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How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

Shrinking stockings is one of the most common problems women encounter. Many just learn to live and endure using shrunk stockings, while others would treat them as disposable items. However, hosiery is an investment and it is still important to know how to take care of them properly even if they are high-quality pieces from 

It is time to put a stop to shrinking stockings so here are ways to prevent them:

  • Do Not Put Your Stockings In The Dryer – The intense heat from the dryer is bound to shrink the material of your stockings and even make it rough. Remember that even the highest quality stockings are made from delicate fabrics. Throwing them in the dryer will shrink them and affect their quality as well. 

Instead of using a dryer, it is better to hang them up to dry. Taking a few minutes of your time to wash and hang them up is surely worth it than buying new pairs every time they shrink in the dryer. 

  • Use A Mesh Net – It is highly recommended to handwash your stockings, but busy schedules could leave you with less time to focus on the task. Unlike the dryer, washing machines are not as deadly to your stockings but they could still be damaged inside. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a secured laundry mesh net. This would prevent them from getting mixed and tangled with your other clothes.
  • No Need For Fabric Softeners – Your clothes may love fabric softeners, but it’s different news when it comes to your stockings. Fabric softeners could instead damage the material that makes your stockings elastic. Avoid fabric softeners together with dryers. Another tip is to keep your washing in intervals because frequent washing could also be damaging.

Embracing Wool Hosiery This Winter

Embracing Wool Hosiery This WinterAt, we love wool hosiery, and we know you will too if you give it a try this winter! When it comes to hosiery, keeping warm is one of the many benefits that these pieces provide, and wool hosiery is just about the best type if this warmth is what you’re seeking in your hose. Wool hosiery can come in a myriad of different colors, from nude all the way to burgundy, and there is a pair of wool hose perfect for any event you may have on your schedule! Continue reading Embracing Wool Hosiery This Winter

Warm Up With Wool Stockings

The temperatures may be dropping but that shouldn’t stop so many women from wearing dresses and skirts to places of business, casual functions and even dressy affairs. What do you do to protect your legs on those chilly days? Surely tights of the sheer variety aren’t sufficient for braving the outdoors this time of year. Luckily, wool stockings are a form of tights, usually opaque, that remain fashionable while providing maximum warmth. 
Gone are the days when heavy, baggy tights remained hidden underneath long dresses, causing bunching and gathering around the ankles. Once upon a time, wool stockings might not have been the first material to come to mind when women thought of fashion. Today, not only can you find warm hosiery, but there are tons of hot designs and blends to complement every outfit. Can you imagine the luxurious feel of an angora sweater hugging your legs? What about Merino wool, which is known for its incredibly soft texture? Ladies, this kind of variety is unmatched. You can even find blends of wool and cashmere. 
 From 80 to 500 denier, women can choose from a myriad of styles that offer comfort and class. Wool stockings range in thickness so they can function as flexibly as you need them to. Add some flare to your look with subtly patterned tights, or bring chic to the scene in Arctic microfiber leggings. The beauty of these wool tights is that they don’t feel overly heavy or bulky. You can wear them to be seen, like the Jennifer Merino stockings which you’ll find in eye-catching colors, or pair them underneath pants for extra layers. 
Go ahead and show off those gorgeous legs even if it’s a little cool outside. You’re sure to feel insulated and cozy in any of these pairs of high quality hosiery. If you’re still looking for a sheer look but not wanting to shiver, Moscou wool tights might be the perfect fit. Made of plain wool, these stockings are designed to give a glimpse of skin without exposing you to the elements. 
 So ladies, do you still think wool is just for coats and sweaters? You can still look sassy and dress smart even in brisk weather. The innovation of bringing different blends of materials together has taken winter fashion and Hosieree to a whole new level so you can experience the comfort all year round.