How to Put on Tights While Avoiding Ladders

How to Put on Tights While Avoiding Ladders

If you wear tights often, then you are already well aware of this fear—you are pulling your tights up only to notice a ladder. A ladder is a run in the tights or a long hole often appearing when you pull them up. To avoid this, follow these easy tips. 

1. Avoid putting on jewelry and accessories until after you have put on your tights. Never pull up tights while wearing jewelry, including bracelets, watches, rings, and long necklaces. These can easily get caught up in your tights as you pull them on, causing a ladder. 

2. Clip your nails. Before wearing tights, make sure your fingernails and toenails are clipped to an appropriate length, so they don’t pose a risk to your tights. 

3. When you start pulling the tights up, roll one leg to the toe part and then gently slide your foot into the rolled-up leg. You can then carefully pull the tights up over the heel. Repeat these steps for your other foot. Slowly pull the tights up and over your knees.

4. You can continue slowly pulling them up until they are over your hips and waist. Take great care when doing this. If you go too fast, you risk a ladder and other damage and will have to find a new pair of tights and start the process over.

Would a Higher Denier Help?

Yes! A higher denier means thicker tights. Tights with a lower denier are much more likely to tear and rip faster. If you want to wear tights with a lower denier, go for a bigger size, so you don’t overstretch the fabric and risk any runs or ladders.

Is There a Best Way to Store Tights?

When storing your tights, you should roll them up or fold them neatly before placing them into your drawer. Storing them separately is another good way to prevent ladders. You also want to ensure all your tights are stored separately from your bras and other undergarments to avoid damage. The tights can easily get hooked onto a bra. 

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Little Black Tights: The Staple of Any Wardrobe

We have all heard of the little black dress, right? Well, we mustn’t forget little black tights! We all have a few items we consider staples in our wardrobe, so why not have the perfect pair of black tights to go along with your other essentials? 

Black tights keep the legs looking great, hide any imperfections we may have and are incredibly versatile.

Tips for Wearing Black Tights

Opaque black tights are a staple for any winter wardrobe. They provide warmth without adding additional bulky layers and enhance your look, especially when paired with tall boots or a sexy pair of heels. 

Higher Denier for Warmth

When choosing black tights, some find it best to go for thicker material. Thinner tights might draw attention to areas you would rather cover up on your legs. Darker and thicker tights tend to be more slimming and look a lot sleeker. Tights with a denier of 60 or higher are ideal for cold weather. 

Gabriella Cloe Tights are a great winter tight option. They have a geometric pattern running from the knees to the toes, adding extra style. They are a plain deep black that contrasts well with the pattern. 

Two-Out-of-Three Rule

You also want to ensure your tights look classic rather than frumpy. So, many people advise that you match the color of your tights to the color of your shoes or the color of your dress or skirt. This two-out-of-three rule is a good place to start as you style your outfit. 

For a Legs for Days Look

If you want what is known as a “legs for days” look, then consider adding a pair of sheer black tights to your wardrobe. They pair well with short dresses and stilettos and give your legs the appearance of more length. 

Hannah Tulle Tights by Trasparanze is a great option for this. They are sheer with a classic tulle effect. They have a very subtle fishnet-like appearance and offer a chic and elegant look that remains timeless.

Start Building Your Wardrobe Today

In addition to the options we have offered, head over to for more stylish black tights you can add to your wardrobe. You will find exactly what you need, from sheer options to thicker tights with a higher denier for fall and winter. There is a pair of black tights for every occasion and every season waiting for you.

5 Reasons Tights Are Essential for Any Wardrobe

Women’s tights didn’t always have the stellar reputation they have now. Many people even found the tight buying process grueling and seldom looked forward to it. This is because the tights were typically more of an afterthought rather than the staple of any wardrobe or the star of any outfit. 

Well, things have changed. Here are 5 reasons tights are now an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.

1. Tights Provide Leg Protection

One of the biggest benefits to be had from tights is the fact that they protect your legs. They are a second skin for anyone wearing them, which is great for colder months during the year when you want extra warmth without the bulky layers. The tights shield from cold weather and rain. 

2. Tights Are Comfortable

High-quality tights that are well-fitting are also extremely comfortable to wear. They are not as restrictive as other legwear options and will not cut off circulation. A quality pair of tights will fit snugly and allow you to move freely without discomfort.

3. Tights Are Complementary

Tights are complementary to many other wardrobe pieces you own. They can add some flair to an otherwise basic outfit. Fishnets, for example, look great with a pair of distressed jeans, and opaque tights can be paired with a semi-formal dress. 

With so many style and color options available, you can find something to bring out the personality in each outfit. A good pair of boldly patterned tights would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Tights Are Fun to Style

And that brings us to our next point: tights are fun to style! While a simple addition to the outfit, tights are fun to mix and match. You can pair bold patterns with different colors and see how much of a difference a pair of tights can make to your outfit overall.

