Five Ways To Wear Knee High Tights And Not Look Like A Schoolgirl

Five Ways To Wear Knee High Tights And Not Look Like A Schoolgirl

When we think of knee high pantyhose, we often think of schoolgirls running around in their knee-highs and plaid skirts. However, knee highs are not just for kids. In fact, worn correctly they can add elegance to any outfit. Here are five ways to wear knee-high tights as an adult:

1. Monochrome: Pair an opaque pair of black knee highs like the Casual 20 Elegant Knee Highs with your favorite little black dress and black heels. The monochromatic colors will keep the look elegant and on point. However, the little bit of leg between your hemline and thigh highs will add a bit of visual interest.

2. With Boots: Pairing a colorful pair like the Attraction Rete Fishnet Knee Highs under your favorite black boots will add a little color to your fall outfit. This look is great with short dresses and skirts, but can even be worn with shorts

3. Layered: A really elegant look is to layer a pair of opaque knee highs like the Casual 20 Elegant Knee Highs over a pair of sheer black tights like the Ada 15 Slightly Sheen Pantyhose by Fiore. Not only is this a great look that works with nearly any outfit, the layering will also help keep you warm in the cooler months.

4. Print Mix: A fun option is to mix up prints. Take your favorite striped or plaid top, pair it with a basic skirt and add a fun pair of knee highs like Diagonal 70 Fashion Knee-Highs. This bold look is anything but for kids.

5. A Sexy Touch: Fishnets a really sexy look, but can be a lot of look for some women. However, fishnet knee highs like the Rettem Mi Bas Knee are sexy but not over the top. Paired with your favorite skirt, chunky sweater, and booties, you can get just a touch of sexy.

These five looks are anything but for little girls. Check out some of our other knee-highs at and get experimenting to find your own perfect outfit.

Five Fall 2019 Pantyhose Trends To Keep You Stylishly Warm

Five Fall 2019 Pantyhose Trends To Keep You Stylishly Warm

So far pantyhose has been the most important accessory in 2019. This Fall season the trend continues and we’re seeing a lot of great new looks using some really fun prints and colors. Here are some pieces from you’ll want to grab to stay on trend this season:

1. Monogram Prints: Seen on the runway of nearly every major designer, monograms and logos are big news this year. To get this look we recommend checking out the Assenzio Pantyhose with Floral Design or Gwen Tulle Pantyhose with Floral Design. Monogram tights give you big bang for your buck and will upgrade any outfit from okay to fabulous.

2. Black Sheer: Is there anything sexier than a little black dress paired with some sheer pantyhose like Alani 20 Microfiber Tights by Fiore in Nero? Add a pair of black stilettos and you will be the star of any formal occasion this season. Change it up and be fashion forward by tossing on a pair of denim cutoffs, some  Alfa 15 Bikini Top Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael and your favorite Doc Martens.

3. Opaque White: Yes, in 2019 white is the new black. It is natural to think of dark coats, heavy sweaters paired with black tights to fend off winter cold. Today’s fashion forward women will switch it up with opaque white tights such as Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights in white. Style your white tights with all black, go monochromatic with winter white sweater and skirt. Imagine a chunky sweater with winter shorts and U4689 Opaque Tights in white

4. Bright Colors: Ok, we admit, for some women bright colored tights are a lot. However the Fall 2019 runways were full of tights in every color of the rainbow. There is no reason why your wardrobe cannot be fun and playful. Stars like Selina Gomez in her short black mini with bright red tights like our Microfiber Sophie 70- Opaque Tights in Amerena or, Sarah Jessica Parker, so elegant in her camel colored raincoat and forest green tights like Trasparenze Oleandro Tights in Petrolio.

