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Bedazzle Your Legs With These 4 Sheer Selections

Looking for that extra shine that can keep up with your natural glow? A pair of sheer hosiery might just be what you are missing. Sheers are popular for their glossy and shimmery finish. Even with their head-turning appearance, they also still maintain the classy and elegant vibe so you can pair them with other formal wear if you want.

We listed five of the best five sheer hosiery pieces to get you started!

1.  Eterno Lucido 10 Pantyhose – This pair by Cecilia De Rafael is bound to attract attention wherever you go. The super glossy finish of this sheer pantyhose creates a magical look on your legs that you can’t just help but feel like royalty. On top of that, it is lightweight and can be worn even during warm days. Eterno Lucido has a thin waistband that securely but comfortably hugs your waist, making sure that the stockings are stretched over your legs properly and giving you the perfection you deserve.

2. Girardi Summer Light Super Sheer Pantyhose – Are you a fan of open-toe shoes? These super sheer pantyhose has got you covered! Girardi’s Summer Light has an invisible toe effect for a seamless finish. You can don on any of your favorite peep-toe shoes without having to worry about awkward stitches being visible. This pantyhose also makes sure that you are comfortable when moving around with its cotton gusset.

3. Trasparenze Ultra Sheer Thigh Highs Capri – If you are the thigh-high kind of girl, the Trasparenze Ultra Sheer would fit right in your closet. This pair is great to go with cocktail dresses, pencil skirts, and even split gowns! It has a secure but comfy silicone band to keep them up so you can move and party all you want without worries.

4. Luisa Maria Lugli Summery 8 Pantyhose – For date nights and evening parties, this sheer pantyhose from Luisa Maria Lugli is here to make you the epitome of elegance and grace. It has a cotton gusset and flat seams to keep you comfortable all night long. Its simplicity and daintiness are balanced by the natural sheer it carries, making your legs shine under the evening lights.

Sheer hosiery is a go-to for ladies who want a subtle, classy, yet eye-catching twist to their fashion. Of course, is here to give you the best sheer collection you can find.

Always Avoid Runs In Your Pantyhose With These Five Tips

Always Avoid Runs In Your Pantyhose With These Five Tips

There is nothing that will ruin your look faster than an unintentional run or snag in your hosiery. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help prevent runs. Here are five tips to help prevent tears, snags, and holes from ruining your look.

1. Buy High Quality Hosiery

Like anything, the better the quality you buy, the longer your hosiery will last. Tights and pantyhose from the drugstore are made with cheap materials using poor production methods. On the other hand, the European tights from are known for being made with high quality materials and are much more impervious to damage.

2. Choose The Right Size

Tights that are too small are very prone to runs. When purchasing a pair of tights, make sure to always check the size chart. Each manufacturer uses a different sizing model for their tights based on the type of fabric, denier, and overall fit. You can find the sizing on all of our products. Check out the sizing chart of the Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights for an example.

3. Be Careful When Washing Your Tights

Washing your tights incorrectly can damage the fibers and cause piling, snags, and runs. Instead, make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash them. If you don’t still have the manufacturer’s instructions, we have some great articles on how to was your tights on our blog. Following these tips will keep your tights in great shape.

4. Pick The Right Denier For The Occasion

Denier is a measurement of thread thickness. The smaller the denier number the thinner the threads used to make the hosiery and the higher the denier, the thicker the threads. For everyday tights, where you are active, moving, and more prone to damage, choose a denier 30 or higher like the Silhouette SemiSheer Modeling Tights. For special occasions where you are less likely to risk a snag, go ahead and grab a more delicate pair like the Blogger 8 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose that has a denier of 8.

5. Carry Clear Nail Polish

When you wear tights, it’s a good idea to have a plan in case of damage. If caught quickly, you can prevent a small hole from turning into a run. Clear nail is the easiest, most portable way to stop a run. The moment you notice a small snag, pile, or hole, simply apply the clear nail polish to the area. Clear nail polish will stop the run, while also being invisible.

