Fall Into the World of Fashion Socks This Season

We all have our favorite hosiery items in our wardrobe and use them almost daily. But have any of us actually stopped to consider how we can switch things up every once in a while? Maybe put away our pantyhose for the day and rock some fashion socks?

Fall into the world of fashion socks with us and see how you can style them to showcase your personality and unique style.

Fashion SocksThe New Fashion Statement?

Some you talk to might tell you that novelty socks are out. However, you also might have noticed that socks just aren’t what they used to be. 

Back in the day, socks were viewed as a garment only meant to cover the feet. You might have found some in black and white, and some might have even been ankle height. They were just an outfit afterthought. Not something that you would spend time considering when putting an outfit together. 

Well, times have changed. Socks are just as important now as the shoes you wear and the accessories you rock. They are the highlight of many outfits today and deserve our recognition. 

What Fashion Socks Should I Wear?

This is a great question! There are many different types and styles of fashion socks you can choose from today. You are no longer limited to cotton varieties. Now you can find something to fit every style and personality.

For more of a rocker look, we recommend Jucy fashion socks. They go great with a short-legged pair of jeans, or you can pair them with classic shoes for the office. 

Want something a bit more daring for a night out? Fiore Renita fashion socks are fashionable and patterned fishnets. They are soft and comfortable and will make a bold touch to any outfit. 

Craving the comfort of cotton? Pompea Mandy Fancy cotton socks come in a pack of three and are a comfortable option for everyday wear or lounging around the house. 

Finally, if you want something more elegant with beautiful detailing, we recommend Silca Calzino socks. They are 20 denier, extra sheer, and have floral accents on the elastic band. They provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

Looking for more fashion sock options for everyday wear or to dress up an outfit for a night out, or maybe you need to replace some older hosiery pieces in your wardrobe? Check out the selection we have at hosieree.com