Compression Stockings Are For Everyone

Compression Stockings Are For Everyone

When one thinks of compression socks and stockings, they rarely think of high fashion. What is important to realize, however, is that today’s compression wear is far from the compression wear of yore. Whether you’re flying, walking, or simply sitting in the office, today’s compression hosiery is made to elevate your outfit seamlessly.

For those who travel frequently, compression wear is often part of the experience. Compression socks and stockings are recommended for frequent flyers in order to keep circulation flowing within the legs, preventing blood clots, cramping, and ankle swelling. If you fly for business, this may mean sometimes changing out of your compression socks and into your hosiery in the airport or a hotel, so you’re ready for meetings and functions as soon as you land. Fashionable compression stockings and socks, however, can be worn in the sky or on land, and you never miss a beat.


Why Compression Wear?


Compression hosiery is for more than just flying. A few reasons why one would wear compression hosiery are:

1. Improve venous blood flow – Compression hosiery helps to keep venous blood flow moving, improving circulation through the leg.

2. Prevent pooling – Pooling and swelling of venous flow in the lower leg is a common problem, and one that can be quite uncomfortable. Compression hosiery helps to prevent this pooling.

3. Decreases blood clot risks – Compression hosiery helps to decrease the risk of blood clots forming in the lower leg by keeping the blood flowing.

Compression wear is often recommended for those who are sitting for long periods of time, flying, standing for long periods of time, or those prone to circulation problems or varicose veins. Even if they’re not specifically recommended to a person for some sort of condition, wearing them can still improve blood flow and comfort throughout the day. At, we have compression socks, knee high stockings, and hosiery to keep all of the benefits of compression wear while never bringing down your look. For a knee-high option, we have the Diagonal 70 Fashion Knee Highs, the Pompea Intensive Beauty 140 Support Tights present a full nude hosiery option, and the Beauty and Comfort Tutto Nudo Support Tights add a little sexiness to the mix.

If you’re looking for compression hosiery that never sacrifices your style, contact us at today!