10 Things You Want To Know About Hosiery

Whether you call them tights, stockings, leggings orpantyhose, hosiery can really dress up an outfit, adding length to a silhouette and style to a little black dress. Hosiery can be found in a variety of different looks and feels depending on the type of fabric that they are made from. Here are 10 things that you want to know about hosiery. The more you understand about hosiery, the better able you will be to truly enjoy everything that this fashion accessory has to offer.

1. Light and sheer hosiery is delicate and requires more care, and some hosiery comes with reinforced heels and toes so that it will last longer. When you buy your hosiery, keep the intended use in mind. If you need nylons that are going to last, then you are going to want to buy a thicker, reinforced type. If you are looking for more of a statement, sheer might be ideal but they will not last as long.

2. Sheer tights or hosiery are composed of the finest yarn, typically made completely out of nylon. They tend to be very, very flattering to your shape and your silhouette, but you are going to find that they are much more delicate in comparison to hosiery made from other, heavier fibers. The most fragile of all nylons are ultra sheer, which allow the largest amount of your natural skin tone to show. These require that your legs be shaved or waxed meticulously for best results.

3. Control tops and support hosiery both come in a wide range of different fabrics, typically in combination with Spandex and nylon. They offer a gentle and graduated level of compression to provide a better fit, a slimmer silhouette and strength in all of the highest stress areas. These are sturdier, reinforced types of hosiery that can meet a wide variety of different purposes depending on your individual need.

4. Opaque nylons are heavier or thicker than sheers, and so they are more durable. In the past, sheer was the way to go, but in modern fashion trends it is becoming increasingly popular for opaques to be worn, especially because they can create such drastic improvements on the look. If you are looking to bring more attention to your legs, then using opaque nylons is going to help. If you want to create an even more dramatic look, use tights, which are heavier in thickness than opaque tights.

5. There are other types of stockings and hosiery that can be beneficial, including
stay-ups and
stockings. Stay-ups are a type of individual stockings that are elastic on top with a special gripping lining. They are more expensive in comparison to regular pantyhose, but often worthwhile. Stockings on the other hand are separate, lacking the same grip as stay ups, requiring that you use a girdle, corset or garter belt with stocking clips to keep them up.

6. There are special hosiery options for pregnant women. Known as
maternity pantyhose, they are designed specially to provide the woman with extra room and extra comfort in the top, along with support in the legs to boost blood circulation since mothers-to-be can have circulation issues and legs that become tired easily.

7. There also exists a type of hosiery known as run-resistant pantyhose. These garments are most commonly made from thicker yarns and from studier knits in comparison to sheerer types of pantyhose. Even run-resistant hosiery can develop runs and holes, though they are perceived to be a bit sturdier in comparison to other types of tights and stockings.

8. If you want to elongate and slenderize your figure, then the best types of hosiery to wear are darker, solid colors or hosiery with
ribbed textures when you are wearing darker clothes. If you want to elongate your silhouette, then you should be aiming to match your hosiery with the color of your skirt.

9. Keep in mind that pastel pantyhose, whites and similar light colors do not pair well with darker colored clothing unless you are specifically trying to cut your figure down, such as if you are especially tall. Light colored hosiery can look good with the right clothing, but you really have to be careful with the pairs that you are making, because the wrong pair between your clothing and your nylons can create a look opposite of what you were going for.

10. If you like the look of sheers, consider glittery or
shimmering sheers for an even sexier look. These shimmering or glittery sheer nylons can lengthen or elongate your silhouette and will make your legs look outstanding no matter what you are wearing. Choose neutral tones for the best results, especially when you are trying to show off the way that your legs look in the process.