5. Animal Prints: On of the most popular trends of 2019 continuing into the Fall is animal prints. Leopard prints such as the leopard black and white Lasagna Leopard Opaque Fashion Leggings make a bold on trend statement. The trick in wearing animal patterned tights is not to pair the prints too closely together. Leopard shirt paired with a black skirt and leopard tights will give you a hot look that is also trendy. An animal print that is more sheer  Sitar Animal Patterned Tulle Tights pairs well with anything from a nice sweater dress to that little black dress for a night out on the town.

At, we have all the hottest pantyhose looks to stay on top of any trend. Check out our full inventory to find the perfect complement to your fall looks!

Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black stockings are the most important basic of your wardrobe. They pair with nearly every outfit from a formal gown to a pair of ripped denim shorts. There are so many ways to wear this fashion staple that you should definitely invest in a couple pairs.

Five Reasons To Stock Up On Black Pantyhose

There are a lot of good reasons to stock up on black pantyhose including:

1.   They match nearly everything you already own

2.   You won’t have to shave your legs the day you wear black pantyhose, so they are great for when you are running late and still look elegant

3.   Black pantyhose give the illusion of slimmer legs for those ladies who feel they have thick legs and calves

4.   Black pantyhose will cover leg imperfections such as cellulite, pimpled legs or even varicose veins

5.   They transform your summer outfits into a fall/winter look

Our Favorite Black Pantyhose Options For Your Wardrobe

At, we offer a variety of black pantyhose in different fibers, textures, and thicknesses. To get you started on collecting black tights here are some of our favorites:

●    Alba Chiara 40 Tights: The perfect basic black sheer tights that go with everything. The Alba Chiara has a brief top and reinforced toe so they are comfortable and durable.

●    Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60: A simple pair of black opaque tights that go with everything. They are completely seamless so they’ll lie flat under anything you wear.

●    Thin Up 40 Modeling Pantyhose: If you are looking for a little shaping, the Thin Up Modeling Pantyhose are ideal. They’ll slim you down and go with everything.

●    Sharon 20 Fashion Tights: For those who like to take fashion risks, the Sharon 20 tights are a great option. Black with a funky geometric pattern, they can help you mix it up.

These basics will help you start building your perfect collection of black pantyhose. Once you have these, you can then start playing with different looks like the vintage lace on Claire 40 Fashion Tights or the edgy Fishnet Tights with Leopardo Print.

Quality Is Key

Since black tights are the most function staple of your wardrobe, it is important that you invest in high-quality, European style pantyhose. High quality tights like those offered by won’t rip, get runs, or pile. With basic care, they will last you for years.

Sandals and Tights – The Debate

 Sandals and Tights - The Debate

One of the longest standing debates and often something many people just can’t see eye to eye on is whether or not it is okay and fashionable to wear socks with sandals. Well, this debate has now spilled over into the legging and tights world as people have begun wondering if it is fashionably acceptable behavior to wear sandals with their tights.

With the arrival of summer, this is definitely something we need to get to the bottom of as we begin to prepare our summer wardrobes.

The Arrival of Summer

We are aware that people wear hosiery year round and that includes during the summer months as well. Being bare legged isn’t always something people are comfortable with, and for this reason, we are saying that it is okay to wear sandals and tights – as long as you have the right tights.

When you have the right pair of tights in your wardrobe, they can be worn with flat shoes, sandals, high heels, and more. They will still look as good and as stylish as ever. The biggest point to remember is to always wear what you love and what you feel the most comfortable in.

How to Wear Sandals with Tights

When pairing sandals and tights, the biggest piece of advice we have to offer you is to make sure it looks natural and it feels comfortable to wear. When you are comfortable, you are able to exude much more self-confidence and that is what the people around you will be noticing.

Another tip is to look for sheer styles to wear instead of a pair of black opaque tights you may wear at other times of the year. You can also opt for colorful tights instead of the black as well. Great colors for summer include reds, yellows, an emerald green, pink, and all of the brightest colors you can think of.

Pastel colors are of course also a good style choice, so shades of mint, peach, light blues, and pale pinks are also on trend for summer.

