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The Right Denier For Every Season 

Hosiery is far from a one or two season apparel necessity. It’s not a coat, it’s not a pair of shorts; hosiery is the garment that elevates your look whether it’s the middle of July or you’re headed to a holiday party for the New Year. At we want to break down how you shop for hosiery for each season, and what you want to look for to find those perfect any-occasion hose. 

The most important characteristic to look for in hosiery for a particular season is the denier. Denier, or den, refers to the thickness of a piece of hosiery. A pair of hose with a lower denier will be thinner, more sheer, and more breathable. Hosiery with a higher denier will be stronger, opaque, thicker, and cozy. You also have deniers in between. The deniers to look for to keep you comfortable and fashionable for each season are: 

• Summer – In summer you’re going to want to look for the lowest deniers, or the most sheer hose. This hosiery will smooth out the look of the leg, give you a perfected silhouette, and keep you cool all at the same time. The Breeze Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael comes in 6 neutral skin tones and features an ultra-sheer 8 denier for perfectly breezy summer days or nights. 

• Fall – During the fall season that telltale chill begins to set in, and you’re going to want hosiery that gives you a bit of protection not offered by your low-denier summer favorites. Finding hosiery with a denier of about 20 to 40, depending on the weather in your location, is perfect for warding off any chilly evenings while still keeping you breathable and comfortable. The Amour HIP LACE 30-Den Tights feature an ideal 30 denier to go with all your fall wardrobe favorites. 

• Winter – Winter weather can be brutal, and you want hosiery strong enough to hold up to its icy winds. For winter hosiery, you’re going to want to look for the highest deniers, especially if you’re in a location that has particularly chilly weather. The cozy and opaque Fiore Roza 60 Den Opaque Tights are soft, versatile, and sturdy for most winter weather locations, while those in particularly chilly areas may want to opt for the exceptionally protective Cette LIMA Cashmere Wool Tights with an impressive 150 den. 

• Spring – With the sun making its return, and with it warmer weather, it’s all about going back to sheer for the spring. After braving a cold winter, the same temperatures that felt cool and crisp in the fall will likely feel much warmer in the spring, so you’re going to want to look for a denier just a little bit lower than your fall tights to keep you most comfortable. The Bellissima Unico 20 Classic Sheer Tights feature a spring season perfect 20 denier.  

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Hosiery as a Form of Self-Expression: Exploring Different Colors and Styles

Hosiery as a Form of Self-Expression: Exploring Different Colors and Styles

Hosiery, like stockings, tights, and pantyhose, have long been a popular fashion accessory that allows us to express our personal style and add a touch of flair to our outfit. While traditionally seen as a practical garment for warmth and modesty, hosiery has evolved into a versatile fashion statement that enhances and transforms any ensemble. 

The Color of Hosiery

One of the biggest aspects of hosiery is color. There is a wide range of creative possibilities when it comes to color. You can find it in multiple hues, from classic neutrals like black, nude, and white to more vibrant shades of red, blue, and green. 

Your choice of color depends on several factors, like your mood and the message you want to convey with your outfit of choice. Black hosiery, for example, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to an outfit, while brightly colored or patterned hosiery can be bold and eye-catching, reflecting your more playful side.

The Style of Hosiery

The next aspect of hosiery as a form of self-expression is style. Different patterns, textures, and designs can work together or independently to create different visual effects and evoke different feelings. Sheer or fishnet stockings add a touch of sensuality or edginess to your outfit, while patterned tights like those with fun polka dots, spots, stripes, or floral motifs bring more whimsical and retro vibes. 

The style of hosiery is also often influenced by the occasion or the fashion statement you wish to make. When you wear opaque or patterned tights with a skirt or dress during colder months, you choose a fashionable way to stay warm while adding visual interest to the look. 

The Versatility of Hosiery

Hosiery is often used to enhance and complement the other elements of your outfit. You can coordinate your hosiery with the colors of clothing or other accessories to create a harmonious and more put-together look. Hosiery can also be intentionally mismatched or used to contrast other elements of your look. This makes a bold and unconventional statement. 

Hosiery can be a great canvas for self-expression, so have fun with different colors, styles, and combinations and find what best fits your personality and mood. It could be a pop of color, an intricate pattern, or a more daring design. Hosiery is an exciting and accessible way to elevate an outfit and showcase individuality. 

