New Arrival of Tights and Fashionable Undergarments From the Franco Bombana Collection!

If you are totally into fashion, then we believe that you have not missed out on the name of Franco Bombana. He has always been considered as a renowned Italian designer for signature labels that focus much on elegant and feminine fashion wear. For our newest collection, we are unveiling our Franco Bombana collection that is very exquisite. It has matching tops and belts that we are offering for the very first time. These are offered for the Cocco model while the matching tops are meant for the Tricote tights.

We are very proud of this new collection since the name Franco Bombana has always been a top of the line brand in the hosiery line. It has served also as the ideal portrait of various women through the entire history of fashion due to the variety of selections his designs has to offer. This includes natural yarns like cotton and cashmere just to be able to reach utmost satisfaction from the wearer and help bring out the best shape that the woman’s body has to offer.

One of the must-see in our fresh collection would be the Diva tights that are meant for women who are in search of comfort and durability. These are highly stretchable and ideal to wear due to the yarns that were used to knit and come up with an optical effect for its added features. It also has a smooth waistband that is somehow patterned after the Franco Bombana logo.

Get Warm

Winter is coming, and you need to make sure that you stay warm. If you think that winter means it is time to pack away your flirty dresses in favor of long pants to keep your legs warm, you are quite mistaken. With the right warm winter hosiery, you can stay flirtatious and fun with your dresses, while keeping your legs warm and beautiful.

Quality fashion tights not only keep your legs warm, but they alsoprovide needed support. Support helps circulation in your legs, stemming problems like varicose veins and sagging skin. Keeping your legs warm will also keep your skin from drying out, as is common in the winter months.

One of the most popular warm winter tights is the Artica 120 and Winter tights 150 model. If you are looking for a few more color choices and a pair of tights that is slightly more opaque, consider theMicrofibra Sophie, or Jennifer Merino Wool tights model. Another opaque option for those who prefer to ditch the panty on their hosiery is the Velvet 55 Opaque Stay Ups , or Opaque Stay Up Stockings Chic 60. These feature no-slip silicone thigh bands, so they stay where they should.

Of course, many women prefer not to use tights because they feel they have to forgo fashion for warmth. The MontBlanc tights made out of natural yarns has a slight three-dimensional pattern that allows you to be warm and fashionable at the same time. Neutral colors allow the slight pattern to really shine.

If you need to stay as warm as possible, wool tights are the way to go. The “Dora” tights are the perfect option. They are comfortable and stretchy, yet exceptionally warm.

Of course, the holidays often cause us to pack on a few pounds. As you are working to lose the weight, you may want to invest in some warm hosiery that helps keep your tummy tucked in. The Panty Bra Opaque gives you some extra support with a v-shaped tummy girdle.

As you can see, the world of warm weather hosiery has come a long way. You can look fashionable while staying warm this winter, so get yourself a few pairs of tights and enjoy your skirts all winter long!

The Importance Of Maternity Hosiery

During pregnancy, a woman’s body dramatically changes. Several health issues may arise due to these changes. Many of them deal with the woman’s legs. Believe it or not, these medical issues may be either reduced in intensity or avoided altogether by wearing various forms of maternity hosiery, like maternity support pantyhose and maternity body shapers.

Some of the most serious of the medical issues that may occur during pregnancy are edema, varicose veins, and leg cramps. There are also those women who experience simple leg pain that makes daily chores and activities more difficult. In instances of any of these medical conditions, maternity hosiery can benefit those women wearing them.

The reason women experience many of these leg conditions during the 40 weeks of pregnancy is poor circulation. Even perfectly healthy veins are already working hard to get blood back to the heart against the natural pull of gravity. When women are expecting, though, veins work much less effectively and efficiently due to the added weight of the baby and the expanding uterus. The use of various forms of maternity hosiery, like maternity support stockings and body shapers, may help the body achieve better leg circulation. With regular use, maternity support pantyhose will often diminish any symptoms caused by the numerous leg issues, sometimes alleviating the problems altogether.

During such an important period of woman life we offer some maternity models
which can help to prevent certain leg conditions. They can be used every day
to ease your condition and let you live more comfortably or to give your legs a
special look for a very special occasion. The model ‘Sophie’ by Elli Carezza is
very sheer with medium graduated compression and at the same time is very
relaxing. ‘Dolce Attesa’ 20 Den is suitable for winter and summer season. These
pantyhose are great if you don’t want any support or tightness, if you’d like to
feel free like you don’t have anything on your legs and on you belly.The model
is extremely light and provides relaxed feeling from top to bottom.

Not all maternity hosiery is exactly the same. Maternity support pantyhose come in a wide range of compression strengths, so a doctor’s guidance is required when choosing just which pair will be most effective. Something women may not be aware of is the fact that maternity hosiery has been recognized by the medical community as a form of treatment for these leg issues. If a doctor prescribes maternity support pantyhose, or “compression stockings”, during pregnancy, there are many insurance companies that will cover the cost. This is good news for those women who experience  leg conditions during their pregnancies, as maternity support stockings are much more expensive than traditional nylons.