Toeless Hosiery – Yes or No?

It isn’t necessarily better to wear toeless hosiery with sandals, but this choice really just comes down to the kind of sandals you will be wearing. Toeless tights are better for slides and sandals that have a thicker strap over the toes. So, before you panic and become unsure of your summer wardrobe, consider how versatile a good, high-quality pair of colorful tights can be. Visit today to start shopping for your new summer options.

Matte vs. Glossy Tights for Summer

More and more women prefer to wear sheer hosiery during the summer months; however, there is only a small percentage of these women that choose glossy tights over matte. Trends and times are changing though as more people are turning to glossy tights for the summer as well as all the other seasons. Since they are still on trend, we thought we would fill you in on the differences between wearing matte versus glossy tights for the summer.

Glossy vs. Ultra-Glossy

Yes, that’s right. There are two levels of glossy we have to include as we figure out what is best for summer. Ultra-gloss tights tend to be on the thinner side and are often much thinner than traditional denier tights. Glossy tights are also more lightweight and can keep your legs much cooler during the warmer weather.

For summer, we suggest hosiery that falls under the 15 denier level. Ultra-sheer hosiery is also good if you are looking for more of a barely there style. Overall, it is really up to your own personal tastes and style to determine where you stand on the glossy versus ultra-glossy spectrum.

The Allure of Matte Tights

The question to go bare legged or not as well as the sandals with tights questions are sparking a lot of debate in the fashion world. And so is the glossy and shiny tights versus matte debate. If you want more coverage for your legs and you want to hide any imperfections you may have, then matte tights may be the best choice. They also provide you with a much smoother and more natural look than glossy tights.

Is There an In Between?

If you are one who can’t decide, then satin may be the in-between style you are looking for. They are neither matte nor gloss and instead fall somewhere in the middle. It can also be worn stylishly for both a day and evening look and will complement any outfit.

Which Do You Prefer?

So, which do you prefer? When deciding which tights to wear, you should also consider your outfit. You don’t want to pair matte tights with a glossy or shiny dress. Every piece of your outfit needs to complement each other for an amazing look.

You can find a great selection of high-quality sheer, glossy, or matte hosiery on today so you can start building up the summer wardrobe of your dreams.

3 Spring and Summer Leg Trends for 2019

3 Spring and Summer Leg Trends for 2019

Looking for the latest trends to dress your legs for spring and summer? Then you have come to the right place. With new seasons come new opportunities to show off that beautiful hosiery you have been adding to your wardrobe. We are here today to fill you in on the latest spring and summer leg trends for 2019, so you can start pulling out those new clothes for this season and accessorize appropriately.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are here to stay. Spring is always a great time of the year to rock floral prints and patterns, and this year is no exception. You can go for a more subtle floral look with lace hosiery. This kind of hosiery also pairs well with a variety of different textures. The most popular lace color in floral for this year is white.

Crochet tights are also just as popular; however, they are much thicker than lace so you may want to avoid this material on those much warmer days.

Colored Tight Trends for 2019

Color coordinated looks are also trending this season and matching each piece is becoming the fashionable thing to do. Some of the more popular color choices this year include all shades of nudes including pale pinks and peaches, white, colorful shades like yellow, emerald green, ruby red, fuchsia, and orange, and the bold colors in the neon spectrum.

Knee Highs are Making a Comeback

We are also seeing a reoccurrence of knee highs this season as well. They were spotted on the Marc Jacobs catwalk recently and are now being paired with cycling shorts, pleated skirts, and short dresses.

Other styles that may be creeping in for the spring and summer season include the wet look hold ups, denim, and latex that have been inspired by the looks from the 80s. As usual, we also see fishnets, graphic prints, and fun patterns like diamonds and stripes.