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The Art of Choosing the Right Pantyhose for Every Occasion

The Art of Choosing the Right Pantyhose for Every Occasion

Choosing the right pantyhose for every occasion involves considering a number of factors, like the formality of the occasion, your outfit, personal style, and comfort preferences. Here are some tips we feel will help you master the art of selecting the right pantyhose. 

Consider the Occasion

What is the occasion? Are you attending a formal event? For a more formal event like a wedding or even a business meeting, reach for some sheer or semi-sheer pantyhose in a neutral color like black, nude, or navy. Play around with patterns, colors, and different textures for a more casual or social event.

Match the Color

Choose a pantyhose color that complements the outfit and your skin tone. Select a shade that matches your skin tone more closely for a polished and classic look. Nude shades are a versatile option and blend seamlessly with most outfits. Black is a safe choice for formal events because it can create a sleek and more sophisticated look. 

Consider the Denier

The denier is the thickness of the pantyhose material. A lower denier indicates a sheerer and more delicate look. A higher denier provides more coverage and warmth. For summer or warm weather, you want lower-denier pantyhose of around 10-20. For colder weather, choose a higher denier, around 30-50. 

Choose the Right Size

Your pantyhose should fit comfortably to ensure comfort and a more flattering appearance. Choose a size based on your height and weight. If you find yourself between sizes, it is recommended that you size up for better comfort. 

Experiment With Textures and Patterns

Solid colors are extremely versatile, so play around with fun patterns and textures. Polka dots, herringbone, fishnet, or lace patterns add interest and personality to an outfit. When choosing patterns and textures, just be sure they complement the rest of the outfit and don’t overpower it. 

Choosing the right pantyhose for any occasion just comes down to your preferences and how comfortable you want to be at your event. You may also find yourself influenced by the latest fashion trends. Trust your instincts and select the pantyhose that makes you feel the most confident and stylish.

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Making a Fashion Statement: How to Incorporate Hosiery Into Your Wardrobe

When you choose the right pieces and incorporate hosiery into your wardrobe, you can easily add a touch of style, elegance, and versatility to your outfits. We have some helpful tips and fashion advice for doing just that.

Choose the Right Type of Hosiery

You can choose from different types of hosiery, including pantyhose, stockings, tights, and thigh highs. Consider the occasion, weather, and outfit you are putting together to determine which type will work the best. 

Color Coordination

When choosing hosiery, select colors that complement or contrast nicely with your outfit. Neutral shades like black, nude, or sheer are versatile options and will go great with most outfits you put together. Bold colors or patterns are also good if you want to add a pop of interest, stand out, and make more of a fashion statement. 

Play Around With Different Textures

Never be afraid to experiment with different textures like fishnets, lace, or sheer hosiery. These textures can add more depth and visual interest to your look. This is especially true when these textures are paired with simple, monochromatic outfits.

Dress for the Seasons

Choose hosiery depending on the weather and season. Thicker, opaque tights or patterned stockings are perfect for those colder months, while sheer and lightweight options are good for warmer seasons. 

Layering With Hosiery

You can also use hosiery to layer and extend the wearability of your current wardrobe. Sheer or patterned tights can be worn under ripped jeans, skirts, or shorts. They add warmth while allowing you to play around with a stylish twist.

Dressing Up 

Hosiery can be paired with dresses, skirts, or tailored shorts if you want to achieve a more polished and feminine look. Find stockings or thigh highs with garter belts for a touch of vintage glamour or for a special occasion.

Dressing Down

Hosiery isn’t limited to just formal attire. You can combine more casual outfits like denim shorts and mini skirts with fishnets or patterned tights for an edgy and fashionable vibe.

Shoe and Hosiery Pairings

When selecting the hosiery for your outfit, consider the shoes you will be wearing. Sheer or nude hosiery works well with open-toed shoes, while opaque tights are best paired with closed-toe shoes for a sleek, more coordinated look. 

Fashion is subjective, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your unique style when incorporating hosiery into your wardrobe. When choosing hosiery and making a fashion statement, express your personality and feel good in what you wear. 

