wine, grease, and mud

● White Vinegar: Grass, lotion, and sweat

● Isopropyl Alcohol: Ink, makeup, and paint

Let the solution sit to lift the stain. If needed, you can guide it along by gently scrubbing it with a paper towel. You want to use paper towels because they have weaker fibers than your hosiery. So if you accidentally scrub the stain too hard, the paper towel will pile and tear and not your hosiery.

Properly Drying Your Hosiery

Once the stain has lifted, lay out a large towel on a flat surface. Remove the hosiery from the bowl. You then will gently squeeze the hosiery to wring out any excess water. Once you are done, you will lay the hosiery out on the towel. Air dry your tights. Then fold and put away.

Using these washing and stain removal techniques will protect your hosiery from damage during the wash. It will also lift any of the common stains that can occur when wearing them. The best way to keep your hosiery looking great is to invest in quality hosiery from the start. At, we offer the finest quality European hosiery. With proper care, our hosiery will last you a lifetime. 

How To Wear Tights, For Men

How To Wear Tights, For Men

Hosiery is typically relegated to women’s fashion. Tights have been a staple fashion accessory in the last century, and is still loved by women until today. However, this practical and fashionable accessory should not just be for women. Men, too, can benefit from wearing tights.

What’s Preventing Men From Wearing Tights?

Back in the 16th to 18th century, men, especially of nobility, wore tights on a regular basis. Hosiery were a standard part of their wardrobe to show off their legs, which were seen as a sign of pride and success. 

In the present day, tights for men are rare but not completely obsolete. Depending on their sport, men may wear leggings or tights. Sports like wrestling, gymnastics, and cycling typically feature men in tights and often with thick padding to protect the crotch area. Of course, ballet dancers famously wear tights.

However, it is almost unthinkable for men to wear tights outside of these contexts, especially outdoors. This could be attributed to the shift in men’s clothing which now favors looser fits. Tights, with their form-fitting nature, thus, became uncomfortable. 

Nowadays, however, tights for men are slowly becoming common again. And why not? Tights are comfortable, breathable, flexible, and can be warm (with the right materials). 

How Men Can Wear Tights

The easiest way to wear tights is for sports. You’ll find a lot of tights or leggings not just for wrestling and cycling but also lighter ones for yoga, running, hiking, rock climbing, and many more. If you are to be more observant, you’ll probably find that more men wear leggings for sports because they allow a wider range of movement. 

If you’re not yet comfortable with wearing only a pair of tights while you play or workout, you can always layer tights with a pair of shorts, then work your way up with just a loose or long top. This way you can still get the benefits of tights—warmth, compression, etc.—while still covering up your genital area.

It doesn’t stop there! Men can also wear tights fashionably just like women do. For starters, men can take advantage of the warming abilities of tights by wearing them under their pants during the winter season. 

For those who are more daring, you can treat tights like skinny jeans—wear them with a long top or jacket. After all, sports-luxe style is a major trend this year. 

For the experimental ones, you can dip your toes into androgynous fashion and wear tights under a loose skirt. This can be a starting off point for those who want to wear skirts or dresses but are uncomfortable. You can bend gender norms while staying warm and comfortable with a pair of tights!

We have a great selection of tights for men from footless tights to fashion tights to athletic tights. Hoiseree offers the most versatile collection of tights for both men and women. Check them out now!

How to Keep Your Delicates in the Best Condition

Stockings, pantyhose, and other hosiery are considered delicates and should be taken care of as such. If you want to learn how to keep your stockings looking pristine, then read on for some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind on laundry day.

Wash Only When Necessary

It is recommended that you handwash your hosiery in cold water and wash only when necessary. Typically, hosiery should be cleaned after every five to six wears to eliminate body oil or dead skin cells that may have settled. 

If you have to wash your hosiery in a washing machine, it should be done on the delicate setting in cold water and preferably in a mesh garment bag instead of just tossed into the washing machine.

Avoid High Heat

Avoid high heat at all costs. Heat and hot water can reduce the overall elasticity of tights. This can lead to sagginess, and you will quickly find that the fit of your hosiery is less than ideal. 

A cold wash can help protect the texture of your tights and other hosiery items while also protecting the color. When dried with high heat, your hosiery can also shrink. After washing, hang everything to dry. 

Avoid using a clothesline when drying your hosiery as well. You risk snags and tears when placing hosiery on a line like this. The line can also cause dents and stretch out your hosiery, resulting in a poor and loose fit. 

No Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents, excessive washing, and fabric softeners can actually wear out the fibers of your hosiery and can damage them. Choose a very delicate liquid laundry detergent when handwashing your hosiery. 

You can also fill a bucket with cool water and add a few drops of baby shampoo to the water before washing your hosiery. 

Washing Your Hosiery 

When handwashing your hosiery, allow everything to soak in the cool water and mild soap for approximately ten minutes. Give the garments one final massage in the water and soap, and then rinse everything under cold water. Lay everything out flat for drying.

If you follow these handwashing and washing machine tips, you will find that you can keep your delicates in the best condition for longer. \\\

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Fashionable Hosiery Trends for 2022

Fashionable Hosiery Trends for 2022

Now that we have officially entered a new year, it is time to look ahead to current and future fashionable hosiery trends we can expect for 2022. 

