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Hosieree.com was started in 2006  as a new approach to the hosiery shopping. We started this blog in 2010 to publish information which doesn’t belong to our commercial site, but might be beneficial for our customers and general public

We are a team of professionals in different fields and we combine our experience, professionalism and talents to achieve one goal – Hosiery store that brings you only high quality European hose products of any style at a reasonable price with personal support of all customers.

Each one of our team members brings what he/she does best and that makes us a great team. One thing that is common for all of us is our passion for hosiery. We may disagree on some styles and colors but we all love stockings, that’s why you’ll find all kinds of them at Hosieree.com.

We strive to provide comprehensive information about our products. So you don’t suffer in uncertainty about product features and when you have questions we encourage you to ask us and we will do our best to help you.

We’d love to hear about your experience with us; so rate us, grade us, tell us what you think to help us improve and be better than we are today. The greatest reward for us is when you come back and shop at Hosieree.com again and again.

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  1. Purchasing pantyhose from hosieree.com is the best thing I’ve ever done in regards to purchasing my nylons. The material and fabric is so soft and shiny my legs look like eye candy everywhere I go. I’ve been wearing pantyhose for over 40 years now and still wearing to this day, almost every day, even while I sleep because I love the way they feel and make my legs look. Thank you hosieree.com.

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