5 Ways To Embrace The 90’s Trend With Fishnet Stockings

5 Ways To Embrace The 90’s Trend With Fishnet Stockings

The 90’s are back in a big way, and this means that there is no better time to invest in fishnet stockings! Fishnet stockings were everywhere during the decade, and they could be seen from elegant and sophisticated formal looks just as frequently as with a certain grunge fashion flair. 5 ways to embrace the 90’s trend with fishnet stockings are:

1. Edge up a blazer – A blazer can make a look appear distinctly professional or formal, but a pair of fishnets are your 90’s style solution. A skirt and a blazer can be paired with black fishnets for a 90’s inspired fashion look alongside a funky or statement shoe.

2. Layered up – Fishnets work beautifully with layers, and pairing the hosiery with chunky sweaters, short skirts, and wool knee-high socks is a fun way to layer the look without ever risking frumpiness. What the fishnets do is add just a touch of sexiness to a casual and comfy outfit, and we at Hosieree.com think this is going to be a huge trend this fall.

3. Under high-waist distressed jeans – Waistlines are getting higher, and distress more dramatic, in today’s 90’s inspired denim fashions. These looks are made to be paired with a pair of fishnets underneath for a sassy, but edgy, casual grunge look.

4. Ankle fishnets with statement heel – Statement heels are brought to another level when paired with fishnet socks. The Intimidea Attraction Fishnet Socks with a strappy spiked heel will take your look to another level with a touch of 90’s edge, and transform your outfit into something a little more high fashion.

5. Go extra-wide for a rock n’ roll look – Extra wide fishnet stockings are perfect for embracing a truly rock n’ roll 90’s look with any outfit. These can be paired with distressed jeans, short skirts, layering, peeking out from under jeans, or even edging up blazers or mixing up professional wear with casual wear. While the extra-wide fishnet stockings aren’t like to add a whole lot of physical warmth in the fall or winter, they’re sure to make a very on-trend statement.

At Hosieree.com, we love what the 90’s revival trend is doing for experimentation with hosiery. To see what we have in store to complete your 90’s inspired look, check us out at Hosieree.com today!

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