Do I Have To Pack Up My Black Hosiery For Spring And Summer? 

Do I Have To Pack Up My Black Hosiery For Spring And Summer?

Black hosiery is a fall and winter staple. It takes your short hemlines all throughout the cold weather season. It turns any skirt into a statement. Great black hosiery even helps to keep you warm if it’s a thicker denier worn under trousers or torn jeans.

You fall in love with your favorite pairs of black hosiery, so putting them away for the spring and summer can feel a little like saying “Until next time!” to an old friend. That said – do you really have to tuck it away until the next cold weather season? At we certainly don’t think so! While the black hosiery you wear in spring and summer might look a little different to your favorite winter pair, you can certainly take this look and make it a year-round one. 

The biggest difference between your cold weather black hosiery and your warm weather black hosiery is denier. In the winter, you might wear something thicker and more substantial, like the Elly Sophie 140 Tights with Graduated Compression and their 140 denier. These will keep you warm and comfortable while giving you the edgy, classic, and sophisticated look you’re aiming for. In the spring and summer, you’ll want to tone that down a bit in favor of breathability. A lower denier pair of black hose will still give you the look, but they keep the air moving so you’re comfortably cool no matter where your day takes you. For summer, we suggest a pair like our Aristoc ANAQE9 Ultimate 10 Den RUN RESIST Tights with their run-resistance, light 10 denier, and sandal friendly sheer toes. 

In the spring and summer, hemlines get shorter, so you’re already working with a prime canvas for black hose. A tailored pair of short shorts during a cool summer evening is the perfect opportunity to layer with a sheer pair of black hosiery, add in your favorite pumps, and top off the look with a slinky blouse. Alternatively, a 90’s vintage sundress in dark earthtones goes from day to night simply by adding in black hosiery and a chunky oxford or sandal. 

There’s no wrong time for any sort of hose, and it’s all simply how you have fun with your pieces. To find your favorite pair, or pairs, for summer, see what we have for you at today.