Style, Comfort and Practicality: The Perfect Stocking for Any Occasion

though nobody but you can decide what’s better for yourself
Stockings or
Pantyhose, we’d like to bring up several good points that some people may not
know or simply don’t pay attention to in Stockings.
Why did we decide to talk about Stockings right

Well, first and foremost is we love stockings,
any kind: Sheer, Opaque, Lycra or 100% Nylons, Silk,
Classic with suspender
or Stay ups and Thigh
Highs Fishnets
or Back-seamed. Doesn’t matter what kind of weather is outside you can always wear
Actually that’s one of many positive things about

Comfortable and Practical: It’s a huge difference
between pantyhose and Stockings when you wear them on a very hot day. Especially
if you try Stay Ups which do not require a suspender
belt, an extra piece of cloth for you to sweat in. I usually wear
15 Denier or
less Summer Thigh Highs to work during Summer. That gives me freedom of
movements and I don’t feel so tight in the waist and thigh areas and that also
leads to a better blood circulation.

Winter, and I get my Opaque stay ups or
stockings. When it’s really cold I put extra underlayer of hosiery, Like contrast
color microfiber tights
and then my thigh Highs over. Warm and cozy.

Go beyond practicality: Stockings will make your
legs look beautiful. Look at many different laces and top borders available.
Sometimes I have a hard time to make my decision.
French embroidered lace,
Flower design lace, Classic plain lace, contrast
color borders and your
legs are dressed and crowned with a gorgeous piece of art. Awesome
or Fishnets help you show your style and express yourself. Where as
evoke you in
luxurious softness.

Don’t think Dirty think Sexy: Stockings are very
sexy. I don’t have to tell you how many men actually think that women wearing
Stockings looks much more sexy than wearing nothing at all. Well, probably all
of them think that way and honestly I agree with them 100%. Try it, choose
stockings or stay ups you like, put them on, and look in the mirror. There is
nothing wrong to feel sexy about yourself.

Healthy: There are numerous styles of
stockings that offer massage and support actions for your legs. We have
graduated compression
stockings for those
of you who suffer from swollen
feet and fatigues
in legs. Also everybody knows that all Moms-to-Be love to wear stay up
stockings because nothing strains the movement or rubs on the sensitive
skin of a growing tummy.

Look at our selection of Stockings and Thigh
If you are in doubt feel free to ask. We are
always here to help.

New Colors for the New Year

If various fashion item designers were successful in making the cold season of winter look hot, it is not impossible for them to carry out the hotness of trends as the New Year of 2011 comes around soon. We have a lot of brand new stocking designs that vary in texture and of course colors. It has always been a known tradition in the society that every new year also depicts lucky colors and signs. And hence, we are presenting to you what we have in store for your love of stockings and other hosiery products this 2011.

2011 according to many sign experts and the Chinese zodiac calendar would be the great year of the white rabbit. This would also mean that its represented colors would most potentially be metallic and white. What is more interesting is that for each zodiac sign, there is an assigned lucky and trendy color for the coming year of 2011.

                                                     Start The New Year In Color.

Here is a quick guide of finding the right colors to wear for your zodiac this 2011 and how your personality should be portrayed in the right sense of fashion.

  Aries. Color: White Personality: Full of energy and action  
( OrionAzuel )

. Color: white and blue Personality: Rules well in the aspect of love
( Vilet
Funky )

  Gemini. Color: Green and blue Personality: A bit restless spirit but is intellectual
( AberAve 70 )

  Cancer. Color: blue and violet Personality: Has great intuition and creative
( EliseEnergy G2 30 )

  Leo. Color: blue Personality: Presents a great essence of self-confidence
( Giacinto )

  Virgo. Color: red, green and blue or combine Personality: Can work well on improving communications
( Vanish,  Jennifer )

  Libra. Color:  any colors what you like Personality: Attractive and refined
( PetalClara)

  Scorpio. Color: white Personality: Romantic, full of love and succumbs to what is beautiful
( Dea )

  Sagittarius. Color: blue Personality: Lucky, full of wealth and yet must steer away from being excessive in most things
( Michel )

  Capricorn. Color: green Personality: Disciplined and Responsible
( Luna Piena )

   Aquarius. Color: yellow and orange Personality: Faithful in relationships and must work on adding zest to life
( Classic Opaque Tights Freedom )

  Pisces. Color: white and yellow Personality: Generous and can be full of wisdom
 ( HaleyCortina 40 )

The Perfect Surprise Gift for the New Year

 Whether it is for your sister, dearest girlfriend, or any of your female loved ones, you can surely choose from a wide range of Hosiery seduction stockings or sexy tights to serve as your gift these coming holidays. What is more interesting would be the wider variety of colors that are made available in celebration of the coming of a brand new year.
If you want to welcome the New Year with a bright perspective, then settle for the semi-opaque tights that come in very bright colors and shades. The Cortina 40 is made available in numerous color of  Cielo, Cina, Granata, Tropical, Turquoise, Soleil, VerdeFlor, Lilla, Mauve, Samba, and many more. There are also the very daring multicolored fashion tights, tights with creative flower patterns, and a lot more.

