Bring Fashion Socks Into Your Wardrobe

Bring Fashion Socks Into Your WardrobeGreat socks should be part of any complete hosiery collection. They can stand on their own, they can be worn in the office, they can be layered to create unique statement looks, and they should have a space in every hosiery drawer.

If you typically stick with classic hosiery, switching it up to socks can feel quite a bit different. You don’t have to drop your hose altogether in favor of socks if you don’t want to. Layered on top of nude hosiery, patterned hosiery, opaque hosiery, or colored sheer hosiery, socks simply add a focal point to your look. A simple pair of fashion hosiery socks, like our Fiore Daisy Ankle Socks are a great starting point for your hosiery layering. Cute, whimsical, and versatile, they bring charm to your outfit when layered and peeking out of the top of a heel, bootie, or flat.

Socks don’t have to be layered, and they’re great at making a statement of their own. For those days when you just don’t want to make the full hosiery commitment, knee-high socks do the trick while keeping you cool and comfortable. The Glamour Gladiolo Fashion Knee Highs are a perfect example of knee-highs socks with plenty of stand-alone attitude.

Hosiery socks aren’t only to be shown off, although they do well when put in that statement piece position. Under slacks at the office, they can provide a professional look without adding too many layers to your outfit. Moving around all throughout the day at the office, it’s understandable if you may want to opt out of wearing a full pair of hose. For these instances, a sophisticated and classic pair of socks like our Elly Casual 20 Elegant Knee-Highs are comfortable, breathable, and give an immediate professional look.

If your hosiery collection is lacking in fashionable, professional, and comfortable hosiery socks, we have you covered! Check out what we have in store at today.