Body Types And Tantalizing Tights

Body Types And Tantalizing Tights Tights are the fabulous cool-weather staple that every woman needs or so we think. They’re a great way to add color, flair, and personality to your outfit. With so many options available at, why not make them a wardrobe staple?

Not all tights will look best on all body types, so knowing your body type and shape is essential before you shop. This will help you pick the best tights to flatter your body no matter what else you’re wearing.

The Apple Shape

Heavier on top and in the middle, this shaped body looks best in tights that emphasize your legs and butt. Look for control-top tights, such as those by Body Shape, to keep your middle tucked neatly. Patterns and prints can make legs look longer, especially in vertical designs.

The Pear Shape

With a wider bottom and a smaller bust, it’s all about enhancing curves and minimizing the hips. Choose ankle-length tights for a slimming effect. Or, try vertical striped tights, or tights with small prints, for a lengthening effect. Avoid heavily textured tights to lessen the bulk.

The Hourglass Shape

Everyone wants this shape, and if you’re lucky enough to have it, be thankful. Rule #1: show off those curves. Choose textured and patterned tights that are eye-catching and flattering. Fishnet Tights are always a good bet and are perfect for any occasion.

The Straight-Body Shape

Once again, this body type needs the look of tights to make the leg line appear longer. This can be done with tights that match your shoes. Those who are taller can benefit from color splitting: wearing darker tights with a lighter top, or lighter tights, such as Freedom Classic in Avorio, with a darker top.

The V-Frame

With wide shoulders and slim legs, this body type benefits from patterns and textures. Leg attention is important, so go for something vibrant or shimmering. Cazzola Gaetano Alyssa Tights are extravagant and simply stunning on this body type. offers all of these tights and more to flatter and flavor your body style. Take a glance in the mirror and then come and shop for your perfect style and shape.