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Retro Revival: Hosiery Trends From the Past

Retro Revival: Hosiery Trends From the Past

Hosiery trends have an incredibly rich history that spans centuries, with various styles and fashions coming in and out of vogue. Let’s take a nostalgic journey through some iconic hosiery trends from the past that have experienced a revival in more recent years.

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Lacey Delights: Admiring the Feminine Details in Spring Hosiery

Lacey Delights: Admiring the Feminine Details in Spring Hosiery

As the weather warms up and flowers begin blooming, fashion takes a delightful turn toward lighter fabrics and playful designs. Spring is the perfect chance to adorn the legs using vibrant colors or intricate lace details. Let’s explore the charm of spring hosiery with a focus on the alluring style of lace.

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A Few Tips For Wearing The Boldest Patterned Hosiery

A Few Tips For Wearing The Boldest Patterned Hosiery

The quickest way to make a serious statement with your hosiery is with patterned fashioned hosiery. At, we source truly unique pieces like the show-stopping Marilyn B03 MONROE GOLD Tights, and it’s no secret that we love a great pair of statement hose.  Statement hosiery can be a little intimidating at first, but we have all the tips you need to get you comfortable with incorporating these pieces into an exciting wardrobe. 

First and foremost, if you’re wearing statement hosiery, it’s important that you let the hosiery make the statement. You want to avoid your outfit becoming too busy or disjointed, and you want to draw all of that focus onto the hosiery above everything else. For this reason, it’s always a win when you pair your statement hosiery with basic staples. A simple skirt, a leather jacket, a plain top, and statement hosiery ensures your clothes are a frame for the hosiery you want to show off. 

It’s not just the design of your outfit that’s important, you’ll also want to consider color. You can (and should) pair statement hosiery with your favorite bold colors, but you do want to avoid color mixing too much in order to avoid the rest of your clothes overshadowing the hose. A monochromatic look using your favorite vibrant shade is perfect for creating a colorful frame for your hose. 

Lastly, pay attention to your footwear. When wearing a bold pair of statement patterned hosiery, a patterned or textured shoe can create a messy or disjointed look that takes away from the cohesiveness of your outfit. Instead, make use of your classic footwear. A single color shoe in a “flat” fabric like leather or suede (or the faux versions of either) creates the perfect contrast against your hosiery. 

At we have the fun, bold, and stand-out patterns that make your hosiery the centerpiece of your outfit. To see what perfect pair we have in store for you, check us out at today. 

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hosiery

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hosiery

While high-quality hosiery will last a number of years with proper care, like any well-loved garment – it’s not meant to last forever. At, we have all of the pieces you need to refresh your hosiery wardrobe, and we want to let you in on what signs to look for to let you know that time has come. A few signs that it’s time to replace your favorite pieces in your hosiery drawer are: 

  • Your hosiery is sagging or slipping during wear – A well-fitting pair of hosiery should hug your body like a glove. If you find yourself hiking up your hosiery at the waist, or repeatedly bending down to take care of sagging at the ankle, it might be time to replace your favorites. This occurs when the material that makes up the hose starts to lose its shape, which may happen after some well-worn years. 
  • You notice misshapen areas or discoloration at the knees – Just like at the waist or the ankle, old hosiery can lose its shape at the knee as well. This likely won’t present as sagging or slipping, but as a misshapen look that distorts the look of your knee. Another sign that can be found at the knee is discoloration, which is often a sign that the hosiery is beginning to fail. Discoloration can most often be seen in opaque colored tights. 
  • Runs or snags – Runs and snags can ruin the look of your hosiery in an instant. If you notice your hosiery taking on more weak spots that turn into runs or snags, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for a replacement. 
  • Pilling in friction areas – If you’ve ever looked at a pair of opaque tights and noticed small balls of fabric on the surface, what you’re looking at is called “pilling”. Pilling occurs when fibers on the surface of the hosiery begin to break, then become tangled together to form small ball-like knots. This occurs with regular wear and tear and can most often be found in high-friction areas. 

At, you can always find a new favorite to replace those well-worn pairs you’ve loved. Check us out today to see what we have in store for you. 

