Crotchless Undergarments Are Fun And Functional

Crotchless Undergarments Are Fun And Functional

Lingerie has quite the history. For example, it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th Century that buttons were sewn on the crotch of ladies undergarments to provide closure. Prior to that, undergarments were open from the thigh up. The reason was two-fold: It made using the chamber pot much easier, and it was considered to be more hygienic by providing ventilation to the lady parts. As hemlines became shorter, and less material was used in skirting, a closed crotch became more practical. 

The Benefits Of An Open Crotch Design

Today, crotchless panties and tights evoke thoughts of the naughty, but they really do have benefits beyond fun. For example:

  • They make it easier to use the restroom. Today’s dresses might not be as intricate and multi-layered as the dresses of yore, but a tight-fitted evening gown can pose a problem when it comes to pulling things down, and then back up, to use the bathroom. Open Crotch Pantyhose solve that problem, and they’re elegant enough to wear with any formal dress.
  • They are so very comfortable. An open crotch means cooler temperatures in your nether regions, and less sweating on a warm day. With no fabric to rub against your sensitive area, there’s less irritation. This can be an excellent option for those who suffer from hypersensitivity or vulvodynia. Sheer Crotchless Tights can provide comfort with cover.
  • Okay, yes, they’re quite sexy. Crotchless undergarments of any type are still sexy and fun. They can make you feel glamorous and sensual when you’re the only one who knows what you’re wearing. They can add fun and excitement to the bedroom when you let someone special in on the secret. Scandal Strip Panty Tights provide just what you need to feel good. Wearing underwear with these is optional.
  • Anyone can wear them. Crotchless tights and pantyhose provide a sleek and flattering silhouette on any body type. Miss Naughty features open crotch tights in sizes up to XXXL. They can make women of all shapes and sizes feel just a bit sexier while providing benefits that are comfortable and convenient.

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