5. Tights Can Be Dressed Up

Tights can be dressed up when needed as well. They are a versatile wardrobe staple that is wearable for various occasions; whether it is with a skirt, dress, or a pair of shorts, you can dress them up or down as needed. 

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Fall Into the World of Fashion Socks This Season

We all have our favorite hosiery items in our wardrobe and use them almost daily. But have any of us actually stopped to consider how we can switch things up every once in a while? Maybe put away our pantyhose for the day and rock some fashion socks?

Fall into the world of fashion socks with us and see how you can style them to showcase your personality and unique style.

Fashion SocksThe New Fashion Statement?

Some you talk to might tell you that novelty socks are out. However, you also might have noticed that socks just aren’t what they used to be. 

Back in the day, socks were viewed as a garment only meant to cover the feet. You might have found some in black and white, and some might have even been ankle height. They were just an outfit afterthought. Not something that you would spend time considering when putting an outfit together. 

Well, times have changed. Socks are just as important now as the shoes you wear and the accessories you rock. They are the highlight of many outfits today and deserve our recognition. 

What Fashion Socks Should I Wear?

This is a great question! There are many different types and styles of fashion socks you can choose from today. You are no longer limited to cotton varieties. Now you can find something to fit every style and personality.

For more of a rocker look, we recommend Jucy fashion socks. They go great with a short-legged pair of jeans, or you can pair them with classic shoes for the office. 

Want something a bit more daring for a night out? Fiore Renita fashion socks are fashionable and patterned fishnets. They are soft and comfortable and will make a bold touch to any outfit. 

Craving the comfort of cotton? Pompea Mandy Fancy cotton socks come in a pack of three and are a comfortable option for everyday wear or lounging around the house. 

Finally, if you want something more elegant with beautiful detailing, we recommend Silca Calzino socks. They are 20 denier, extra sheer, and have floral accents on the elastic band. They provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

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Why Your Legs Will Fall in Love With Denier

If you have fallen into the world of hosiery, then you have undoubtedly heard of denier. It is an important measurement when it comes to your legwear. Denier is the weight of the fabric in the tights, socks, and hosiery you purchase. It can also be said that the denier is the thickness of the tights. However, weight and thickness are not always the same.

Understanding Denier

Many equate denier with thickness because a higher denier typically means the fabric will be thicker. However, this isn’t always going to be the case. So, don’t always assume that it will be a dense fabric just because it is thick and a higher denier. 

What Is Opaque?

When we talk about opaque, we refer to higher denier hosiery. This hosiery uses thicker fabrics and are over 40 denier in many cases. This denier is perfect for winter and cooler weather, as it can keep your legs toasty and warm. 

Semi-opaque, on the other hand, is sheerer and usually around 30 denier. They are so light you can sometimes see some skin through this hosiery. These are often worn during mild weather, where you don’t have to bundle up to stay warm. 

Sheer and Ultra Sheer

Sheer pantyhose and tights have a much lower denier and are lighter fabrics. They fall between 5 and 40 denier. Sheer stockings and tights are perfect for warmer weather, like during the spring and summer seasons. This denier also has more color options compared to thicker denier because sheer hosiery stands up to color very well.

Ultra sheer is any hosiery with a denier of 10 or less. These hosiery items may be harder to find. Some describe ultra sheer tights as almost invisible but still do a good job covering the legs, in case there are small imperfections you want to hide, like a mole or birthmark.

Is a Higher Denier Fabric More Durable?

This isn’t necessarily true. You don’t have to have thick hosiery when looking for something durable. However, the differences in the denier are pretty obvious, and those with natural fibers may have more stretch than others, making them more durable. 

Even so, it is safe to say that if you choose a higher denier, then it makes sense you will have a bit more in the way of durability compared to a much lower denier like you would find in ultra sheer tights, which are more susceptible to snags and tears throughout the day.

No matter what hosiery you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting the best if you choose from a high-quality brand like those you will find on

Do’s And Don’ts Of Putting On Pantyhose

Do’s And Don’ts Of Putting On Pantyhose

Don’t you hate when a new pair of pantyhose ladders after the first wear? Or does it seem to loosen up after just a few wears? While pantyhose is indeed not indestructible, with proper care, it can last you months. 

Do’s Of Putting Your Pantyhose On

Order The Right Size

While pantyhose is stretchable, it’s best to find one that fits you well. Getting the right size for your body will not only make sure that the pantyhose fits correctly and comfortably but also allow it to last longer. 

Our collections are available in sizes from XS to XXL to accommodate diverse sizes accordingly.