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A How To Guide For Hosiery With Sandals 

A How To Guide For Hosiery With Sandals 

Sandal season is here, and just because you want to give your feet a little air that doesn’t mean it’s time to put your hosiery away! Hosiery and sandals can go hand in hand, elevating your summer looks all season long. A few tips for always winning in your hosiery with sandals looks are: 

• Make the hosiery your statement piece – Statement hosiery should be shown off; it’s there to make a statement after all! One easy way to wear hosiery with sandals is to opt for fashion hose you can really revolve your outfit around. The Fiore INSTINCT 15 Pantyhose is a perfect example of light denier, summer ready, versatile statement hosiery. With a bold neutral leopard pattern and a breezy 15 denier, it’s the kind of hosiery you’ll want to show off in a funky pair of platform sandals. 

• For the hosiery no-hosiery look – Maybe you want the sleek, polished, and elegant look of hosiery on your legs, but you also want to show off that fresh pedicure without distraction – this is where toeless hosiery comes in. The Calzitaly Toeless Sheer Pantyhose with Cooling Effect features a cooling summer-ready 10 denier, and they’re toeless to look natural and seamless in any open toed shoe. 

• Go monochromatic – When your hosiery and your shoes match, it gives the effect of legs that go on for days. This rule rings true with sandals or open toed shoes, too. Sheer colored hosiery like the Cecilia De Rafael ETERNO 15 Glossy Pantyhose is summer perfect with a cool 15 denier, and when they match your open-toed high heel sandals, they instantly slim and elongate any look.

We have just what you need if you’re looking to try the hosiery and sandal look this summer. From classic to bold, see what we have in store at today. 

Update Your Styles With These Four 2023 Hosiery Trends

2023 is all about moving away from the neutrals and utilitarian looks that defined the COVID era. Designers are going bold this year with bright colors, exciting prints, and experimental lines and shapes. We’re seeing a fusion of nostalgic 90s and Y2K fashions and maximalism that shows hope for a brighter, more joyful future. This season is the time to unleash your inner designer and go big! Here are some of these fun trends to explore: 

1. Statement Socks

It was inevitable with the return of 90s and Y2k styles that we would see a resurgence of the statement sock. Worn with ballet flats and Dad sneakers, statement socks are an easy way to dress up a dressed-down look. Grab these chunky socks for the look:

Gabriella NINA Opaque Socks with Lace Band

Trasparenze MONIQUE Cotton Socks

Fiore VIRGINIA Socks

2. Knee-Highs

Outside of office looks, it’s been a while since knee-highs hit the trend cycle. As with the return of chunky socks, fashionistas are pairing knee-highs with sneakers and ballet flats. We also love them peaking over the top of a pair of boots. Get the look with these knee-highs:

Elly 140-Semi-Opaque Support Knee-Highs

Intimidea Attraction Rete Fishnet Knee Highs

Glamour Gladiolo Fashion Knee-Highs

3. Unconventional Hosiery Designs

Hosiery designers are letting loose this year. Inspired by the return of maximalist colors and patterns, it’s no surprise the hosiery designers are also creating bold styles. Unconventional styles like asymmetrical, cutout, and unique prints are elevating outfits to the next level. Here are some unconventional styles to try with your wardrobe:  

Fiore SQUARE 20 Pantyhose

Fiore STARDUST Fashion Tights

Hudson CONFUSION Tights

4. Fishnets

The return of 90s and early 00s styles brought back grunge looks as well. What is more essential to a grunge-inspired outfit than fishnets? Fishnets are everywhere from classic to bold colors, textures, and patterns. We love these fishnets for this trend:  

Trasparenze Edera Wide Fishnet Tights

Franco Bombana Fishnet Capri-Legging Gemma

Luisa Maria Lugli Ronny Fishnet Tights

No matter what season, trend, or style you are shopping for, Hosieree has it all. We offer the highest quality European hosiery in every style, color, and print you can imagine. Check out our whole selection on our website

Stay Snatched This Summer With Breathable Hosiery

One of the best parts about wearing hosiery is that you always look snatched. Hosiery can smooth the lines of our body, helping us look and feel our best. Unfortunately, when summer comes, we often put away our hosiery. It can get too hot, sticky, and uncomfortable in the heat. The worst part is that summer styles like shorts, skirts, and summer dresses, that’s when we benefit the most from looking snatched. 

