How To Get Your Best Bra Fit Ever

Shopping for a bra is both fun and easy, said no woman on the planet ever. Finding a bra that fits you perfectly is like finding a needle in a haystack, but not quite as easy. Many women settle for whatever they find that gives them a bit of support, and then rip it off the minute they get home. The problem is, most women have no idea how to find a bra that gives them the fit and support they need.

Measure It Up

The best way to ensure that you get a superior fit every time is to take a moment and measure yourself for fit. Put on your best fitting bra, grab a flexible measuring tape, and get ready.

Measure your band size. Do this by measuring completely around your ribcage directly under your bust. Round to the nearest whole number. If that number is even, add four inches. If that number is odd, add five inches. For example, if you measure at 32 inches, your band size would be 36. If you measure at 33 inches, your band size would be a 38.

Measure your bust size. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast, keeping the tape level on your body. Round up to the nearest whole number.

Now, subtract your band size from your bust size to determine the difference in inches. For example, if your band size is 37 inches, and your cup size is 34 inches, the difference is 3 inches.

Refer to this standard chart for fit:

If the difference in inches is: 0 = your cup size is AA
If the difference in inches is: 1 = your cup size is A
If the difference in inches is: 2 = your cup size is B
If the difference in inches is: 3 = your cup size is C
If the difference in inches is: 4 = your cup size is D
If the difference in inches is: 5 = your cup size is DD
If the difference in inches is: 6 = your cup size is DDD, F
If the difference in inches is: 7 = your cup size is G

Simple Fitting Tips To Keep In Mind

Sizes can vary across brands, so try on bras that are close to your size. The rule of thumb says that if you go up in band size, go down in cup size and vice versa. For example, if you are a 34B, try a 36A, or a 32C.

You should choose bras that are of good quality to get the look and feel you like. At, you’ll find bras that are both sexy and supportive. The Addiction Full Cup bra is sheer and sexy, while the Liv Push Up Bra enhances your curves. Don’t suffer through another shopping trip, buy your best bra here.

Here’s What You Should Be Wearing To Bed

Here’s What You Should Be Wearing To Bed

Everyone has had a pair of pajamas at some point in their lives. Maybe you had Wonder Woman footie PJ’s when you were six years old, or maybe you still have a pair. But the truth is, most adults have no idea what they should be wearing to get a good night’s sleep. By gathering information from the experts, we’ve put together a list of three things to wear to ensure you sleep well tonight.

1) Nothing. Sleeping in the nude can give you the best night of sleep ever. Without clothes, you have a free range of motion without having anything ride up into undesirable places. Your birthday suit also lowers your body temperature to put you into a deep state of slumber. If you have kids, or nearby neighbors, be sure to have a comfortable robe nearby to cover up in a pinch.

2) Breathable Pajamas. Loose fitting pajamas that are made with moisture wicking materials will give you a great night of sleep. Be sure they’re loose and cozy. Our B40 Pajamas are super soft and easy to wear. They absorb perspiration and provide a lightweight alternative to enhance your sleep. And they’re pretty, too.

3) Lightweight Socks. If your feet are too cold at night, you’ll have trouble falling asleep. Wearing a breathable sock in a lightweight material can actually help you fall asleep 15 minutes faster. Stay away from heavy materials or compression socks, and choose cotton socks that help you settle in.

We’ve Got Your Sleepwear Right Here

At, you’ll find the highest quality sleepwear around. We focus on cool comfort that you can lounge in, sleep in, and just feel good in. From sleep shirts to socks, you’re sure to find something that makes your nights more relaxing as you settle down into peaceful slumber. Take a look and pick out your new favorite sleepwear today.

4 Spring Fashion Trends For Your Legs

4 Spring Fashion Trends For Your Legs

Every spring there are new trends in the fashion world. What’s new is old and sometimes, what’s old is new. Keeping up with the trends of this season has never been easier as they’re all simple to obtain and wear with pride.

1) The 70’s are in full force with macramé and crochet, but it’s been elevated to be hot and cool at the same time. Fitting right in with the texture of spring are fishnet stockings in cool new designs. The Kate Lace Tights and Gewn Tulle Pantyhose are prime examples.

2) Monochrome neutrals are sticking around for a while, and you can even wear them from head-to-toe. From headgear in taupe to footwear in basic beige, keep it down to earth by sticking to total earth tones. Ada offers a wide range of neutral sheer pantyhose in a lightweight den that’s perfect for spring.

3) If you prefer more color than what a neutral has to offer, head to the flip side with a multi-colored pattern that entices the eye. Floral patterns mixed with graffiti is more than welcomed this spring. This trend is right on point with Hamadryas Leggings in gorgeous floral designs.