Women do not have to suffer with the common leg ailments of pregnancy any more! Coupled with good nutrition, moderate exercise, and regularly scheduled prenatal care, the use of maternity hosiery is a tried and true method for the prevention and treatment of leg issues, like varicose veins, edema and leg cramps.

Pantyhose for Business – What To Wear

Women in the corporate world are often told that if they’re going on an interview or going to work, it’s often recommended that dark pantyhose are worn.  Has anyone ever asked why?  Business attire is usually boring, drab and gray for a reason.  Since you’re at work and not out at a singles bar, business clothing is designed to minimize physical attractiveness as much as possible.  Dark hose are said to take attention away from a woman’s legs by hiding them in the dark, namely dark blue or black

Even if you’re wearing business attire, that’s no reason to hide everything about yourself.  It’s supposed to be subdued, but wearing light-colored or nude-colored hosiery isn’t necessarily taboo.  If you feel like wearing it, feel free to do so!  Business attire is very restrictive in the first place, so the type of pantyhose you wear isn’t as big a deal as, say, the length of your skirt.  Try to mix things up by wearing light-colored pantyhose with dark colored suits, and dark-colored pantyhose with light colored suits.  This provides a nice contrast that lets you stand out, but not so much that you draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Myths and Facts about Pantyhose

There are many myths abound about pantyhose.You’ve probably heard them.
Let’s run through a few of them, shall we?The very first one is that pantyhose
tend to be too tight and restrictive. This is not true. Good-fitting pantyhose can
conform to any leg, so the wearer shouldn’t feel any discomfort or bunching.
In fact, the pantyhose should take the shape of the leg so well that the person
wearing them won’t notice them at all.

Speaking of stretching, that’s another common myth: pantyhose can be so
easily stretched out of shape that it’s better to buy a smaller size. While it’s true
that pantyhose will stretch to fit the leg of the wearer, they shrink back to their
original size when you take them off. Getting a smaller size will result in the
pantyhose stretching way too much, and that could cause unneeded wear on
the pantyhose over time.Therefore, you’re much better off just buying
pantyhose in the correct size.

   The third myth is that it’s far too hot to wear pantyhose in the summer.
   This isn’t true either! Pantyhose are usually made out of material that is
   very breathable and heat resistant. Going back to the earlier myth, the
   wearer shouldn’t feel the pantyhose at all—even in summer. It might
   be recommended that light colored pantyhose be worn in the summer,
   but even dark colors can be worn without a problem.

  Now, is it true that pantyhose made with Lycra are more expensive? No,
  that’s not necessarily true either. The pricing depends on the manufacturer
  and the cost of production, much like any other product.. The more expensive
  an item is to make, the more expensive it’ll be when it’s sold in stores.
  Companies want to recoup their investment in creating a product, after all.
  Business talk aside, pantyhose with Lycra in it is not necessarily more
  expensive than all other brands.

Men Like To Watch the Women Wearing Stockings

    The title of this article is true. If you don’t believe me, just
   head to a public place and watch the men. Yes, they’ll be
   looking at just about every halfway decent looking woman
   who passes by them, but they tend to pay extra attention to
   a woman wearing a sexy pair of stockings. Whether it’s the
   look or the feel that turns them on, men seem to be captivated
   by them. Is it a hosiery fetish of some sort going around? If you
   think for a minute and look at the clues, you’d understand that
   its not such so far-fetched.
     You see this very often in films: The long look at a woman’s leg
   while she slowly pulls up a pair of stockings. This is sometimes
   accompanied with some saxophone-heavy music. It looks sexy,
   and it sounds sexy. Saxophone-heavy music makes anything sexy,
   to be honest. But the visual of the woman pulling up the stocking
   and the music accompanying it have been used together so often
   that this scene plays over and over in a mans head as he watches
   a woman wearing stockings pass by. The music is playing in his
   head, and he wants that woman to walk toward him in the worst
   way possible.

  So, on second thought, maybe there is some sort of hosiery fetish at work here.Countless films featuring women in garter belts and stockings may have something to do with it. If you see that enough, much like the saxophone music, you’ll start to associate stockings with all things sexy.Maybe this is why men enjoy watching women wearing stockings so much; because they equate it with sex. Perhaps only suspender-imitation tights can look as much attractive and seductive.They became popular among women who find them practical and easy to wear and at the same time extremely feminine and sexy.
These ladies know exactly what they’re doing, and if the guys are paying this much attention to their legs, they must be doing something right.

