Pantyhose Care 101: Protection & Prevention

Pantyhose Care 101: Protection & Prevention Caring for your pantyhose has been a challenge for women since time out of mind. We often believe that we’re doing right by these glamorous gam-covers, and then we hit a snag; literally. If you think that all pantyhose are disposable, only to be worn once or twice, think again. This might be true for the grocery store find that you stop in to buy on the way to work because your last pair hit the skids, but a higher quality pair is made to last awhile longer than that.

Truthfully, we at know that any pair of hose can get you a few wears as long as you take good care of them. It’s all about the wear, and how to avoid the tear.

Step 1 – Trim your nails. This means both fingernails and toenails. Keeping them free of sharp edges will go a long way toward preventing runs and tears. It’s also a good idea to remove your rings before putting on your pantyhose to avoid mishaps. Some ladies even don a pair of gloves; we’ll let you decide on that one.

Step 2 – Keep them rolling. When you put on your pantyhose, roll them down to the toes and slip them up carefully, keeping them smooth and snug. When you take them off, reverse it and roll them down in the same way. Avoid flashy, burlesque-type removals unless you’re ready to toss the pair your wearing.

Step 3 – Wash them right. Please don’t put them in the washing machine. Hand washing takes only a few minutes and the results are worth it. After you give them a final rinse, don’t wring them out like a washcloth; squeeze them. Wringing stretches the fabric, which is the last thing you want to do. Never put them in a dryer as this can ruin elastic and silicone tops while stretching them out of shape. Just let them air dry.

Step 4 – Keep them separated. Designate a pantyhose/stocking drawer and keep your pairs together in harmony. You don’t want them to get snagged or pulled by a bra hook or applique. Clear plastic bags, tissue paper, and lingerie boxes work well, too. Keep them folded neatly for easy finding.

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  1. Everyone should read articles like this. I say if going to wear hosiery know all you can and know the proper way in caring for them.

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