4) The 80’s called, and they want their biker shorts back. But they can’t have them because, like it or not, biker shorts are here to stay this spring. If you’re not quite ready to go the distance, shop the look and try our Diocle Knee High Effect Tights that give a faux biker-short look….but sexier.

Get The Hottest Trends In High Quality From Us

When you visit the online store at to browse the brands we offer, you’ll find that we only deal with high-quality, European hosiery. Many women find that the European hosiery tends not to bag at the knees or ankles and have a better overall fit than most U.S. brands. As you build upon your wardrobe this spring and summer, try a pair for yourself and see what the fuss is all about. Your legs will thank you.

5 Ways To Wear Your Leggings

5 Ways To Wear Your Leggings

Leggings are an all-year-long, every occasion, and everyday option for women all across the United States. At, we have a full selection of leggings to fill your wardrobe with plenty of options, and we love all of the different looks a great pair of leggings can achieve. However, many feel a little intimidated by the thought of legging-centric outfits, and we want to give you 5 ideas for wearing your leggings during every season:

  • Dressing them up – A pair of sleek black leggings with a flowy blouse and the right accessories is the perfect outfit for going out in comfort and style. For a brunch outing with the girls, you may pair the look with a chunky bangle, a belt on the blouse accentuating the waistline, a floppy hat, and a pair of chic oversized sunglasses with seasonal wedges that are simply to die for. This dress-up method works for all seasons, and all you need to do is switch out your top and accessories.
  • Fall cozy – For the fall season, leggings really come to life. One of the most classic leggings looks for fall is to pair dark leggings with a chunky long cardigan, a button down shirt underneath, a scarf, and cozy sheepskin boots.
  • Springtime fresh – Leggings with a long button-down shirt in a spring print or fabric is a fantastic way to take your favorite pairs into spring with absolute ease. Leggings also look particularly breezy with flats and sandals, which further your seasonal springtime look. Try pairing your leggings with a chambray shirt to really stay on-trend.
  • Night out chic – Not all leggings are the standard fabric and finish, and faux leather leggings create the perfect look for a night out. Faux leather finish leggings like our Eco-Friendly Leather Pants with a Crinkled Leg Design – 996  make any night-out look just a little sexier and they pair perfectly with sky-high pumps or stilettos.
  • Business casual – For a business casual lunch, your leggings pair beautifully with a blazer and oxford style shoe for a look that is equal parts appropriate and on-trend. When going for the business-casual look, layering is key and longer blazers are a staple.

Our selection of leggings at covers everything from the night out pair to the warm and cozy go-to. To find your next favorite pair of leggings, check out our stock at today.

How To Style Your Leg Warmers

How To Style Your Leg Warmers

Leg warmers served up some real looks during the 80’s, and for this reason a lot of women feel a little self-conscious about breaking them out today. Despite being seen on celebrities like Anna Paquin and Anne Hathaway in recent seasons, and on the runways at New York Fashion Week from the likes of top designers like Betsey Johnson and Chanel, leg warmers remain something of a mystery when it comes to bringing them into the 21st century. At, we love the layered looks that leg warmers can provide, and we want to show you just how versatile and trendy these hosiery pieces can be.

One of the most common ways you’re like to see leg warmers in everyday fashion is paired with boots, and you may not even realize you’re seeing leg warmers when you see this look. A pair of leg warmers like our Cazzola Gaetano 25698 Fall Fashion Leg Warmer peeking out the top of a boot creates a perfect layered look that really brings out the coziness of a pair of boots. Typically, this look takes on the look of socks, but the chunky sock is truly a leg warmer bringing texture to the table.

Leg warmers also really make a statement when paired with other types of hosiery, like a pair of patterned tights. Layering texture and pattern has been a massive trend for a few years now, and leg warmers give you an incredibly simple way to do it. A pair of leg warmers over our Amy Fashion Micro Tulle Pantyhose and paired with a pair of chunky heeled boots combines the 90’s trend, the pattern mixing trend, and the texture trend all at once.

Lastly, leg warmers are also a natural pairing with flats. For spring, pairing leg warmers with flats and a shorter skirt can bring you right into the season while keeping you comfortable on those cooler spring days. Your chosen flat can be a standard flat, or a flat sneaker, and leg warmers with lace or embellishments will really further your seasonal look.

If you’re looking for leg warmers, or the perfect hosiery pieces to pair your leg warmers with, see what we have in store at today.

What Can I Do If Find A Hole In My Hosiery?

What Can I Do If Find A Hole In My Hosiery?

