4 Ways To Wear Fishnet Stockings To Look More Classy Than Trashy

4 Ways To Wear Fishnet Stockings To Look More Classy Than Trashy

Fishnet stockings have been worn by women for decades. They are stylish, edgy, and they make a statement. Women who wear fishnets do not go unnoticed, but how you wear them can determine the perception of those who notice you. There are, however, ways to wear fishnets that look elegant and tasteful. Try following these 4 tips for fishnet perfection.

1 – Choose your outfits wisely. Avoid becoming the classic image that people get in their minds with they hear the word “fishnet stockings.” You know, high cut mini-skirt, low cut tank top, and stiletto heels. Reserve that for Halloween fun and keep your outfit tasteful. Try pairing Olympia Fishnet Pantyhose with a pair of capris or a skirt that hits below the knee. 

2 – Choose a smaller fishnet pattern. Fishnets can be worn elegantly when they come in a tiny, subtle pattern. If you want to wear a shorter hem or an edgier outfit, the tiny design on Bellissima’s Microette Fishnet Tights adds a level of sophistication as opposed to shock.

3 – Avoid too much noise.  By this we mean, don’t wear bright and bold patterns with your fishnet stockings. Avoid items like large hoop earrings and hot red faux alligator bags. Let your fishnets be your stand-out accessory. This gives you room to get bold with a pair of fishnet tights with vertical stripes

4 – Close your toe. Can you wear stockings with an open toe? Sometimes. Can you wear fishnet stockings with an open toe? Never. Open toe shoes and fishnets are like nails on a chalkboard; jarring. Keep it classy and only wear closed toed shoes with your fishnets

You Have To Feel Good To Look Good

One final thing to keep in mind: If you don’t feel comfortable wearing fishnet stockings, don’t. Some people feel that they are too risqué, regardless of how they’re worn. In order to look good on the outside, you must feel good on the inside, so if fishnets don’t make you feel good, you won’t look good despite your best efforts.

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