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MoonLight Pantyhose Review

Coming from the Hosieree Brand, the
MoonLight pantyhose is beautifully smooth and elegant. These feel
wonderful sliding on, because they are so silky to the touch. With a
delicate slight scent, you will feel instantly refreshed putting them
on. The MoonLight model features a sheer to waist design with fully
shaped legs. It has invisibly reinforced toes, which manage to look even
sheerer than the legs do, so that no one will know that you are wearing
pantyhose when you wear them with open-toed shoes. They have flat seams
in the panty, for a smooth, undetectable line underneath the clothing.

details are all finished to the very best standard. The MoonLight
Hosieree Brand pantyhose have a deep waistband at 3 cm, along with a
shallow finger band. Between the sheer material and the waistband, there
is a narrow reinforced area for long-lasting durability. The leg has a
nice glossy sheen when the light hits it from the right angle. As you
cross your legs, you will notice the delicate scent as well as the
lovely swishing sound. Sizing is accurate, with an excellent fit. Sizes
1-3 feature a cotton gusset, while sizes 4 and 5 have back panels.

Review –Invisible 10 Pantyhose

first thing you will notice about the
Invisible 10
how ultra-sheer
and lightweight they felt in my fingers, almost non-existent.
Despite the
appearance of utter delicacy, these sheer pantyhose are well
constructed, sheer
to the waist with a reinforced toe, flat seams in the body and
jut a finger
band’s width under the deep waistband.

My test pair was the
largest size offered,
a 4XL, which comes with a comfort panel in the rear for those of
us a little
wider in the hips. The 17% Lycra in the fibers assures plenty of
stretch if you
are slightly larger than the sizing chart suggests.

Invisible 10 Pantyhose looks amazing on the legs, very nearly
impossible to see
with a hint of sparkling sheen that will have people wanting to
touch to see if
you’re wearing pantyhose at all. They’re silky and smooth to the
touch but have
just enough texture to them that should you cross your legs,
you’ll still feel
that undeniable swish of pantyhose that can’t be missed. And,
perhaps best of
all, despite their delicate look, these stockings proved both
comfortable and
durable during the entire day. If you’re looking for an elegant
pair of pantyhose,
you can’t go wrong with this beautiful pair.

Review – The Rubino 40 Model

opening the Rubino 40 Model, immediately noticeable was how
slippery soft they
were to the touch. The material, including a Lycra in the fiber
for stretch,
was sheer to the waist and created with just the narrowest width
of a
waistband, featuring flat seams in the panty portion. The size 4
includes a
rear comfort panel that is both darker and more heavily made
than the rest of
the stockings. On smaller sizes you will find a cotton gusset,
instead. The
toes are reinforced with a built in run stop so small snags
don’t become ragged
tears along the length of your leg.

look and feel of the Rubino 40 Model is quite incredible. These
are finished off with slight shimmer, enough to transform
a pair of legs
from average to awesome. The tights have stretch while maintain
a snugness that
gently molds the legs and ensures no matter how long of a day or
night you’re
enjoying, your legs will always feel refreshed. These tights can
be paired in
endless combinations. Wear them with shorts for added warmth or
choose nude or
black to wear with a bright, bold, skirt and matching pair of
heels. Either
way, you’ll be glad you did.

Review – Rive Gauche Silk Stay-Ups

girl should have a pair of silk thigh highs that she can go to
whenever she
needs to feel pampered. And, when opening the Rive Gauche Silk
, the
first thing that is immediately noticed is the pleasurable feel
of the silk
rushing across your fingers. My eyes were drawn to the gorgeous
lace tops of the stockings, the craftsmanship there beautifully
worked and rich
in detail. The hose have a translucent sheen to the silk and I
was eager to
find out if they looked as good when shaped to the leg. I tried
this pair on
with great anticipation.

the Rive Gauche Silk Stay-Ups are 100% silk, you must following
the sizing
chart carefully as there is no additional give to the fit of
these stockings
like there might be in other fabrics. They feel like heaven
being worked up
over the leg and, like the heel, are fully reinforced and shaped
to follow each
curve. So, you can be assured that while they may feel fragile,
they are quite
strong. The sheen I was hoping for was there once they were in
place. You will
look forward to the incredible way these hose will make your
legs look and

Review – Miss 20 Seamless Tights

are pantyhose that have a visible seam only in the toe
and at the
waistband. Otherwise, these delicious stockings are delicate to
the touch and
spill through the fingers like silk. They are expensive to make
and therefore
not often easy to find. However, designer Cecilia de Rafael has
launched her
own seamless style of pantyhose. I tried the size 4, but the
stockings come in
four different sizes and fit anyone up to 6’1 in height, up to
180 pounds.
Though the tights appear incredibly small when first taken out,
you’ll find
they are designed to mold to the leg and will stretch to fit.

20 denier pantyhose feature a waistband designed to ride the
hips as long as
the sizing chart is followed. The tights should be worked gently
onto the foot
and up the leg, allowing the fabric time to stretch over your
shape. It should
be noted that these types of hose are best worn without
underwear, so that no
matter what style of clothing is worn over them, the seamless
finish is
maintained. You’ll love these Miss 20 Seamless Tights the first
time you have
them on. These matte finished pantyhose will become a luxury
worth having as
part of your hosiery collection.

Review – The Gemini 20 Tights

I first ran my fingers over the Gemini 20 Tights, I was taken
back immediately
with the surprise of how incredibly silky, soft, and smooth
these tights were.
It was truly a wow moment. The Gemini 20 Tights are sheer to the
waist with a shaped
heel and toe reinforcement that surprisingly, is sheerer than
the hose
themselves. That’s not something you often find in
. These
stockings also
feature a run stop to prevent snags in the toe from crawling up
the leg. The
panty has quality flat seams and only the narrowest band of
reinforcement on
either side of the seams.

test size was a 4 and came, also, with a comfort gusset of 7cm
at the waist
instead of a cotton gusset. If you wear a larger size 5, the
gusset expands to
a comfortable width of 14cm. A 3cm deep waistband comes with a
knitted sizing
code at each hip. Sizing is extremely accurate and would allow
for enough
stretch to fit if the size you purchased might be a size too
small, something
we’ve all done before. The Gemini 20 Tights features a glossy
finish, promising
they will look as good as they feel. They’re perfect for any
occasion, night or