What Not To Do When Caring For Your Hosiery

What Not To Do When Caring For Your Hosiery It’s just as important to know what not to do when caring for your hosiery as it is knowing what to do, and we at Hosieree.com want to make sure that what you invest in high quality hose comes back to work for you. Whether you’re going for statement, like our Girardi Cest Chic Tights or something a bit more classic like a pair of Leg Control 40 Tights, following these few simple rules can make sure you’re caring for your hosiery in the best possible way: Continue reading What Not To Do When Caring For Your Hosiery

You Don’t Always Have To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

You Don’t Always Have To Hand Wash Your HosieryWhether you wear something like our Amore 20 Pantyhose to the office every day, or you’re more of a Girardi Cest Chic Tights for a night out type of girl, washing your hosiery is often seen as quite a drag. When you invest in good quality European hosiery like we offer at Hosieree.com, you’ll of course want to wash and wear your hose in a way that prolongs their life, and many think that this means meticulously and carefully handwashing hose after each and every wear. We at Hosieree.com want you to not only look great in your hosiery, but enjoy it, and we have a few tips that can help you to save plenty of time taking care of your hose. Continue reading You Don’t Always Have To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

Black Tights Are Your Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Black Tights Are Your Ultimate Wardrobe Staple The world of hosiery is vast, and we at Hosieree.com know how overwhelming it can be for people who are new to hosiery to know what they should try, what makes a good investment piece, and how to play with different statement hosiery pieces in order to bring a little personality to your outfit. If there is one single type of hosiery we would recommend, however, for any person just getting their feet wet in the wide world of hosiery it would absolutely be black tights. Black tights are a must in the fall and winter months, they go with just about anything, they can be taken anywhere, and they can teach you all you need to know about accessorizing with or basing your whole outfit around a great pair of hose. Continue reading Black Tights Are Your Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Hosiery In The Heat

Hosiery In The Heat  It’s always going to depend on where you live but you can be sure there are going to be some days in the near future with some hot weather. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Hosiery can still be an imperative part of your wardrobe and we want you to be prepared to deal with the heat. Obviously the thick knit tights you bought to go with that cute skirt in the winter will end up drenched in sweat, so we should go over the options that will allow you the fashionable integrity of hosiery without the added heat. Continue reading Hosiery In The Heat

3 Benefits Of Pantyhose

3 Benefits Of Pantyhose  They may seem like old hat to some of us and a little fashion backwards but for the real fashionistas we know pantyhose are an essential. Not only do they have a professional power and charm about them to pull in an outfit but they have a myriad of other benefits that make your legs look amazing. So many varieties at hosieree.com will do wonders for your wardrobe and your legs. These are just a few reasons pantyhose are a must have. Continue reading 3 Benefits Of Pantyhose

Is High End Hosiery Worth It?

Is High End Hosiery Worth It? Maybe you are having trouble getting over your mother buying pantyhose in the drug store and trying to decide why it is worth it to do the research and maybe spend the money on better pantyhose, tights or stockings. We are here to inform you that it is absolutely worth it but some of the concerns you have about it may not bother you as much as you think. Continue reading Is High End Hosiery Worth It?

The Perfect Hosiery For Your Spring Dresses

The Perfect Hosiery For Your Spring Dresses It’s here! Finally, it’s springtime again and we can move away from the sweaters and shift back to the cute flirty dresses you have been waiting wear. This is the perfect opportunity to spice up your favorites from a couple springs ago with some cute new tight trends. Others of us see the word Spring and realize that might not mean it’s actually warm enough to get those bare legs out. So it can be a practical fashion item as well. There are some important things to remember when putting tights under your dress. Continue reading The Perfect Hosiery For Your Spring Dresses

Sparkle Tights! Why They Work And How To Work Them

Animal Print Patterns On Hosiery, 3 It Works Women’s tights have become a wardrobe staple. The versatility, the style, the way they can pull an outfit together. The popularity of any style item will bring some varying trends and new ideas to the styles. This will help to explain how sparkle tights have become the new trend. They are cute but fun, professional yet subtly flirtatious. They are perfect for that office outfit that you have gotten so tired of wearing with no punch to it. Add some sparkley tights, but be ready to work them appropriately. Continue reading Sparkle Tights! Why They Work And How To Work Them

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