Openwork Patterns

With various textures, colors, and patterns to choose from, there are tons of details to keep in mind when stocking your wardrobe with hosiery options. 

Openwork patterns, lace floral patterns, or a combination of openwork and vertical stripes are trending in the fashion industry. Lace pantyhose will always be a safe and timeless classic that won’t go out of style. These patterns work well for formal and informal occasions and highlight femininity and refinement. 

Sheer Black Pantyhose

Sheer black pantyhose should be in every woman’s wardrobe this year. It can be paired with shorts for a fun and more casual look, or it can be dressed up for a night out or work event. 

Fashion Tights

Want more variety and a little more style? Fashion tights and pantyhose are another wardrobe essential to have this year. They are considered classic and hot and mix everything we love. They can be worn to dress up a little black dress or can be worn more casually and as everyday wear. 

Embellished Options 

A little sparkle and shine can go a long way. Embellished tights can prove to be the ideal styling piece when you need to dress up but don’t want to go overboard. Embellished tights can easily be paired with a little black dress or a pair of cute tailored shorts. 

Make a Statement

Finally, you can also use hosiery to make a statement. Bold colors, bright colors, and patterns are great for dressing up an outfit and making a statement. A Rox Geometric pattern is great for complimenting a more casual outfit. For more funky color choices, consider Trasparenze Oleandro Tights. They come in several bright and fun colors that are highly fashionable. 

The Future of Hosiery

Yes, pantyhose and sheer nylons and tights are definitely making a comeback. The hosiery market is predicted to grow over 2.1 percent over the next several years, which indicates that they are here to stay. 

To find the best and some of the most popular brand names in hosiery today, be sure to visit us at We have all the latest in hosiery fashion for you to consider. 

How to Buy the Right Hosiery for Your Body Type

Tights, stockings, and thigh highs are all great to have in your wardrobe, but how do you know you are purchasing the right hosiery for your body type? Today, we are here to help you find what will flatter you the best.

For Taller Women

If you are a taller woman, you probably already know how uncomfortable it can be to wear tights that are just too small. In addition to the discomfort, you also have to contend with possible tears and ladders because the fibers of the tights are being stretched out. 

If you have longer legs, find hosiery in a larger size. Check the size charts. They are usually based on a woman’s height and weight. This can also help narrow things down. If you think you are at the upper end of the size range, opt for the size up for a more secure and comfortable fit.

For Shorter Women

If you are on the shorter side and wear tights or other hosiery that is too long, you will find that they fall down constantly. There may also be rolls because they are too big and can bunch up at the knees or ankles. If you are a shorter woman, find a shorter fit in a smaller size, especially when you wear patterned or netted tights.  

For Large Thighs

If your hosiery is too tight on the thighs, then it can dig in and possibly tear. Stockings that don’t fit right can also prove to be incredibly unflattering and can roll down the leg. When choosing hosiery for large thighs, consider what will provide you with all-day comfort. Consider your thigh circumference and find the appropriate size, avoiding chafe and wardrobe disasters.

For Rounder Tummies

Sometimes the sizing can be weird if you have thinner legs but a rounder tummy. It can be hard to find something that will fit appropriately while also flattering your body type. In this case, choose hosiery with deep waistbands and flat seams or no seams at all. This will cut down on any digging and allow you to achieve a much smoother silhouette.

For Wider Hips

If you have wider hips, you may feel much more comfortable finding hosiery with a tad more waist and hip room. You may even want to search for higher quality materials for your hosiery because these can offer you a greater and more accommodating stretch.

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Occasions That Call For A Great Pair Of Hose

At we believe that every occasion calls for a great pair of hose, but we know that some events take precedence over others. If you’re wondering “Do I need hosiery to go with my outfit for this event?” we have all of the answers you need. A few occasions that always call for a great pair of hosiery are: 

  • Weddings – The spring and summer months are high-time for weddings. If you’re attending a few weddings this summer, it’s important to have the hosiery that will give you a complete and put together look. A common misconception that many have is that hosiery doesn’t belong with a sandal or open toed shoe, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Opting for a pair of open toed hose lets you get the perfect polished look of hosiery on your legs, while still showing off your pedicure uninterrupted. The Falke Shelina Toeless Ulta Transparent Pantyhose are sheer, comfortable for summer, and feature an open toe design perfect for wearing with your favorite summer sandals. 
  • Job interviews – During a job interview you want to impress. First impressions can only be made once, and they begin as soon as you walk through the door. Hosiery is a necessity to ensure your look is polished, refined, and put together. A failsafe options is a pair of opaque hose in black or dark grey, or a sheer neutral tone that polishes the natural look of your skin. 
  • Fall and winter – If you plan to wear a dress or skirt during the fall and winter months, hosiery is a necessity. For these occasions, you want to look for an opaque higher denier pair of hosiery to ensure you’re kept warm if you’re going to be outdoors. Not only does it polish your look, it serves a practical purpose in keeping you comfortable as well. 
  • Attending religious services – If you’re attending a religious service of any kind it’s also important to top off your look with a high quality pair of hosiery. In these spaces and for these types of events modesty is a priority, and the right hosiery can provide a modest and refined look to just about any outfit. 

If your hosiery collection has been running low, we have all the hosiery pieces you’ll need for these occasions and more. See what we have at today and always have the right pair for every occasion!