3 Ways To Layer Your Hosiery For Extra Warmth And Style

3 Ways To Layer Your Hosiery For Extra Warmth And StyleWhat could be better than one pair of great hosiery? We love two pairs layered together! As the heart of fall and winter are quickly approaching, we want to break down how you can layer your hosiery for added warmth and added style all in one. Hosiery isn’t just for looks – it serves a number of practical purposes as well. The perfect hose can slim your figure, perfect the look of your legs, provide comfort in dress shoes, and, yes, provide cozy warmth.

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From Fishnets to Lace: Exploring the More Sensual Side of Hosiery 

From Fishnets to Lace: Exploring the More Sensual Side of Hosiery 

Fishnet stockings and lace hosiery are just two types of legwear that can add a sensual and provocative touch to your wardrobe. Whether you want to spice up a special occasion or add more allure to an everyday outfit, this hosiery helps you make a statement. 

With that being said, let’s explore the more sensual side of hosiery and talk about some key aspects of fishnets and lace stockings. 

Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are popularly characterized by their distinctive diamond-shaped open weave pattern. They are often associated with a seductive and edgy aesthetic. 

  • Versatile: Fishnets come in various sizes, ranging from small to large diamonds. Smaller patterns offer a more subtle look, and larger patterns easily make a bolder statement.
  • Material: Fishnets are also made from different materials like nylon and spandex. When choosing fishnets, find a material that feels the most comfortable against your skin and provides the level of stretch you want. 
  • Color Options: Traditional fishnet stockings are black, but you can also find them in a range of colors that suit your preferences or go with your different ensembles. Red, white, and nude tones are popular alternatives that add variety to your wardrobe. 
  • Styling Tips: Fishnets can be paired with skirts, dresses, shorts, or ripped jeans for a daring look. You can also layer them over solid-colored tights or wear them with garters for even more allure. 

Lace Stockings

Lace stockings are well known for their intricate and delicate patterns that exude elegance and femininity. 

  • Sheerness: Lace stockings are typically sheer or semi-sheer, so there is a glimpse of skin underneath. This quality contributes greatly to their sensuality and is a key aspect of their appeal. 
  • Patterns and Textures: Lace stockings come in various patterns and textures that range from floral designs to more geometric options. Consider the level of intricacy and texture and find what best suits your personal style. 
  • Attachment Methods: Lace stockings can be designed with a simple elastic band at the top to hold them up or with built-in garters. Garter belts or suspender belts can also be used to secure lace stockings, creating an alluring and vintage-inspired look. 

What matters the most is how you feel when wearing your hosiery. Experiment with different styles, patterns, and materials to find what you feel the best and most confident in.

For a great selection of fishnets to lace and beyond, visit

5 Tips For Mastering The Fishnet Trend 

5 Tips For Mastering The Fishnet Trend

Fishnets are synonymous with 80s and 90s alt-rocker style, even if they’re really so much more versatile than just that. With all things old becoming new again, we’re seeing a huge fishnet resurgence that we just can’t get enough of. 5 tips for mastering the fishnet trend in 2023 are: 

1. Customize with your pattern – Fishnets are far from a “one size fits all” style. There’s larger patterns, smaller patterns, even those with a bit of sparkle like our Adrian Sparkle Fishnet Tights. If you’re going with a classic grunge chic look, a classic medium sized fishnet like the Fiore Passion Fishnet Suspender Tights will never let you down. It creates the perfect pattern to peek out from and contrast with ripped denim. Want to dress it up? Break out those sparkle fishnets instead. 

2. Layer up if you’re going with a mini skirt – Fishnets with a mini skirt is a classic combination, but pairing it well without losing balance can get a little tricky. Fishnets really draw the eye to the legs and they show quite a bit of skin, so keep layered up on top. If you plan to wear fishnets with a anything mini, like skirt or tailored shorts, go with a higher collar, a blazer or jacket, or a loose menswear inspired blouse. You want your legs to shine, and this draws the eye right where you want it to be. 

3. Let it pop up top – Crop tops are back in style in a huge way, and this lets you show off your fishnets a little differently. Rather than bringing attention to your legs, pair your fishnets with lower waist jeans and let them show off your midsection instead. Wide and high waisted fishnets like our Trasparenze Edera Wide Fishnet Tights can be pulled up above your belt line, giving you a little pop of texture and edge between your jeans and the hem of your crop top. 