These five tips will keep your hosiery in great condition, free of damage like runs and tears, and lasting a long time. At, we stock only the highest quality tights that are less likely to become damaged, even our smaller denier ultra sheers. We offer a wide variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, so no matter your style, you’ll always look great!

Five Spring Hosiery Trends Fresh Off The 2020 Runway At Affordable Prices

Five Spring Hosiery Trends Fresh Off The 2020 Runway At Affordable Prices

Springtime is almost here and it’s time to update our wardrobes with the latest trends for the season. Unfortunately, most of the hottest looks on the runway cost thousands of dollars. Don’t worry though, has the latest styles you want, at a look that your budget will love.

1. Crochet:

Crochet got a modern update this season with woven ensembles gracing the runways of Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Jil Sander. No longer just for the beach or grandma’s closet, the new crochet looks are fun, sexy, and elegant for work or play. Get the look with Sebilla Fashion Lace Tights With Diamond Crochet Pattern.

2. Highlighter Colors:

That’s right, neon is back and in a big way this season. Fluorescent colors were all over the runways of Balenciaga, Tom Ford, and Courreges. Paired with black, whites, and tans, highlighter green was the most popular punch of color. Grab either Eterno 15 Glossy Pantyhose in Lima or Sevilla Ultra Sheer 3D Pantyhose in Lime for the look.

3. 60s Floral Prints:

Bold 60s prints also made a comeback this season. Gucci, Prada, and Marc Jacobs all had great looks featuring throwbacks to your favorite kitchen wallpaper. This audacious trend is not for the faint hearted, but can really create an eye-catching look. Try Gerica Floral Design Tights for this statement look.

4. Polka Dots:

A more subdued print also made a comeback this season with polka dots. Sacai, Balmain, and Christian Lacroix all had polka dot looks on their runway. The prints were both large and small and in a variety of fun colors. To try this look out for yourself consider the Puntina Polka Dot Pantyhose or the Encore Dot Pattern Sheers. They can be worn with basics or layered with other polka pieces, however you want to express your style!

5. Hot Pants:

Found on the runways of Chanel, Hermes, and Saint Laurent, Daisy Dukes made a comeback in a big way this year. Now hot pants are not necessarily a hosiery trend. However, most women would feel more comfortable pairing this popular trend with a pair of hosiery for a smoother line. For a bare leg look try Capri Trasparenze Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, but for a more colorful option sport Microfiber Sophie 70 Opaque Tights in the any of over a dozen colors.

All of these great styles are available at We have a great selection so you can sport the latest looks that match your personal style. Don’t forget to show us your favorite looks on Twitter by tweeting @hoseiree, we’d love to see them!

Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

When one thinks of hosiery, it’s easy to picture an empowered woman who knows how to rock patterned or sheer hosiery while looking like an ever-classy lady. Some may even picture women from earlier centuries who wear hosiery underneath their long skirts.

Hosiery as a fashion statement has come a long way. It has evolved through many styles and materials. And while we at carry brands that offer only the best quality hosiery, it’s good to look back and see where this fashion statement started.

The Evolution of Hosiery

Hosiery dates back to as far as the 9th century, where the crudest of materials—including gut strands to act as suspenders—were used. This evolved to woven stockings, knitted pairs, and synthetic yarns.

As the material evolved, so did the use of hosiery. Did you know that in the earlier centuries, men also wore hosiery? While it might be a sight to imagine men in tights or lacy hosiery, they actually wore it even before women did! 

Hosiery was even used as a way to distinguish between social classes. This is because the members of the upper class would wear white or colored stockings, while those from the lower class will wear black. Considering the nature of work that the lower-class citizens had to do, this difference in hosiery colors made sense.

From Panti-Legs to Pantyhose

Even the pantyhose has an interesting back story. According to records, Allen E. Gant supposedly first created the pantyhose in 1959 for his wife, Ethel Boone Gant. Ethel was pregnant, and had a hard time going on trips because women were expected to wear thigh-high stockings, girdle, and garter, which did not sit well with pregnancy.

Gant got to work sewing stockings onto panties, which his wife was able to use. Gant took these to a clothing mill and created better prototypes that finally churned out the pantyhose that we know today.