May the Blessing and Joy of this Holiday season be with You Throughout the Coming Year!!!

How To Choose Quality Pantyhose

   For every woman’s wardrobe, the pantyhose is a true must-have.
   However, with a lot of options to choose from in the market today and
   considering the quite expensive cost that it poses, you need some helpful
   tips to help you choose the right and quality pantyhose. Even if with the
   presence of a shop assistant, it would still be hard to choose the right
   label or choice with all the many patterns, tints and sizes that will be
   presented to you. What’s most important is for you to be able to settle for
   the quality pantyhose that you can truly rely on to last long with you.

   Prefer Those That Are Made In Italy. Most of the brands of pantyhose
   today are not genuine and hence it takes a lot of patience and time for
   you to shop in particular boutiques and sections. Quality pantyhose can
   be truly costly and if you happen to be offered with some low priced
   pantyhose,there is a high probability that it is a fake.

  Looking for the Right Information. You must
  take a close look that its overall packaging is
  clean, fresh and sealed. There should also be some particular information somewhere in the packaging that says of its brand name, its DEN thickness of  fiber, color, size, etc.

Smell It Well. When you find that your pantyhose is boxed, you must open it and take the time to smell it a little. One of the distinct qualities of an ideal pantyhose is that is smells well since majority of the branded names put some scent on their final product. This can be really expensive on their production part which other fake pantyhose producers can not afford.

Check the Seams and Gusset. Take a very close look at it and you know it is a quality pantyhose if it has very flat seams that even when you stretch it, it nearly disappears on the surface making your legs look natural. The cheaper types come with round seams that somehow stays visible when you wear very tight clothes. Its gusset must be made out of cotton for the ones that are of less quality most often has no gusset at all.

Hosiery Color Decisions

Hosiery offers a number of fantastic benefits for women who wear them,
including esthetic benefits (enhancing the appearance of the legs,
making them look smooth and shapely); practical benefits (for
professional office wear or warmth in the winter); and health benefits
(improving circulation and reducing swelling and varicose veins).

“Cortina 40”- Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors

For whatever reason you wish to wear hosiery (pantyhose, tights, nylons,
or leggings), you’ll want to think carefully about the color of your
hosiery. But how will you know which color to choose for your outfit?
While there really are no fashion “rules” for hosiery color (although
many fashions would tell you otherwise)—after all, you can wear
whatever you’d like—there are circumstances and cases in which it’s
considered better to choose one color over another, and there are
guidelines you should follow so you actually look good and appropriate
while wearing hosiery.

Jennifer Merino Wool Tights

Here are a few guidelines to help you in determining which color of
hosiery to wear, and when.

Petal Multicolored Flower Pattern Tights

The biggest “rule” you should follow when making all hosiery color
decisions is to choose hosiery in the same color base as the rest of
your garment. Also, keep in mind that your hosiery should complement
your outfit, serving as an accessory or extra “touch;” it shouldn’t be
the focus of your ensemble.

Vanish Multicolored Fashion Tights

You can, for example, choose bold, bright, or daring hosiery if the rest
of your outfit is bold, bright or daring, but avoid mismatching cool
hosiery colors with warm clothing colors, or warm hosiery colors with
cool clothing colors. Many women make this mistake, and wear hosiery
that’s either much too light or too dark for what they’re wearing.

Crys 80 3D Opaque Tights

Your hosiery’s color can also either match your outfit’s “main” color
the “accent”; color, depending on the look you’re going for. Bear in
that if you match the color of your hose to that of your skirt (or
dress), you will look taller and slimmer (something you may wish to
avoid if you’re naturally tall and thin). If you do wish to look taller
and slimmer, however, match the color of your hosiery to your skirt and
your shoe.

