How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

High-quality European hosiery is quite an investment into your wardrobe. These are the pieces that really set your looks, they help your favorite staples transition season to season, and they keep your outfits on trend year after year. Because your hosiery is so important to your wardrobe, you’ll naturally wish to keep it in the best possible condition for longer, and there are a few ways you can go about doing just that. 

First and foremost, it’s important to watch your nails whenever you put on hosiery. Even the smallest hangnail can snag on your hose, and before you know it you’re facing a runner or a hole. Take a look at your nails before putting on your hose, and always follow the scrunch up and roll on method of putting on. 

Even if your nails are in flawless condition, you lotion your legs to lessen any friction before putting on, and you use the roll-on method, you may still face some hole or run issues when you’re really working out the seams. Working the seams on hosiery is the quickest way to find yourself with damage, but there are ways to look out for yourself if this is a common problem. Typically, you’ll remove your hosiery to see a hole in the toe portion where shoes cause friction, but reinforced toe pantyhose provide an extra layer of protection. If this is a frequent issue for your hosiery, investing in reinforced toe hosiery is a great idea. 

Not all tips are backed by science or fact, but by those who swear by them and consider them tried and tested methods. One strange tip to make hosiery last longer has no concrete proof behind it, but it’s one many trust and follow loyally no matter what. Some take their hosiery, soak them in water, squeeze the excess moisture out, and pop them in the freezer overnight. Before wearing their hose, they allow the hosiery to defrost and gradually warm to room temperature. While this isn’t an explainable tip, it is one that won’t hurt your hosiery and may be worth trying simply due to how sworn by it is. 

Hosiery is an investment you should protect, and keeping your favorite hose going year after year doesn’t have to be difficult. To find your next favorite investment hosiery pieces, check out what we have at today!