Why Your Legs Will Fall in Love With Denier

If you have fallen into the world of hosiery, then you have undoubtedly heard of denier. It is an important measurement when it comes to your legwear. Denier is the weight of the fabric in the tights, socks, and hosiery you purchase. It can also be said that the denier is the thickness of the tights. However, weight and thickness are not always the same.

Understanding Denier

Many equate denier with thickness because a higher denier typically means the fabric will be thicker. However, this isn’t always going to be the case. So, don’t always assume that it will be a dense fabric just because it is thick and a higher denier. 

What Is Opaque?

When we talk about opaque, we refer to higher denier hosiery. This hosiery uses thicker fabrics and are over 40 denier in many cases. This denier is perfect for winter and cooler weather, as it can keep your legs toasty and warm. 

Semi-opaque, on the other hand, is sheerer and usually around 30 denier. They are so light you can sometimes see some skin through this hosiery. These are often worn during mild weather, where you don’t have to bundle up to stay warm. 

Sheer and Ultra Sheer

Sheer pantyhose and tights have a much lower denier and are lighter fabrics. They fall between 5 and 40 denier. Sheer stockings and tights are perfect for warmer weather, like during the spring and summer seasons. This denier also has more color options compared to thicker denier because sheer hosiery stands up to color very well.

Ultra sheer is any hosiery with a denier of 10 or less. These hosiery items may be harder to find. Some describe ultra sheer tights as almost invisible but still do a good job covering the legs, in case there are small imperfections you want to hide, like a mole or birthmark.

Is a Higher Denier Fabric More Durable?

This isn’t necessarily true. You don’t have to have thick hosiery when looking for something durable. However, the differences in the denier are pretty obvious, and those with natural fibers may have more stretch than others, making them more durable. 

Even so, it is safe to say that if you choose a higher denier, then it makes sense you will have a bit more in the way of durability compared to a much lower denier like you would find in ultra sheer tights, which are more susceptible to snags and tears throughout the day.

No matter what hosiery you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting the best if you choose from a high-quality brand like those you will find on hosieree.com.