Tan Hosiery Trend of the Season

   Take a look at the tan hosiery trend of the season for fall 2010. This look is no longer for dancers only; it’s becoming mainstream fashion right before your eyes. Celebrities like Beyonce are making this look hot this year. After a number of years of barefoot and fancy-free legs, women are tired of trying to get legs that look softy, sexy and airbrushed to perfection all on their own. Tanning is no good for your health and, while spray-tans have come a long way from the fake-and-bake orange glow of the past, they can still look blotchy. The perfect solution? Tan tights, pantyhose and thigh highs. Here are some of the popular models for you – Libera 8 Invisible Waistband, Acapulco 7 – Non-slip Sol Pantyhose, Invisible – Ultra Sheer Tights, Dimension 8 – Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, Miami 10 – Ultra Sheer Transparent Pantyhose, Fresh 8 – Ultra Sheer Pantyhose.


   The upcoming tan hosiery trend of the season will keep heads turning. They’re sleek, they’re stylish and they’re sexy! Less-than-perfect legs get some relief this year with tan hosiery. The shimmer these tights and thigh highs add to your legs provides comfort and confidence to any outfit. They pair perfectly with a pair of stiletto heels and pack a little extra punch with their sparkle. Made of breathable materials, the only thing that will be hot on the warmer days is your look! Take advantage of this fashion trend and give your legs the love they need with tan hosiery.

Thigh Highs Hit of the Season

Thighs highs hit of the season this year with new textures and colors.They
offer the ultimate in femininity, are comfortable to wear and add the perfect
finishing touch to any ensemble.Thigh highs can be considered an alternative
hosiery choice to pantyhose.They offer seamless design and an ultra-sexy look.
Imagine your legs covered in the sheer shimmer of  Seidenglatt 15 Stay Ups
or Desire – Ultra Sheer Stay Ups. These add a hint of hue and endless softness
to your legs.And because they stay in place all on their own, you won’t have to
worry about wardrobe malfunctions.

Patterned thigh highs hit of the season include looks like the Camommila
Stay Up Stockings
. The vertical stripe pattern gives endless length to your
legs. Finished with a simple, inverted scalloped edge they can be worn with
or without a garter to suit your mood. The Florel Fashion Stay Ups add
ultra-femininity as you envelop your leg in a soft, silky flower pattern. This
year’s hosiery trends are all about making a statement with your legs. You
can add endless appeal and intrigue with the wide variety of colors, patterns
and textures available. From good old-fashioned fishnets to shimmery
; microfiber thigh highs, let your legs say it all this season!

Hosiery Fashion Trend for Fall 2010

The hosiery Fashion trend for Fall 2010, is hot and the polished look it creates is even hotter.This year boasts the latest options in colors, patterns and sexy style. Keeping in mind that hosiery is an accessory rather than the meat of your clothing ensemble can help you achieve a look for your legs that is sexy and feminine without overpowering your overall look. Even celebrities are parading the latest hosiery looks.
Taking some cues from the look of the celebrity starts can help you put
a look together that’s right for you.

One of the biggest and perhaps the most surprising hosiery fashion trend is the sassy look of sexy, animal print hosiery like Rusalka. Giovanna Battaglia has been spotted wearing the spots of a leopard on her legs, while Vanessa Hudgens is a self-proclaimed freak when it comes to fashionand is very comfortable in her Leopard print leggings. Both achieve a fun, flirty leg with their printed hosiery. Remember, if you are wearing Glamour opaque-lace tights during the Fall season, it is always a fashion faux pas to wear peep-toe pumps. You can, however let your toes go bare if you wear a footless legging like Rain.

Patterned legs are a hot option for Fall 2010.Shea hosiery fashion trend boasts elegance and sophistication when it comes to leg-wear. Because patterned legs can make a big statement, wearing a subdued ensemble helps balance your look. The 2010 hosiery collection offers great choices in fantastic patterns. Land andLina fashion pantyhose embossed with a flower and leaf pattern can add femininity to a business skirt suit. Geometric – Funky fashion tights, grey and blue angled lines patterns add curious innocence to your look. Subtle patterns on a sheer black pantyhose Amy paired with a great pair of heels can make your legs look endless.

With all the talk about patterns, is there any room for color in the 2010 hosiery fashion trend? Absolutely. Petal and Vanish hints of color are popping up on legs all around. Consider wearing a sheer nude hose Tatuage or Dali decorated with tiny crystals. It’s sure to turn heads when this embellished nylon Strip 40 is paired with a cocktail dress and a sexy pair of heels. Also consider a sheer black pair of pantyhose Ofelia embellished with vertical strips that adds length galore.Or bright extravagant Riki leggings effect tights ,Seisho suspender belt imitation tights and Sirene fashion tights. Their beautiful design will instantly make any pair of legs just amazing. Solid gray, silver,gold and purple tights are as well in style this year.Uppsalla wet look tights and Jeggins jeans imitation leggings will also create one of the hottest trendy look. Besides, they are so fun to wear! And of course lace! Cher lace pantyhose and Elise semi-opaque leggings will beautifully reveal any seductive feminine nature especially if lace pattern gently combined with opaque.

So go ahead and express yourself this fall and winter with a new look for your legs.

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