Refresh Your Hosiery Collection In Time For Fall

Refresh Your Hosiery Collection In Time For FallWith a long spring and summer over, your fall and winter hosiery probably hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time. You don’t want to pull out a favorite pair to find that they need replacing or they feel less than fresh the day you plan to put them on. We at want to break down how you can refresh your hosiery collection now, so you know they’re ready as soon as you’re ready to put them on.

First, you’ll want to do a complete check. There is just something uniquely frustrating about getting all put together, having your outfit on, and then finding out your hosiery has a hole, a run, or a stain the moment you’re rolling them up. If they’re a pair of statement or fashion hose, the kind you plan your outfit around, this could leave you back at square one while you’re trying to get out of the door. Before you plan to put on a pair of hosiery, give all of your fall and winter pieces a quick check-over first.

Take each pair and place your hand through the leg inspecting all seams and surfaces. Make sure to run your hand through the hosiery gently, and clip and file fingernails first to ensure you won’t create any new snags or runs. Once checked, place each pair in a separate pile to get ready for washing.

Clothing can get musty when stored in a drawer or closet over a period of months. This is normal, but it’s understandable that you might want a bit of a refresh before putting your favorite seasonal pairs on. Early fall is the perfect time to give your seasonal hosiery collection a complete re-wash; giving you fresh, ready, and soft hosiery to enjoy when you want to enjoy them.

Using a basin or delicates wash, fill a basin or clean sink with lukewarm water. Carefully submerge your hosiery and agitate the soapy water with your hands, gently working the soapy water through your hose. Once submerged, gently rinse with lukewarm water until no soapy residue remains. Once washed, you can carefully squeeze the excess water out of your hosiery (without pulling, wringing, or balling) and lay flat on a soft towel to dry.

With a quick inspection and a fresh wash, you’re ready to return to all of your favorites for the fall and winter. If you happen to find snags, runs, or holes in your hosiery, we’ve got you covered. From the fashion forward Fiore Ariel 30 Floral Pattern Tights, to the classic opaque Cecilia De Rafael Seamless Tights Miss 60, we have just what you need today at