Trim Fingernails And Toenails

The major cause of premature laddering on pantyhose is sharp fingernails toenails. Nails and hard skin may get caught on the pantyhose while you put them on. Your toenails will also likely poke through the pantyhose while you wear it. So, it’s best to keep your fingernails and toenails short and well-groomed.

In addition to trimming your nails, it’s also good practice to use a lotion or balm to prevent the skin in these areas from becoming stiff and forming hangnails.

Wash And Store Your Tights Properly

Apart from being gentle when you take them out of the packaging, you should also be careful when you remove, wash, and store them. It’s best to handwash your pantyhose to preserve its color and elasticity. Wash it with lukewarm water and a mild detergent, gently scrubbing only the areas that are most prone to bacteria (e.g., soles and crotch). 

If you must use a washing machine, keep the pantyhose in a separate mesh bag and wash with your delicates.

Don’ts Of Putting Your Pantyhose On

Buy Cheap Ones

Cheap pantyhose are bound to tear up easily. Instead buy high-quality ones that are made specially to withstand regular wear longer. If you can, look for ones that are ladder resistant.

Tug On The Pantyhose

Be gentle when you handle your pantyhose. Don’t stretch it unnecessarily hard, especially when you’re putting it on. Slowly pull the pantyhose up each leg to avoid overstretching or laddering. Don’t wear them like you wear your socks because they are not the same.

Force Them To Last Forever

No article of clothing lasts forever, especially pantyhose. Do your best to take care of them to make them last but once you see signs of laddering, accept that it’s simply time to buy a new pair.

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How To Wear Tights, For Men

How To Wear Tights, For Men

Hosiery is typically relegated to women’s fashion. Tights have been a staple fashion accessory in the last century, and is still loved by women until today. However, this practical and fashionable accessory should not just be for women. Men, too, can benefit from wearing tights.

What’s Preventing Men From Wearing Tights?

Back in the 16th to 18th century, men, especially of nobility, wore tights on a regular basis. Hosiery were a standard part of their wardrobe to show off their legs, which were seen as a sign of pride and success. 

In the present day, tights for men are rare but not completely obsolete. Depending on their sport, men may wear leggings or tights. Sports like wrestling, gymnastics, and cycling typically feature men in tights and often with thick padding to protect the crotch area. Of course, ballet dancers famously wear tights.

However, it is almost unthinkable for men to wear tights outside of these contexts, especially outdoors. This could be attributed to the shift in men’s clothing which now favors looser fits. Tights, with their form-fitting nature, thus, became uncomfortable. 

Nowadays, however, tights for men are slowly becoming common again. And why not? Tights are comfortable, breathable, flexible, and can be warm (with the right materials). 

How Men Can Wear Tights

The easiest way to wear tights is for sports. You’ll find a lot of tights or leggings not just for wrestling and cycling but also lighter ones for yoga, running, hiking, rock climbing, and many more. If you are to be more observant, you’ll probably find that more men wear leggings for sports because they allow a wider range of movement. 

If you’re not yet comfortable with wearing only a pair of tights while you play or workout, you can always layer tights with a pair of shorts, then work your way up with just a loose or long top. This way you can still get the benefits of tights—warmth, compression, etc.—while still covering up your genital area.

It doesn’t stop there! Men can also wear tights fashionably just like women do. For starters, men can take advantage of the warming abilities of tights by wearing them under their pants during the winter season. 

For those who are more daring, you can treat tights like skinny jeans—wear them with a long top or jacket. After all, sports-luxe style is a major trend this year. 

For the experimental ones, you can dip your toes into androgynous fashion and wear tights under a loose skirt. This can be a starting off point for those who want to wear skirts or dresses but are uncomfortable. You can bend gender norms while staying warm and comfortable with a pair of tights!

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Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

As temperatures start to drop, people start to bundle up. They prioritize being warm with puffy coats, wooly sweaters, thick pants, and boots over being fashionable or stylish. But if you care about how you look even when it’s colder outside, you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic. You can definitely wear a statement dress and stay warm with one simple accessory: hosiery.

Staying Fashionably Warm

The TrendSpotter reports that, among many things, sheer fabric and low rise miniskirts are one of the trends to look forward to this fall and winter 2022. The cold weather and these types of clothing do not seem to make sense, but how do the fashionable gals make it work? 

You got it, hosiery. 

They are a classic wardrobe staple that we believe will never quite go out of style. If you wore them as a child or teen to keep you warm in school during the colder months, then you already know how well a good pair of tights can keep your legs warm. You can wear the shortest skirts and still feel warm as if you were wearing a pair of pants. 

Some people even double-up on the hosiery to keep warmer. You can wear two pairs of tights—try nude tights designed to keep you warm under black sheer tights—or a pair of leggings under your tights. You could also wear all nude hosiery to make it look like you’re wearing only a skirt. 

