The Best Skirt For Every Body Type

A fun, flirty, cute skirt is one of the best ways to showcase your hosiery no matter the season. From a pop of color like our Trasparenze Microfiber SOPHIE 70 in more than a dozen fun colors, to a fun pattern like our Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights to a classic like our Bellissima Unico 20 Classic Sheer Tights, the right skirt is going to serve as the perfect frame for your frame and your hose. For many, picking a great skirt can be a little overwhelming with so many options out there, and you’re going to want to pick the most flattering style. A few suggestions for every body type gives you a great place to start. If you’re looking for that perfect skirt, you may want to start with: 

  • Apple shapes – Apple shaped bodies often carry rounder curves around the middle of the body. To elongate the waist and give the legs a proportionate look, opt for a high-waisted skirt that hugs the smallest part of the waist with a hemline that hits just above the knee. 
  • Hourglass shapes – Hourglass shaped bodies typically have slimmer midsections with dramatic curves both above and below the waistline. For this shape, it’s easy to show off your curves with a simple pencil skirt. If you have longer legs, you can go a bit longer with the hemline going just below the knee. For those with shorter legs, finding a hemline just above or just at the knee can work to elongate the leg and provide a taller, slimmer look. 
  • Rectangle shapes – Rectangle shapes have a general straight silhouette from the waist down to the leg. If the wearer wishes to create curves, an A-line skirt makes easy work of building a curved silhouette in a fun and flirty way. For something a little sexier, a form-fitting midi skirt will curve silhouette lines as well. 
  • Pear shapes – Pear shapes have a silhouette with a bottom half that is just a bit wider than the upper half of the body. For these shapes, A-line skirts have a magic way of creating perfect balance. 
  • Inverted triangle shapes – With an inverted triangle shape, the shoulders will be wider than the hips, giving a silhouette like an inverted triangle. For these shapes, flared skirts are perfect. These can be mini, midi, or long, and they provide a ton of fun options for creating a multitude of different looks. 

It’s important to remember that anybody can wear any skirt, and that any skirt can be used to show off your favorite hose. However, having a place to start really gives confidence to those who maybe haven’t brought very many skirts into their wardrobe just yet. If you’ve found the perfect skirt and you’re just looking for the perfect pair of hose to go with it, we have something for everyone when you check out!