4. Fine fishnets are office-friendly – If you think you can’t wear fishnets to the office, think again. While the wide edgy fishnets might not be the top choice for workwear, finer fishnets are perfect. It’s classic, it’s chic, and it’s a look that can be dressed up or down if you plan on going out after-hours. 

5. Fishnet socks are made for booties – Pairing booties with a skirt is a classic combo, but you can sprinkle the look with easy edge just by pairing fishnet socks with the look. Fishnet socks that go to the ankle or knee, like the Intimidea Attraction Rete Fishnet Knee Highs with ankle boots let you get a little taste of the fishnet style without going all the way if you don’t want to. 

Fishnets are a must in any hosiery wardrobe, and we have all the styles you need to embrace each and every look. Find your next fishnets now at! 

4 Styles To Zhuzh Up Your Outfit

4 Styles To Zhuzh Up Your Outfit

When it comes to looking fashionable, a lot of people fall into the trap of focusing too much on a single piece of clothing. Whether it be a fancy blouse, a designer skirt or dress, many think that a single branded piece of clothing makes an outfit. 

We often forget that a great outfit is made up of an ensemble of pieces that complement each other. You can have the simplest top paired with a pattern skirt, and all you need is to accessorize to make the combo glamorous. And out of all the accessories you can use to accentuate your look, well-chosen hosiery can give your outfit a subtle sexy edge.

Here are some of our favorite styles from, handpicked to add a little spice and polish to your everyday look:

Classic Fishnets

Want to add some sass to your getup? Fishnet thigh highs are your best bet. We know that fishnets can be overtly sexy (nothing wrong with that!). With the right pairing however, these stockings can lend a subtle air of edginess to an otherwise plain outfit. 

Try slipping on a pair of thigh high fishnets with a tame-looking dress or plain shirt and skirt combo.  The contrast will give your outfit a curiously coquettish look without going over the top. 

Playful Polka Dots

For a fun yet polished look, we recommend polka dot tights or thigh highs. Matched with a cute blouse and a solid A-line skirt, polka dotted hosiery give a playful zest to your whole vibe. 

Give this look a go on casual Fridays at the office. It’s also a perfect look for smart casual occasions and parties. 

Experimental Printed Tights

If you’re feeling a little bit experimental with your wardrobe, give printed tights a try. In particular, tights with colored prints or decorative patterns on them can definitely make your outfit feel saucier. 

It doesn’t need to be a bold print either. The Gabriella Tights Verde, for instance, have a lovely Monstera leaf accent strategically placed near the ankle. The splash of green immediately calls attention—not so much as to distract eyes away from your entire outfit, but just enough to show off your heels and legs. This look achieves a great balance between classy and sexy. 

The Monstera leaf itself is quite a charming detail that can help you stand out in a fancy party or a classy club. Who knows, it could even be a conversation starter. Experiment and have fun with this look!

Sleek Sheer Stockings

Feeling a little drab in office attire? Try putting on some sheer stockings to give yourself a little moxie. You can’t go wrong with classic black or see-through nude stockings in the workplace. They’re perfectly professional; yet still add a little sexiness to your vibe.

It’s a perfect look for the boardroom. It might even give you a confidence boost when you’re leading a presentation or speaking up at an important meeting. In any case, wearing sheer stockings is an easy way to punch up a tired looking corporate wardrobe, giving you a sleek professional vibe.

5 Tips On How To Avoid Ripping Your Stockings

 5 Tips On How To Avoid Ripping Your Stockings

We know that you ladies have your own stories to share about ripped stockings and we can totally relate! There are many different reasons why our stockings experience rips like unfortunate accidents, problems with the laundry machine, and even frequent usage especially when it comes to our favorite pair.

Fortunately, there are also ways to prevent our stockings from ripping. Here are five tips that can help you keep them fit and intact.

1.   Wear The Correct Size – Knowing your size and wearing one that perfectly fits you can help you prevent your stockings from ripping. If your stockings are too loose, there are increased chances of them getting snagged or caught in something that can cause them to rip.