Politics of Pantyhose

There was also a time in hosiery’s history that it became a statement for women. As the fashion industry saw an overall revolution, bare legs also seemed to embody freedom and comfort. Perhaps the issue was more in the expectations from women regarding fashion more than the dislike for pantyhose.

Nowadays, hosiery has become a part of women’s fashion. Some use it as part of their uniforms and outfits for the daily grind. Others wear it as an expression of themselves and their fashion sense. 

The beauty of hosiery is that, despite the fluctuations of use and perspective on these undergarments, it has evolved with the times. Now, it is more common to see colored tights or lacey stockings as part of one’s fashion statement, proof that hosiery is here to stay.

Hosieree carries a number of brands and hosiery styles that you can choose from. Check out the website for more styles, and add some spice and texture to your everyday wardrobe with the right hosiery garment for you.

High Heels With Socks: A Fashion Do!

High Heels With Socks: A Fashion Do!

If you think wearing socks with high heels is a thing of the past or a fashion faux pas, think again. Many of the 2019 Paris runway shoes featured heels with socks. The result is both creative and very sophisticated. Time to say “yes” to this fashion trend that is not only stylish but sensible, as you look on point and have warm feet too.

How To Wear This Year’s Heels and Socks Trend

Socks with heels is all about being seen, being daring and bold. Wear the most exuberant colors and patterns you can find:

●    Extravagant: Stiletto heels with knee highs in wild patterns or stripes like our Gladiolo Fashion Knee Highs.

●    Romantic: Pair Bon Bon- Fashion Socks with Lace Border with more delicate shoes like slingbacks.

●    Daring: Pair of fun heels or sandals with funky psychedelic patterns, vibrant colors, bejeweled like the Velasquez Ankle Socks with Cristal Heart.

The important thing to keep in mind when you are wearing statement socks with heels is keeping your outfit sleek and polished. Keep your look elegant and your socks funky. For example:

●    A short black wool coat, black pencil skirt, with Renita Fashion socks

●    If you are going to wear prints or bright colors in your outfit, keep the socks a solid color with your heels. Marta Microfiber Socks offers a great variety of solid color options.

●    Pair a cute mini with over the knee socks. Jean person? Roll up those hems on your jeans, toss on a pair of Pompea Ruth Fancy Socks with your sandals or oxfords.

Socks And Heels All Year Long

At we offer an array of sock options in fabrics from nylon to angora and colors from basic black to neons, patterns from psychedelic to soft antique roses. So you’ll have many options to pair with your favorite heels. Check out our selection and give this fashion do a try for yourself!

Five Fall 2019 Pantyhose Trends To Keep You Stylishly Warm

Five Fall 2019 Pantyhose Trends To Keep You Stylishly Warm

So far pantyhose has been the most important accessory in 2019. This Fall season the trend continues and we’re seeing a lot of great new looks using some really fun prints and colors. Here are some pieces from you’ll want to grab to stay on trend this season:

1. Monogram Prints: Seen on the runway of nearly every major designer, monograms and logos are big news this year. To get this look we recommend checking out the Assenzio Pantyhose with Floral Design or Gwen Tulle Pantyhose with Floral Design. Monogram tights give you big bang for your buck and will upgrade any outfit from okay to fabulous.

2. Black Sheer: Is there anything sexier than a little black dress paired with some sheer pantyhose like Alani 20 Microfiber Tights by Fiore in Nero? Add a pair of black stilettos and you will be the star of any formal occasion this season. Change it up and be fashion forward by tossing on a pair of denim cutoffs, some  Alfa 15 Bikini Top Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael and your favorite Doc Martens.

3. Opaque White: Yes, in 2019 white is the new black. It is natural to think of dark coats, heavy sweaters paired with black tights to fend off winter cold. Today’s fashion forward women will switch it up with opaque white tights such as Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights in white. Style your white tights with all black, go monochromatic with winter white sweater and skirt. Imagine a chunky sweater with winter shorts and U4689 Opaque Tights in white

4. Bright Colors: Ok, we admit, for some women bright colored tights are a lot. However the Fall 2019 runways were full of tights in every color of the rainbow. There is no reason why your wardrobe cannot be fun and playful. Stars like Selina Gomez in her short black mini with bright red tights like our Microfiber Sophie 70- Opaque Tights in Amerena or, Sarah Jessica Parker, so elegant in her camel colored raincoat and forest green tights like Trasparenze Oleandro Tights in Petrolio.

