Go Bold And Always Hit The Mark 

Go Bold And Always Hit The Mark

Bold is fun, bold is whimsical, bold is exciting – but it can also be pretty intimidating! A great bold pair of tights is a great way to insert a little excitement into your look, but if you’re feeling apprehensive, you’re definitely not alone. At Hosieree.com we want to give you a few fun ideas to play with so you can enjoy all of the bright things the bold look has to offer! 

Bold hosiery offers itself well to the maximalist trend, so that’s a great place to start if you’re looking to embrace more eccentric and free-spirited styles. Take one color from one of your bright and bold patterns, and use that color as your focal point for your tights and your footwear. For instance, a floral pattern jacket or blouse with bright red roses really pops when you pair it with our Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero Seamless Glossy Pantyhose in red, and now you have a great maximalist foundation to start with. Build from there with your accessories, your footwear, and a whimsical bag for a look that’s right out of a fairytale. 

Like maximalism, bold tights are a natural fit with retro styles. Mod pops and groovy looks reminiscent of the 60s and 70s have never gone out of style, and your bold tones and hosiery fit right in. Opaque bold colored tights even make it easier to wear those short hemlines so popular with those looks, giving you some much needed coverage to make up for what a skirt or a pair of ultra-short shorts might lack. The Giulia Samba 40 Tights come in a wide array of different pop colors and their ultra-opaque nature is perfect for authentic retro fashion. Feeling a little nervous to break out the color? Stick with neutral colors in your vintage inspired outfit and let your tights do the talking! 

Monochrome looks are a perfect fit for bold hosiery, and monochrome really lets you get bold without getting too busy. For those who want to bring more pops of bright color to the office, this is the way to go. A deep green skirt and blazer looks polished with matching colored tights like the Giulia Blues 70 Opaque Tights in deep green, letting you still go bold but keeping it a little more muted to remain office-friendly. 

At Hosieree.com we want you to feel not just comfortable in bold looks, but to embrace all of the fun they have to offer. To find your next favorite bold pair of hose, see what we have at Hosieree.com today. 

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  1. Great article yes am a str8 male and wear for the fashion was meant to be for. I wear from the boldest of bold to any tights made put it in front of me and will wear it.

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