But, of course, fall/winter 2022 is not about plain looks. It’s all about bold statements and colors. You can do that with tights, too! Statement tights, in particular are also expected to be a major trend. Our hosiery comes in so many colors, prints, and styles that can complement any trend you choose this season.

Best Hosiery For Warmth

Our Transparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Tights comes in nine colors that you can use for a bright-colored outfit. You could achieve the metallic look with a simple pair of tights with a metallic effect. There are so many options and endless combinations to last you a season over. 

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 Fall Fashion Is Incomplete Without Tights

Fall Fashion Is Incomplete Without Tights

It’s fall! It’s time to get cozy and embrace the sweater weather. With today’s diverse, edgy fashion, it’s interesting what new fashion trends will find into every man and woman’s fall closet. But fall is never complete without the classic tights. Tights are classic staple in every closet. It’s versatile—can make an outfit classic and sophisticated or fun and eccentric. Here are some fall tights trends for 2022:


For this season, go-to look for it girls is metallic fashion. Who doesn’t love a shimmery, shiny piece of clothing? Metallic fashion is bold and attention-grabbing. Our Cecilia De Rafael Viena Fashion Lurex tights can be a great complement to metallic fashion pieces or can be the subtle metallic element to your everyday wardrobe.

Fishnets And Platforms

Platform shoes are everywhere, and they are often paired with cute socks or a nice pair of tights. Fishnet tights are a great way to add texture to any outfit—let them peek out between your boots and skirt, for example. 

Moto Style

The moto style made a surprising return as AW22 runways were filled with black leather pieces. Think leather jackets, leather dresses, and leather miniskirts. These leather elements will be nicely complemented with a pair of tights


Sexy, textured lingerie details are another hot trend this fall. If you’re not up for corsets or lace during cooler weather, tights may be the solution to your fashion dilemma. For decades, tights have been a partner to lingerie, so you can definitely wear tights or lingerie-inspired tights. 

Bold Colors

Go against the gloomy weather of the fall with bright colors. This trend is all about vibrant, stand-out key pieces or entire ensembles that would catch the eye of anyone within a mile. Some like to wear just one stand-out piece like a bright-colored blazer or a bright pair of leggings or stockings, while others prefer to wear three to four different colors in one outfit. A pair of semi-opaque tights in bright colors will certainly have room for such a look.

Statement Dresses

This season is not for the faint-hearted. Another standout trend is statement dresses—metallic dresses, embellished dresses, sheer dresses, and so on. You can take it up a notch by adding floral tights or polka thigh highs to your outfit. These will not only boost the look but also protect you from the weather.

Tights never quite go out of style. They are a fashion staple for a reason—they go with arguably everything. For more ideas on how to wear your tights, visit us at

How to Wear Black Opaque Tights the Right Way

If you love all things fashion, you probably already have a pair or two of opaque black tights in your wardrobe. They are a versatile, classic, and sleek staple every woman should have available because they pair nicely with various outfits for work and play.

However, since black opaque tights are so versatile, you might sometimes find it difficult to style them the right way. Here are our expert tips on how to wear black opaque tights the right way. 

1. Pair Black Opaque Tights With Any Ensemble

Yes, you read that right. You can pair your new black opaque tights with virtually any ensemble. They work well for a feminine and sophisticated look but are versatile enough to pull off a colorful, fun, and vibrant look as well. 

2. Create a Bold Outfit

If you have a bold dress with a vibrant print or a favorite blouse that is brightly colored, your opaque black tights will pair perfectly. Black also makes you appear longer and leaner, which is always a plus! 

When pairing the black tights with a bold and vibrant print, you dial up the subtlety of the basic tights without going overboard. This look can be sophisticated, fun, and striking and works in even more conservative settings like the workplace.

3. Tone Down an Outfit

Black opaque tights can also achieve the opposite. If you have a bold outfit or statement shoe you want to dress down a bit, then black opaque tights are a great option. They keep the overall look from being too messy or busy. 

4. Wear Under Ripped Jeans

If you have a favorite pair of ripped jeans but avoid wearing them during winter because you will get too cold, consider wearing your tights underneath the jeans. Tights make a great and way more stylish alternative to long underwear during the winter, and you can continue to showcase your grunge and alternative aesthetic year-round.

5. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Black opaque tights are great when you are in a rush to create the perfect ensemble for the day. Grab your tights, a red blouse, and gold jewelry for an ensemble sure to turn heads. It is a great look for a casual day out, the office, a night out, or a more formal affair. 

As you can see, there are many ways you can use black opaque tights in your wardrobe. Ready to stock up? Visit us at and browse our high-quality selection of hosiery to update or upgrade your wardrobe for every season. 

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