5. Animal Prints: On of the most popular trends of 2019 continuing into the Fall is animal prints. Leopard prints such as the leopard black and white Lasagna Leopard Opaque Fashion Leggings make a bold on trend statement. The trick in wearing animal patterned tights is not to pair the prints too closely together. Leopard shirt paired with a black skirt and leopard tights will give you a hot look that is also trendy. An animal print that is more sheer  Sitar Animal Patterned Tulle Tights pairs well with anything from a nice sweater dress to that little black dress for a night out on the town.

At, we have all the hottest pantyhose looks to stay on top of any trend. Check out our full inventory to find the perfect complement to your fall looks!

Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black stockings are the most important basic of your wardrobe. They pair with nearly every outfit from a formal gown to a pair of ripped denim shorts. There are so many ways to wear this fashion staple that you should definitely invest in a couple pairs.

Five Reasons To Stock Up On Black Pantyhose

There are a lot of good reasons to stock up on black pantyhose including:

1.   They match nearly everything you already own

2.   You won’t have to shave your legs the day you wear black pantyhose, so they are great for when you are running late and still look elegant

3.   Black pantyhose give the illusion of slimmer legs for those ladies who feel they have thick legs and calves

4.   Black pantyhose will cover leg imperfections such as cellulite, pimpled legs or even varicose veins

5.   They transform your summer outfits into a fall/winter look

Our Favorite Black Pantyhose Options For Your Wardrobe

At, we offer a variety of black pantyhose in different fibers, textures, and thicknesses. To get you started on collecting black tights here are some of our favorites:

●    Alba Chiara 40 Tights: The perfect basic black sheer tights that go with everything. The Alba Chiara has a brief top and reinforced toe so they are comfortable and durable.

●    Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60: A simple pair of black opaque tights that go with everything. They are completely seamless so they’ll lie flat under anything you wear.

●    Thin Up 40 Modeling Pantyhose: If you are looking for a little shaping, the Thin Up Modeling Pantyhose are ideal. They’ll slim you down and go with everything.

●    Sharon 20 Fashion Tights: For those who like to take fashion risks, the Sharon 20 tights are a great option. Black with a funky geometric pattern, they can help you mix it up.

These basics will help you start building your perfect collection of black pantyhose. Once you have these, you can then start playing with different looks like the vintage lace on Claire 40 Fashion Tights or the edgy Fishnet Tights with Leopardo Print.

Quality Is Key

Since black tights are the most function staple of your wardrobe, it is important that you invest in high-quality, European style pantyhose. High quality tights like those offered by won’t rip, get runs, or pile. With basic care, they will last you for years.

All Things 90’s Are New Again And This Includes Knee High Hosiery

 All Things 90’s Are New Again And This Includes Knee High Hosiery

Just in case you haven’t made your way into a department or clothing store recently, all things 90’s are back in fashion in a huge way. The grunge looks, schoolgirl skirts, plenty of flannel, and distressed straight leg jeans are all over runways and main streets all over America, and this bodes well for hosiery. The 90’s saw a ton of great hosiery looks, and one that we’re particularly excited about at is the resurgence of the knee high. Knee high hosiery hasn’t had a day in the trend spotlight for a number of years, and bringing this look back into mainstream trend fashion brings a whole lot of great look possibilities. Continue reading All Things 90’s Are New Again And This Includes Knee High Hosiery

5 Ways To Showcase The Top Trends In 2018 Fall Hosiery

5 Ways To Showcase The Top Trends In 2018 Fall Hosiery

The bare-legged look at its day for about a decade, but hosiery has been slowly creeping into mainstream street fashion and it’s bigger than ever in 2018 for the fall season. 5 ways to showcase the top trends in 2018 fall hosiery are: Continue reading 5 Ways To Showcase The Top Trends In 2018 Fall Hosiery