Dare to Be Creative

Now is as good a time as any to get bold and be creative with your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to show your wild side with the bright neon colors collection or show your tame side with the pale pink tights paired with a cute pair of shorts and sandals. No matter what you choose, the biggest piece of advice we have to offer is to make sure you are comfortable and confident wearing whatever you choose to express yourself. Ready to jump in and make those bold selections? Visit today to see the latest styles and brands we love.

3 Reasons to Avoid Going Bare This Summer

3 Reasons to Avoid Going Bare This Summer

Now that summer is here, you may be wondering if it is time to ditch your tights and leggings and prepare for the warmer weather. While this may seem like something to do, not everyone feels as if it can be done. Going bare legged for some is just not an option.

Maybe they don’t have perfect legs or the professionally done pedicure as the next person does, or maybe they have their own more personal reasons for not going bare legged.

We are here today to give you 3 reasons you can and should avoid going bare legged this summer.

Makeup for Your Legs

If you want to cover any imperfections on your legs, then it is certainly okay to look at sheer tights as a kind of makeup for your legs. Sheer tights are thin, they can keep you cool, and can give you a slight tan. They can successfully hide any hair, spots, or scars. Another big plus? If you didn’t have time to shave your legs that morning, no problem.

Haven’t had time to tan your legs since the end of winter? Also, not a problem. Ultra-sheer hosiery will soon become a staple in your summer wardrobe. They can even be worn with open toe sandals.

Prevent Leg Chafing

Chafing is something many of us have to worry about during those warmer summer months; however, wearing hosiery is one of the best things you can do to avoid this painful occurrence. If you don’t like the feeling of sticking to your car seats or chairs during the hot and sticky summer months either, then hosiery can help prevent this as well.

Tights are Still on Trend

Another big reason to not cover your legs this summer is because tights are still on trend! Sheer tights are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are getting more creative with designs, patterns, colors, and styles. You don’t have to settle for the plain and ordinary hosiery anymore.

Instead, you should be reaching for the bright and colorful hosiery, the polka dots, and even diamond patterns. Then, of course, you have the classic lace and fishnets as well.

So, before you feel that you have to go bare legged all summer, check out today for the latest in brands and styles and rock that summer tights look.

Surprise! A Past Hosiery Trend We Didn’t Expect

Surprise! A Past Hosiery Trend We Didn't Expect

Trends come and go and tend to dissipate almost as quickly as they appear. However, there are still a few trends that fall into our laps and actually surprise us. With each season, we see that certain pieces of our wardrobe need to be swapped out from our everyday wear. Winter was no exception. But did you notice anything about this past season that surprised you?

White Tight Bandwagon

White tights made a big appearance this year and stood strong alongside the cowboy boot trend. White tights are very reminiscent of the sixties and the icons of those days including Twiggy and Penelope Tree. It is an almost vintage accessory choice that made a comeback but came back a bit more modern.

Choosing white tights was a good way to begin the foundation of your ensemble. They are the first bold look to incorporate and offer an almost blank canvas so you can personalize your style while staying with the current white tight trend.

Too Risky?

Are pure white tights too risky for you? The good news is that opaque white tights are also popular and they also come in a variety of different patterns, so they are really great to have for any season because they are so versatile and adaptable. Going into spring and the warmer months, you can also use them under a cute pair of tailored shorts, and strappy sandals are the perfect complement.

Need Some Color?

If you want a little more reach than just white, then pastel tights are also in and can be paired with sneakers for a sweet look. Still have those cowboy boots we talked about earlier? Well, pull them out and match them up with your tights for a playful outfit for a fun night out.

White is also a great base for other colors because it really is a blank canvas. You get a cleaner and more dramatic look when pairing your white tights with brighter colors like yellow and reds. You just can’t achieve that same effect when you pair these colors with your black tights.

Not sure which pair to buy? Start off with some pastels, grab your strappy sandals, and see how you feel. Ready for this new bold look? At, we have everything you need to begin building up your hosiery collection. Don’t be shy! Come take a look and see what we have to offer!