On the other hand, choosing a size that is smaller than your actual fit will cause the stockings to stretch beyond their limit and while it may not be obvious in the beginning, you will soon notice that your stockings are becoming deformed and that the material is getting thin. A few more uses and it is bound to tear and rip.

That is why it is important to choose a size that fits you. In, the stockings and other hosiery pieces are already sorted according to sizes so you would not have a hard time finding the perfect pair for you.

2.   Wear And Stretch Them Up One Leg At A Time – Your stockings are intimate wear and unlike normal pants and jeans, they also must be treated just as intimately when you put them on. Our tip is to scrunch them up first before slowly and gently rolling them up.

Start from your toes, then to your heel, and further up your legs in slow and deliberate motions. Make sure not to wear them the way you would wear jeans, jogging pants, and any other type of pants that you can put on in just one quick pull.

3.   Maintain Your Toenails –  You would want to check and see if your toenails are trimmed or already too long and pointy. One of the reasons why our stockings get torn and ripped is because they get caught on our too-sharp and pointy toenails when we wear them. So make sure to trim them and file your toenails regularly to avoid this problem!

4.   Wash Your Stockings Properly – Did you know that knowing your water temperature is also imperative when washing your stockings? Using cold water helps your nylon stockings stay firm and tightly knitted. On the other hand, hot and warm water can cause your stockings to stretch out and be out of form.

5.   Choose High-Quality Brands – The first step to ensuring that your stockings are sturdy is to get a trusted brand that offers high-quality stockings. The good news is we have the best brands in the world here at like Glamory, Elly Carezza, and Fiore.

Stockings of high quality are guaranteed to last long and with the proper care and maintenance, you do not have to worry about using your favorite pairs again and again. Visit us at to see the best that the world can offer.

The Key To Having Long Legs

The Key To Having Long Legs

We got to admit that adding in the illusion of a few more inches to our height can give us a huge confidence boost. It makes us feel like the world is our own personal catwalk. Luckily, trying to look long-legged can be achieved by wearing the correct fashion pieces. If you feel like dominating the streets today, here are 5 fashion tips to keep in mind.

  • Go Mono

A combination of monochromatic clothes can make you look taller. The matching colors of your top and bottom gives the illusion of one vertical straight line. It also does not leave any break room, making it appear like your outfit and your whole person has no end. 

An excellent fashion choice for starters is pairing your favorite plain tops to simple yet fashionable leggings. It is an easy and doable set that you can wear comfortably anytime. Fashion leggings are not just in pairs of blacks too so you have more space to experiment with colors. 

  • Vertical Lines

Aside from colors, we are also going to play with patterns here! For a long-legged look, vertical lines are the key. Compared to horizontal figures and other patterns, vertical lines trick the eyes into making your body look longer. For instance, wearing pants with vertical stripes can elongate your legs and gives the illusion of a couple inches. 

  • Wear High-waist Pants

Wearing high-waisted bottoms are not just trendy. They can also help you appear taller. The high waist gives your lower body an added length that can make your legs look longer. It also emphasizes your legs more than your torso or your upper body, which helps in trying to achieve the long-legged look. As a bonus tip, you can also tuck in your tops instead of letting them hang loose. 

  • Choose Dark-Colored Bottoms

Darker colors like black and deep shades of blue makes us look more slender. By choosing dark-colored bottoms, whether they are jeans, leggings, or tights, our slenderized legs automatically translates to more length. Of course, more length means we look taller!

Another added benefit of wearing darker pants is that they are flexible and can be matched with your other pieces of clothing. Choosing your everyday outfit is one less problem to face in the morning now that you have deep-set colors available. 

  • Wear High Heels

This might be the most obvious solution to our height dilemma but wearing high heels will always do the trick. Of course, there are still more ways to level up our long-legged game. Pairing up your heels with a pair of sexy stockings can make your legs more noticeable and slender. Not only are you able to achieve a long-legged look, you now also look more sophisticated. 

There are different ways to look tall and emphasizing our legs is one way to do them. Hosieries are a big help in achieving a long-legged look. If you are searching for something to pair with your monochromatic clothes or elegant high heels, has a beautiful collection available for you.