If you’re not sure whether your colored hosiery is too much for your outfit,
consider going sheer for a lighter and less impacting effect. This
guideline is especially true for formal occasions and business

“Brigitte” – 15 Denier Pantyhose

Wear black hosiery only with an outfit with black in it. Black hosiery
looks great with a black hem, black shoes, and a colored top. The nice
thing about very natural shades of hosiery is that they work well with
almost any style and color of outfit, whether the outfit comprises
natural shades, very bright shades, or dark/black shades.


I know that women’s stores frighten men to no end but there
is nothing
more exciting and titillating than having him go out
and buy nice hosiery
for you. Listen up men, we women like it
when you take the reins and go
shopping for things like this,
but that does not mean we want you to come
home with
something that is painful or super itchy to wear. The key to
buying the right kind of hosiery for women is to go with
something that
looks hot while still maintaining some practical

The first place to start when you are thinking of shopping for hosiery for
her is with her underwear drawers. This will give you a couple of
advantages. First of all you will be able to see what she already has
enough of and second you will be able to see the styles and fits that she
likes the best. I suggest you take notes when it comes to sizes too
because if you get it wrong and end up buying something that is too big
for her, well, I don’t need to tell you that will not go over well
at all.

Once you are armed with this knowledge it is time to take it on a trip to
the store. These days you don’t have to leave your house to go to a store.
Glad you are here with us.
So now begins fun part. Look through a couple of categories. best would be

, in case you want something very practical then all other
categories will work just fine as well.
When you look at the design of the hose please imagine your partner
wearing them. There is no two pair of legs that are the same, so most
likely hosiery will look different on every single person. If you look at
the patterned hosiery keep in mind basic physic laws: vertical stripes
visually elongate lags, horizontal shorten; Black color makes everything
look slimmer and smaller.

It may be a little daunting of a task but have fun with it, your
girlfriend or wife will appreciate all the work you put into finding her
the perfect gift of hosiery. And please remember if you have an idea what
you are looking for but have no time to search, drop us a line and we’ll
be happy to give you a selection of what might work for your gift idea.
Please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help you.

Hosiery Items As Ideal Holiday Season Gifts For Women

The time of the year to be warm and giving is around again and hosiery gifts can be perfect to be given to your female friends and family. If you are thinking about giving such a unique holiday gift, then a place to start with would be
. You can surely choose from a wide range of hosiery models from tights, leggings, stockings and down to pantyhose. All are made by the branded names in Italy making it high class and top of the line.

Here are some ideal hosiery models that you can consider wrapping for the holidays and placing under the tree:

Cazzola Gaetano – Cher Fashion Tights With Leggings Effect. This is perfect for the sexy woman that you know. It is very feminine with a 60 Denier and some floral pattern all around the legs. It is ideal to be worn to any party and it is made of cotton gusset that can give you utmost comfort.

Franco Bombana – Pitone Snakeskin Pattern Tights. This would bring out the wilder side of your receiver and it has an amazing snake pattern with 40 Denier. It is highly comfortable to wear and you can be sure that it would last long.

Luisa Maria Lugli – Genny Fashion Tights. These are tights that come in thigh high design and will give your recipient a secure feeling of the pantyhose. This will complement and match any kind of wardrobe and its band of sheer lace can surely add a touch of sexiness to her. With these well crafted pantyhose, you can be sure for legs to shine and shimmer.

TrasparenzeSeisho Fashion Tights With Stockings And Suspender Belt Imitation. These are opaque tights in 80 Denier that is known to be always in fashion. It is made of microfiber, responsible for its amazing matte finish. It also comes with floral top stockings and a decoration of a suspender belt with all the sexy effects of lace ribbons and satin.

Girardi – Sirene Fashion Tights. These are another stunning pantyhose gifts that come with a two color combination of sheer and opaque design. It is a 50 Denier hosiery item embellished with all the satin ribbons and the polka dots to make it ultra seductive.

