Wearing The Look Of Love

Wearing The Look Of LoveValentine’s Day might be the major reminder that love is in the air, but we think that love should be celebrated through all seasons, by all who have the pleasure of giving and receiving it.

When it comes to the celebration of love, nothing is more intimate than the private time that two people spend alone behind closed doors. And what can enhance that time and make it more pleasurable than a little bit of sexy lingerie? It can bring the simmer of a hot evening up to a boil rather quickly.

There are many reasons why lingerie is such a turn on. Need we remind you that:

•  It’s modesty at the minimal. The most secret and sizzling parts of your body are covered up, but the rest of you is in full view. This makes your partner desire to see just what’s hiding under those bits of silk and lace.

• There’s an invitation to play. Walking into the room wearing a garter belt and stockings is one way to let your partner know that you’re in this for the long haul–and you’re ready to go.

•  It’s a visual sensation. Lingerie plays up the best parts of your body and enhances what you already have. Much like black mascara thickens and beautifies your eyelashes, a deeply plunging teddy frames your upper-level attributes.

As much as your partner might love to see you strolling through the doorway wearing a sexy Elisa Set, it might be difficult to express this desire. Don’t take this personally, it’s just that some people are:

• Too shy to say. Voicing desires and dreams can be difficult for those who are introverted or have a type-B personality.

• Afraid of being rejected. Whether by you, someone in the past, or the simple fear that it could happen, some people prefer to play it safe and say nothing.

• Worried about the pressure. Some women are very self-conscious of their bodies. For this reason, a partner might refrain from requesting something sexy so as not to add undo pressure.

•  Waiting for you to make the move. Your partner might be waiting for you to take the lead and surprise them with something unexpected, such as the Colette Chemise.

Take it from us, your partner won’t turn you away if you decide to make the first move in the lingerie-love-game. It’s the right time of year to make it happen, so be sure to let hosieree.com be your source for providing the visual stimulation you need to let the good times roll.

4 thoughts on “Wearing The Look Of Love”

  1. Lingerie beneath ones conservative regular office or home attire is akin to a unopened gift. It’s what’s inside that counts. Stockings with garter belts are incredibly becoming. Some prefer control top pantyhose even if they don’t need the slimming. They may eliminate the need for some foundation garments. I prefer all sheer pantyhose. If you have it, use it . Well proportioned long legs should be a asset and are not going to be unwelcome. Refrain from transparent outer wear should you enjoy exquisite lingerie beneath the surface. I most likely will include some degree of foundation garments to fully accentuate my potential.

  2. Q: If I wore pantyhose with high heels, would it be a little slutty?
    A: Only if you act like one. Be demure, be fun.

  3. I absolutely love my high heels! I have so many pairs. I know that I can not live without my high heels!

  4. Fetishes for fun. My predilection for pantyhose and high heels are over the Top. I love wearing them….

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