You Can Comfortably Wear Hosiery In The Summer

Luckily, you don’t have to give up your hosiery in the summer. There is a hosiery that is ideal for summer time. They are lightweight and breathable, and some even have comfortable compression features. Here’s how to pick hosiery that is perfect for summer: 

1. Opt For Breathable Materials

Natural fibers like cotton, silk, and bamboo are more breathable than synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Look for pantyhose that is made with a high percentage of natural fibers or with special moisture-wicking or breathable technology. 

2. Select A Lower Denier

Denier refers to the thickness of the pantyhose fabric. Lower denier pantyhose, typically around 10-20 deniers, are generally more lightweight and breathable than higher denier pantyhose, which can feel more constricting.

3. Consider Open Toe

Open-toe pantyhose can help to increase airflow to your feet and toes, which can help to reduce sweating and discomfort.

4. Opt For A Looser Fit

Tight-fitting pantyhose can restrict airflow and contribute to discomfort. Choose pantyhose that fit comfortably and don’t feel too tight or restrictive.

5. Choose Summer Colors

Darker colors like blacks and navies can attract more heat and feel warmer in the summer. On the other hand, lighter colors reflect more heat and can feel cooler and more breathable.

10 Summer Hosiery Options We Love

Here are ten of our favorite summer hosiery selections to keep you snatched all season:

1. Girardi SUMMER LIGHT- Super Sheer Pantyhose

2. Giulia SUNLIGHT 12 Summer Pantyhose

3. BREEZE Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael

4. Fogal Light and Cool 8 Denier Sheer Tights

5. Luisa Maria Lugli Summer 8 Pantyhose

6. Philippe Matignon Cool Summer 8

7. Pretty Polly Coolsense Opaque Tights

8. Oroblu Geo 8 FRESHNESS Pantyhose

9. Silca Sunny 8 Sheer Summer Stay Ups

10. Silca Brazil 15 No-Waistband Pantyhose

No matter the season, you can always get a snatched look with our hosiery. Check out all of the summer hosiery options on our website

Grab The Hottest Spring Colors From Hosieree

Grab The Hottest Spring Colors From Hosieree

After the last few years of uniformity and neutrals leading the trend cycle, color has made a triumphant return. Designers on runways from Paris to London to New York have all debuted bright, eye-catching colors for Spring. Here are some of the biggest color trends this season and our favorite hosiery recommendations to add these trendy pops of color to your look.

1. Brilliant Blues

From Robin’s egg to azure to cobalt, bright blues have been everywhere this season. The key to mastering this trend is to choose an unconventional blue color rather than more popular, common fashion tones like navy and light blue. Here are some tights to consider for this look:

Giulia SAMBA 40 Tights In Deep Blue

Cecilia De Rafael UPPSALA Wet Looking Tights in Zaffiro

Franco Bombana Silk Opaque Sheen Tights in Marte

2. Lavender

Lavender is a soft, pastel that is perfect for spring. What we love about lavender is that it makes a great neutral because it pairs beautifully with every color. To add this must-have color for Spring, here are some options:

Girardi CORTINA 40-Semi-Opaque Tights in Lilla 

Girardi Brigitte – 15 Denier Pantyhose in Glicine

Trasparenze AMBRA Fishnet Tights in Lilla

3. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink, like all pastels, is an essential Spring fashion color. This season though, it is the main character. Soft and pretty, pastel pink can turn any outfit into a Springtime statement. We love it as a layering essential. Here are some pastel pink options you’ll love: 

Trasparenze MONIQUE Cotton Socks in Rosa

Girardi CORTINA 40- Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors in Petalo

MissO P101 Open Crotch Pantyhose in Light Pink

4. Blood Orange

Bold blood orange is often thought of as a summer color. However, in the South, Spring kicks off with the citrus season. This unexpectedly stunning color looks incredible on every skin tone and is a great way to make an impact on your style. If you love bold colors, try these blood orange options:

Giulia SAMBA 40 Tights in Aurora Red

Cette SEAMLESS 15 Matte Seamless Pantyhose in Lava Lamp

Hosieree Classic Opaque Tights Freedom in Abricot

5. Acid Lime

Quite possibly the boldest of the color statements you can make this year, acid lime is perfect for spring. It’s the perfect way to update the utility, neutral fits that have been dominating the trend cycle. Adding a splash of lime will not just keep you on trend, it will help you stand out. Here are some tights that are perfect for adding a splash:

Cecilia De Rafael SEVILLA Ultra Sheer 3D Pantyhose in Lime

Fiore COTTON CANDY 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose in Lime

Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla LIBERO Seamless Glossy Pantyhose in Lima

Adding these trends with hosiery is the perfect way to test them out without spending a lot of money. Getting them from Hosieree will ensure that you look polished and expensive. At Hosieree, we offer the highest quality European hosiery at great prices. Our hosiery will last a lifetime while helping you stay ahead of the latest trends.