Hosieree – Tatuage Fashion Thigh Highs With Crystal Decoration. These are perfect for your sophisticated female friends. It has a design of gold crystals embraced with a small image of rose by the ankle section.

Be sure to add us up to your soon-to-be Christmas list!

New Brand, New Models, New Look

Less than two months to go and it will be an exciting new year for everyone!
  With that, we want to give something fresh to all of you out there with a
  new brand that we are introducing in our boutique. Perfect style, high
  quality, and utmost affordability are the three most important features
  that you will love about the Primavera brand.

  Primavera is known to be one of the leading companies that produce
  high quality woman’s hosiery items along with socks for men and
  children. The company’s humble beginnings can be traced back
  to 1964 at Castel Goffredo and through time, they were able to ride
  smoothly the waves of new technology. This led them to expand all the
  more and became more efficient and highly reliable when it comes to
  serving  their most valued clients.

The Primavera brand is known for being very intricate with their thread designs and styles, particularly with its composition. It is one true brand that you can depend on to genuine made in Italy. The Primavera products range from classic, fashion and sporty designs but we will feature some of their best women’s hosiery products.

Primavera models Shimmer, Lace, Melange,
Lucido, and many more are available now! All of these Primavera products that we have offer are of high quality material with the likings of Eco-Friendly as an eco leather pair, the Micro being set in micro legging with some tulle border, and many more that you would surely love to have!

Visit the site and order now!

From Hosieree With Love–New Arrivals From The Hosieree Brand!

As we approach the coming around of holiday season, we offer you warm and unique gift ideas with
our latest arrivals from the Hosieree brand! We have these warm yet trendy tights and leggings that
you can choose from perfect to be worn for your winter days ahead.

                                      Classic Opaque Tights Freedom
   These Freedom Classic Tights have a 50 Denier feature and can make
   your legs look sexier. Its material feels very soft to the skin and is very
   affordable at just $12.69. This style may be truly simple but it cannot be
   denied that these have been seen in various fashion runways and it can
   be made available too in bright and funky colors.
                                       Frou Frou Fashion Cotton Leggings
   This is one outstanding pair of leggings that come with a unique velvet
   ribbon by the ankle.It comes with a sleek finish and lets you remain
   fashionable during the cold winter months. It would go well with your
   usual winter attire of cable knits, boots and some jackets. It is made
   out of 55% cotton to make it utterly comfortable for your skin.
                                      Soft De Luxe Opaque Thigh Highs
   These are made in extra opaque style with a 70 Denier feature. With its
   floral lace design, it will truly make you feel more feminine and sexy as
   you pair it up with some stilettos.
                                      Tatuage Fashion Thigh Highs with Crystal Decoration
   This is the most seductive of all the new arrivals because of its three gold
   crystals embedded near the image of a rose by the ankle spot. This is
   made of 80% polyamide material.

Check out any of these brand new and genuine Hosieree items all made in Italy!

Fishnet Fashion – Then and Now

  The history of fishnets was never really clear that it was hard to tell
  how it originated. But all that is known about it is that it came to
  America by 1908 straight from France.Up until the sixties, fishnets
  were seen only worn by the so called ‘loose women’ and there were
  still stockings around which were held with garter belts. By the
  seventies, it was the punks who claimed these fishnets and women
  started wearing them under the micro-minis. It was only in the early
  parts of the nineties that the fishnets became more and more
  popular in the US, seeing them worn by models in fashion runways
  and at a common rate; they were sold to the market as fishnet
or pantyhose.

  By 2000, the fishnets became a sophisticated option for leg wear for
  women. Today these fishnets are seen as hot and sexy fashion that
  are really being demanded by a variety of markets, from older
  females down to the trendy teenagers. Many fashion businesses
  are also getting a lot of considerable income from offering items
  such as fishnet stockings and tights.

  The image of fishnet hosiery has greatly evolved from something of
  low class value to a world class thing of fashion. There are lots of
  hosiery brands that you can choose from in the market today but
  we greatly recommend that you start with our few trendy models
  like Lola,  Prestige and Carmen. So be trendy and get in touch with
  some real fashion with this fishnet hosiery!

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