From simple white tights to bright neon and even fishnets, you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your style and personality.

Spring and Summer Hosiery Trends for 2019

Spring and Summer Hosiery Trends for 2019

With spring here and summer right around the corner, it is time to start rethinking our current wardrobe and pull out pieces that will work well during the warmer months of the year. It may even be time to ditch the old and worn out stuff and visit for some hosiery you will fall in love with.

The following are some of the biggest and hottest trends we are seeing in the fashion world for spring and summer 2019:

Floral is Stronger Than Ever

Highly inspired by the 1970s, floral prints and patterns are hot and perfect for spring. Lace hosiery with a floral pattern can be seen in stockings and knee highs and come in an abundance of different textures and patterns.

For a more folk-inspired look this season, you can add your hosiery with other accessories like macramé styles, feathers, and even fringe. The hosiery will be what grounds the look while adding a slight touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Top Color Trends

Color is always a thing, so why would that change now? Back in the day, it was important to match your bag to what you were wearing; however, this year, the experts think that every item you wear needs to match.

White is a popular color option and is becoming much more than just a bridal trend. Need something with more dramatic flair? Neon colors are also popular along with shades of yellow, emerald green, orange, and fuchsia.

White is also being considered the new black in the fashion world, and white tights and hosiery can be paired with light pastels for a brilliantly inspired spring look.

Bringing Back Knee Highs

Knee highs are also back and better than ever. They look great paired with a cute pair of shorts or even knee-length skirts and dresses. Many are opting for the plain and sheer variety this year.

In addition to knee highs, thigh highs are also making an appearance, and with the warmer weather upon us, they make a great alternative to tights. It is also a great way to add some sex-appeal to any outfit.

Ready to try out some of these hot hosiery trends of 2019 yourself? Visit us at today to fill your cart with new styles and colors to rock for spring and summer.

Pantyhose, Hosiery, and Tights Which Is it?

Pantyhose, Hosiery, and Tights  Which Is it?

While pantyhose and hosiery absolutely sound very similar, they are actually different leg garments. These garments are used to cover our waists down to our feet. They typically cover the lower parts of our body, including the thighs and legs and are often worn because they are stretchable, comfortable, and very form fitting and flattering.

The biggest similarity between the two would have to be the use of them. They are both used to provide coverage and enhance our outfit. They can also help to cover any skin imperfections we don’t want the world seeing like blemishes, scars, and hair. Pantyhose can also be worn under fitted dresses to help hide any panty lines there may be.

The Difference Between Pantyhose and Tights

Pantyhose often refers to sheer garments that are worn as a type of hosiery. They came about following the creation of stockings and provider a much thinner and sheerer material to wear when compared to the thicker and more opaque material used in stockings.

Pantyhose is a term widely used in the United States and not something that you will readily find with the British and other Europeans. They don’t have pantyhose and instead use the term tights, which refers to the same concept as pantyhose in America. Tights in this way encompass both thin and thick material for legwear.

The Nature of the Garment

Another difference is the nature of the garment. Pantyhose is usually considered something that is worn as an undergarment or underwear, which means that it shouldn’t be worn on its own but rather as a garment to supplement an outfit. Tights, however, can be worn on their own as legwear similar to the way you would wear any other type of pants.

Pantyhose is sheer and can be almost see through and depending on the color, can also reveal a bit more of your skin. The leg portion of pantyhose is made to be sheer and thin while the part you wear around your waist is a bit thicker and often made from another material like cotton. Tights have a similar consistency and thickness to a different type of fabric.

Tights have been an icon in fashion for many, many years and were even reported as being worn far earlier than pantyhose which was only introduced around the late 1950s. Tights are comfortable, form-fitting, thicker than pantyhose and are often used while exercising or participating in other similar activities. They are also stretchable and allow for better body movement.

Looking for some new hosiery to include in your wardrobe? Visit us at and browse the plethora of options available to you for tights, pantyhose and so much more.

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