Your Hosiery Spring Refresh For 2023 

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes the big refresh! This is the time of year when you’ll be switching over your closets, you’ll be cleaning out the house, and you’ll be refreshing your looks to bring you into the warm weather season of 2023. At we’ve carefully investigated all of the latest hosiery trends, and we’re bringing you the looks you need for your spring ready refresh this year: 

  • Back seam tights – One look we’re seeing all over spring runways is the back seam tight. A classic bit of sex appeal and elegance for generations, it’s no surprise that it’s coming back in a big way for 2023. The Cecilia De Rafael Hyde Park – Back Seam Pantyhose is a classic pair and it works well with long skirts, short dresses, and even tailored shorts. 
  • Floral patterns – Patterned hosiery has been a mainstay for a number of years now but it seems the patterns themselves always seem to change a little bit when it comes to what’s on trend. This year it’s all about the floral pattern, giving a bit of feminine elegance to classic spring hosiery looks. The Adrian ARTEMIS DE LUX Thigh Highs feature a thigh high construction, sheer 20 den, and classic rose pattern. 
  • Over the knee peek-a-boo patterns – When wearing short skirts, that little over the knee pattern on a pair of tights can really bring the charm and personality to your whole look. Cat Tights by Pretty Polly are 40 denier opaque on bottom and a sheer 20 den on top, with an adorable cat graphic separating the two shades. Peeking out of a short skirt or tailored shorts, the graphic brings instant whimsy to your look. 
  • Bold color – Spring is always one of the most fun times of the year to break out your brights and hosiery is no exception. For 2023 we’re seeing monochromatic looks on the bottom, but instead of sticking with black it’s all about getting vivid. A brightly colored skirt or tailored short with a matching pair of opaque hosiery gives your look a bold retro-modern appeal and can be easily paired with a patterned blouse to tie everything all together. 

We’re here for all your spring refresh needs at! From florals, to peek-a-boo fashion patterns, to bold colorful looks, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest 2023 trends. If you’ve been thinking it’s time for a spring refresh, come and check out what we have for you at today. 

Hosiery Lets You Break Your Shorts Out Early In 2023 

Hosiery Lets You Break Your Shorts Out Early In 2023

Maybe you just can’t wait to break out your favorite pairs of shorts, and we can’t blame you! The right hosiery lets you give your favorite shorts a bit of extra mileage. Classic and versatile, shorts with hose is one of our favorite looks for the early spring season. 

First and foremost, you don’t have to settle on a particular type of shorts to try this trend. The easiest way to wear hosiery and shorts is with a tailored short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your denims a try. For those just trying shorts with hosiery, however, the tailored short is the perfect starting point. 

When wearing tailored shorts with hosiery, try going for a monochromatic look. A black pair of tailored shorts alongside the high denier Calzitaly Opaque Tights with Cushioned Sole creates a simple, uniform look that works for a girls’ night just as well as it works for the office. Paired with a blazer and an oxford shirt, you’re meeting ready. Remove the blazer, unbutton the top buttons of the shirt, and roll up your sleeves, and you’ve gone from day to night in seconds. 

Once you’ve mastered the tailored short and monochromatic look, you can start expanding your looks and playing with the versatility this trend has to offer. Distressed dark denim creates a really interesting juxtaposition against the refined look of hosiery, and we’re really loving this look with patterned hose. Ripped dark denim shorts, the Adrian Hasha Fashion Tights, a tucked in relaxed top, and a pair of fashion shoes might just be the brunching look you’ve been looking for! 

There’s no reason why your shorts must go into hibernation from the early fall all the way into late spring. If you have shorts you love, find a good pair of hose and wear them! At we have classic looks, on-trend hose, and those staple pieces that fit right in the middle so you can take your favorite pairs of shorts with you all year long. Looking to break out your shorts early this year? Check out what we have to pair with them at today.