No one wants to pull out their favorite pair of hose and find they’re facing a hole or run. Whether you’re wearing your most delicate sheer hose like our Blogger 8 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, or a heavy pair of Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights, you can always find yourself in a situation where you’re facing serious hosiery damage. We want to help you to look your best at, and we know just what to do when damage strikes.

First and foremost, when you’re facing hosiery damage, clear nail polish is your new best friend. If you’re going out for a night on the town, keeping a small bottle of clear nail polish in your bag is a great idea just in case you face a tear or a snag. To fix your hosiery using this method, simply paint on the clear nail polish around the hole or the run, and this will prevent the damage from growing larger. While it may not fix your tights completely, it will ensure the damage doesn’t get worse as the night goes on.

If you’re wearing black hosiery, there’s another trick that can eliminate the look of the hole or run while you’re out and about. With opaque black hosiery, a hole or run will be pretty obvious, but you can make it less-so. By taking a non-toxic black marker and coloring the skin that would show through the run or hole, you can minimize the appearance of the damage or perhaps make the damage near-invisible. This little trick doesn’t only work with black hosiery, and a navy, green, red, or other colored marker can work just as well. While this trick may seem somewhat silly, it can save an entire look from looking flawed or shabby in just a few seconds.

No one wants to go out looking great only to come home with ruined hosiery. If your hosiery has fallen victim to holes or runs, it may be time to replenish your wardrobe. We have all the pieces you need at!

Getting To Know Different Deniers Used In Black Hosiery

Getting To Know Different Deniers Used In Black Hosiery

The denier you choose directly correlates with how thick or how warm your hosiery is going to be, and nowhere is denier more important style-wise than with black hosiery. During the winter months, higher denier tights and hose are some of the most popular, as the hosiery’s thicker structure is a better protectant against the cold. During the summer, sheer hose with lower deniers are preferable as they’re a bit cooler compared to a thicker woven and higher denier hosiery option.

With black hosiery, the denier you choose will not just give you a completely different feel, but a completely different look as well. In this blog, we at want to get into just how different deniers in black hosiery look and when you may want to opt for each different one:

  • 10 Denier – 10 denier black hosiery is quite sheer, as you can see in our Catwalk10 Denier Ultra Sheer Tights in Nero. This ultra-sheer approach gives off a sexy “less is more” effect, and works beautifully with longer hemlines. If you’re wearing a midi skirt or a long floral dress with a slit in the hem, consider this type of sheer black hosiery to really ramp up the sex appeal of your look without ever being too much.
  • 20 Denier – Our Brilliance 20 Denier Sheer Tights in Nero may not look too different from the 10 denier at first glance, but they do provide their own benefits. 10 denier tights are quite sheer and may be more delicate than the 20 denier, so those looking for a more durable option may be served better going with the latter.
  • 40 Denier – 40 denier is where you really begin to see the difference with black tights, and this is the perfect pair you’ll choose to go with mini skirts and bright pops of color. Our Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Nero are a perfect example of the mix of sheerness and opacity you’ll find in a 40 den pair of black tights. With 40 den, you’re getting just a small touch of sheerness, enough to get a glimpse of the leg, but they’re opaque enough to tone down short hemlines and make colors pop without being completely full coverage.
  • 80 Denier – 80 denier tights will be completely opaque, and they’ll provide the most warmth. 80 den black tights like our Edelweiss 80 Opaque Tights are just what you’re going to look for to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. For taking your tailored shorts or short skirts into fall, 80 denier black tights are the perfect option.

Whether you’re looking for something sexy and sheer, or something warm and cozy, we have all of the black tights you need at To fill your hosiery wardrobe with a full selection of black tights, check us out at today!

Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

With a great hosiery collection comes the need for equally great storage. In order to best keep your fine European made hosiery looking its best, storage is a big part of the equation. Whether you’re looking to store your durable and thick Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights or your more delicate Amy Fashion Micro Tulle Pantyhose, these storage methods will work for both. Some tips and tricks you can use to improve your hosiery storage are:

