Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

If you’re looking for a little edge to incorporate into your winter looks, the right tights might be just what you’ve been searching for. Tights are the ultimate cool weather accessory; turning summer clothes into fall staples, elegant dresses into comfortably warm ensembles, and adding layers to just about any look. So what about edge? If you’re looking for a rock-concert ready look for winter, the right tights are going to give you just that. 

A few picks we love at Hosieree.com for bringing a little edge to your look are: 

  • Axel Fashion Tights The Axel Fashion Tights are perfect under a mini skirt, perfect under a ripped pair of jeans, and perfect under a tailored pair of shorts. The distinctive cut pattern creates slits in the fabric going all the way down each leg, bringing about great contrast as your skin peeks through underneath. 
  • Blueberry Love Fashion Tights These opaque patterned tights are made from warm microfibre, and use 3D technology with a romantic pattern to bring texture and elegance while giving your look that telltale edge. In Plum, try wearing the Blueberry Love Fashion Tights under a pair of tailored black shorts with sky-high black pumps for a leg look that goes on for days. 
  • Clara Stones 20 Fashion Tights From the front, these may look like simple black sheer tights, but the back is what really brings the edge. A lace and bow pattern goes vertically up each leg, with each bow adorned by shimmering black crystals. With a classic black pump, these are the tights that bring that touch of subtle edginess to your look. 
  • Dark Fashion Tights A whole new take on the “fishnet” inspired look, these perforated designed tights give you a heavy dose of rock and roll style in just the seconds it takes to put them on. With tailored shorts, a short skirt, a bodycon dress, or even ripped jeans, they add a whole new style level to any look you want to pull off. 

Creating an edgy look is simple, and especially when you use tights to your advantage. Day to night looks, girls’ night out looks, and Rockstar ready looks can all be accomplished by simply incorporating the right tights with your outfit. To see what edgy tights are perfect for any look you want to accomplish, see what we have in store at Hosieree.com today! 

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  1. All the tights above are fashionable and classy all are something I would wear. Love wearing fashion legwear and accents one’s legs. I love doing reviews to let others know what I think about the style in question from the look, fit, feel to the packaging.

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