  • The rolling method – If you keep your hosiery in a designated drawer, the rolling method is one of the best methods for keeping your collection neat and tidy. First, fold your hosiery in half length-wise, and then beginning at the toe begin rolling until you reach the end of the waistband. After they’re rolled, they can be placed inside of a drawer organizer, or they can be simply lined up in rows from front to back. Not only will this keep your hosiery organized and protected, but you’ll be able to spot what you need in seconds.
  • Use sandwich baggies – Sandwich baggies aren’t just for lunch anymore! For particularly delicate pairs of hosiery, or hosiery you really want to protect, this method is perfect for keeping them safe, accessible, and run-free. Simply fold your hosiery to fit into a zip plastic bag, insert hosiery, and place in your drawer or designated hosiery spot. Not only do your hose stay organized, but they’re also incredibly well protected from runs, pulls, moisture, or other damages.
  • Use hangers – Your average plastic or velvet hanger can be the perfect hosiery storage apparatus if you’re lacking space elsewhere but your closet. Hosiery may be draped over the base of a hanger in sets of 3 or 4, and simply placed on a closet rod for easy organization. The best way to fit a few pairs of hosiery on one hanger is to fold in half length-wise and drape over so the hanger bisects the folded hosiery.
  • Lining your drawers – The interior of the average dresser drawer is made of wood, and in some instances the wood can harm your delicate hosiery. Before using a drawer to store your hosiery, lining the bottom and sides of the drawer with a satin scarf or pillowcase can make all the difference in protecting your collection.

Proper storage practices do quite a bit to prolong the life of your high-end hosiery. To find the hosiery pieces you’ve been looking for to make up your collection check out what we have at today.

What You Need To Know About Thigh Highs

What You Need To Know About Thigh Highs

When many think of thigh highs, they actually may have them confused with stockings. Stockings require a suspender belt to be held properly in place, while thigh highs are able to be held up on their own. Both hosiery choices are popular choices for date nights, but there’s a lot more to know about thigh highs than this simple distinction.

Thigh High Benefits

For some, wearing thigh highs once is a game-changer. After wearing thigh highs, they may decide that this is their hosiery style of choice, reaching less and less for their full sets of pantyhose or tights. Not only do thigh highs feel sexy, they’re also quite comfortable, and allow for certain breeziness and movement that other hosiery options do not.

Thigh highs are comprised of two pieces, one for each leg, with nothing connecting the legs in the middle or covering any area of the hips, bum, waist, or stomach. For some women, this provides a certain feeling of freedom, allowing their legs to be covered without the extra layering on any other part of their body. For those who do like some shaping or control, control wear panties and shapewear can be worn with thigh highs to keep the freedom while incorporating these additional benefits.

Thigh Highs In Fashion History

Thigh high hosiery is not a new trend or a passing fad, and this style of hosiery has been consistently in style for generations. What this means is that you can expect your investment pair of thigh highs to last not just in their durability, but in their elegant fashion appeal. Just about any style of fashion, retro or modern, can be enhanced by pairing with a stylish and classic pair of thigh high hosiery.

At, we have the thigh high hosiery to complete your wardrobe and perhaps even show you a new favorite. Our 305 Miss O Thigh Highs with Lace Top are classically sexy, the Cristine 3D Microfiber Stay Up Stockings with Floral Lace are warm and perfect for winter, and our Hudson Glamour Thigh High Stockings are ideal for everyday wear; no matter what you’re looking for, we have the perfect pair for you. To find your perfect pair of thigh highs, check out what we have at today!

4 Ways To Have Fun With Your Tights This Season

4 Ways To Have Fun With Your Tights This Season

Tights have a great deal of practical use, but your appreciation for them doesn’t need to stop there. Having fun with tights is really making the most of your hosiery wardrobe, and maximizing your style potential with every outfit you put together. At, we have everyday tights and quite a few fun picks as well, and our top 4 ways to have fun with your tights include:

  • Do the 90’s color block – Color blocking has been a huge deal in fashion for several years now, and the big trend for 2019 is all things 90’s coming back again. Why not pair the two trends together with the perfect pair of tights? The classic plaid schoolgirl skirt is having a moment once again, and it’s the perfect opportunity to pair with a colored tight to color block the bottom half of your look. A springtime plaid skirt with yellow can be paired with our Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors in Soleil for a perfect 90’s retro meets modern color blocking look.
  • Give yourself a quirky pop – Your hosiery is the perfect place to add in a quirky pop to your look, even if you’re geared up to go to the office. A patterned pair like our Assenzio Pantyhose with Floral Design is subtle enough to be office appropriate, but still bold enough to bring your personality into your look.
  • Layer with socks – Tights and socks may seem like they’re not fit for one another, but this chunky layered look is a sure way to add in a unique sort of refinement. One wearable example of this look would be to pair a skirt with fishnet hosiery, then layer chunky socks before choosing a bootie style footwear.
  • Don’t fear white – White tights don’t lose their chic appeal after one hits a certain age. If you’re planning to wear a bright colored shoe, pairing with white tights is the perfect way to make them pop.

There is no wrong season, and no wrong way, to have fun with your tights. To find your next favorite pair of tights you can use to transform and have fun with your wardrobe, check out our inventory at today!

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