Hosiery for Athleisure: Fashion Meets Function

Hosiery for Athleisure: Fashion Meets Function

Hosiery for athleisure is a trend that is still going strong and seamlessly merges fashion with function. This is great if you lead a more modern lifestyle where comfort, style, and versatility actually matter. Athleisure wear combines the best elements of leisure and athletic wear and is popular for those with an active and casual lifestyle.

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A Few Tips For Wearing The Boldest Patterned Hosiery

A Few Tips For Wearing The Boldest Patterned Hosiery

The quickest way to make a serious statement with your hosiery is with patterned fashioned hosiery. At Hosieree.com, we source truly unique pieces like the show-stopping Marilyn B03 MONROE GOLD Tights, and it’s no secret that we love a great pair of statement hose.  Statement hosiery can be a little intimidating at first, but we have all the tips you need to get you comfortable with incorporating these pieces into an exciting wardrobe. 

First and foremost, if you’re wearing statement hosiery, it’s important that you let the hosiery make the statement. You want to avoid your outfit becoming too busy or disjointed, and you want to draw all of that focus onto the hosiery above everything else. For this reason, it’s always a win when you pair your statement hosiery with basic staples. A simple skirt, a leather jacket, a plain top, and statement hosiery ensures your clothes are a frame for the hosiery you want to show off. 

It’s not just the design of your outfit that’s important, you’ll also want to consider color. You can (and should) pair statement hosiery with your favorite bold colors, but you do want to avoid color mixing too much in order to avoid the rest of your clothes overshadowing the hose. A monochromatic look using your favorite vibrant shade is perfect for creating a colorful frame for your hose. 

Lastly, pay attention to your footwear. When wearing a bold pair of statement patterned hosiery, a patterned or textured shoe can create a messy or disjointed look that takes away from the cohesiveness of your outfit. Instead, make use of your classic footwear. A single color shoe in a “flat” fabric like leather or suede (or the faux versions of either) creates the perfect contrast against your hosiery. 

At Hosieree.com we have the fun, bold, and stand-out patterns that make your hosiery the centerpiece of your outfit. To see what perfect pair we have in store for you, check us out at Hosieree.com today. 

Answering A Few Most Common Questions About Tights

Answering A Few Most Common Questions About Tights

For those who don’t have hosiery as part of their regular wardrobe, there’s a lot of questions that surround this one simple garment. What is the care like? Are all tights the same? How will they fit my body? At Hosieree.com, we have all of the answers to your most burning questions. 

Are Tights Difficult To Care For? 

While tights are more fragile or delicate than a pair of jeans or a cotton T-shirt, that doesn’t mean they’re particularly difficult to care for. Hosiery may be washed inside of a garment bag on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, but washing by hand is the safer and gentler alternative. To wash your hosiery, simply use a little soapy lukewarm water, gently soak your hosiery, and then rinse. To dry, place your hosiery flat on a clean, soft towel and roll the towel up to soak up any excess moisture. To dry completely, take the hosiery out of the towel and lay flat to dry. 

Many don’t wash their hosiery after every single wear, but after 2 to 3 wears. How often you wash your hosiery is your decision, but too-frequent washing may lead to earlier wear and tear. 

Do I Have To Layer Over Shapewear? 

Shapewear is a common undergarment for many women, and many women may wonder just how or if they should layer hosiery over their favorite shapewear pieces. Modern hosiery really thinks of it all, and many styles come with shapewear built right in. The Aristoc ANASL6 Ultimate 10 Den LADDER RESIST BODYSHAPING Tights features medium control shaping throughout the thigh, hip, and stomach, as well as a barely there feel that perfects without sacrificing comfort. 

If you do plan to wear your traditional shapewear, high quality hosiery is comfortable and sturdy enough to wear over your shapewear without taking comfort or style away from your look. 

How Do I Store My Tights? 

How you store your tights matters, and it’s actually quite easy to store safely and conveniently. The best way to store tights is to simply roll them from the toe up to the waist, and then layer them in a smooth storage area. A plastic bin or a fabric tote works well, keeping your tights within reach without worry of runs, holes, or other damage. 

Whether you’re a hosiery beginner, or a hosiery pro, we have just what you’re looking for when you check us out at Hosieree.com today. 

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hosiery

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hosiery

While high-quality hosiery will last a number of years with proper care, like any well-loved garment – it’s not meant to last forever. At Hosieree.com, we have all of the pieces you need to refresh your hosiery wardrobe, and we want to let you in on what signs to look for to let you know that time has come. A few signs that it’s time to replace your favorite pieces in your hosiery drawer are: 

  • Your hosiery is sagging or slipping during wear – A well-fitting pair of hosiery should hug your body like a glove. If you find yourself hiking up your hosiery at the waist, or repeatedly bending down to take care of sagging at the ankle, it might be time to replace your favorites. This occurs when the material that makes up the hose starts to lose its shape, which may happen after some well-worn years. 
  • You notice misshapen areas or discoloration at the knees – Just like at the waist or the ankle, old hosiery can lose its shape at the knee as well. This likely won’t present as sagging or slipping, but as a misshapen look that distorts the look of your knee. Another sign that can be found at the knee is discoloration, which is often a sign that the hosiery is beginning to fail. Discoloration can most often be seen in opaque colored tights. 
  • Runs or snags – Runs and snags can ruin the look of your hosiery in an instant. If you notice your hosiery taking on more weak spots that turn into runs or snags, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for a replacement. 
  • Pilling in friction areas – If you’ve ever looked at a pair of opaque tights and noticed small balls of fabric on the surface, what you’re looking at is called “pilling”. Pilling occurs when fibers on the surface of the hosiery begin to break, then become tangled together to form small ball-like knots. This occurs with regular wear and tear and can most often be found in high-friction areas. 

At Hosieree.com, you can always find a new favorite to replace those well-worn pairs you’ve loved. Check us out today to see what we have in store for you. 

5 Tights Colors You Need In 2024

5 Tights Colors You Need In 2024

Tights are a huge trend for 2024, and the part we love the most is that they’re brighter and bolder than ever. On Fashion Week runways, we saw all colors of the rainbow represented in tights, and we want to whittle down the list to the top 5 must-haves to revamp your hosiery wardrobe for this year: 

  1. Red – Red is slated to be one of the hottest colors for 2024 and tights are no exception. It’s bold, it’s unforgettable, and it’s the perfect way to balance a bright look or put some pop into your neutrals. Our Amour HIP GLOSS 20-Den Tights are spring ready, and they come in the perfect shade for zeroing in on the red trend. We love the idea of pairing these tights with a black and white look for a classic pop that simply cannot be ignored. 
  2. Indigo – It’s blue, it’s purple, and it’s everywhere in edgy hosiery fashion. This uniquely “in your face” shade we’re often seeing being paired with shorts or ripped jeans, but we love the idea of pairing indigo hose with a skirt as well – especially for spring. The Amour HIP Gloss 20-Den Tights also come in a Very Peri shade perfect for embracing the electric indigo trend. 
  3. Yellow – Yellow tights are like wrapping your legs in sunshine, and we can’t get enough for the warmer-weather season to come. With black and white, greys, and even pastels, a yellow tight brings that perfect zest and electricity to any look. The Giulia Blues 70 Opaque Tights are a higher denier option for the brightest Yellow Moon shade. 
  4. Pink – If you thought pink wasn’t coming back after it was the “it” color of summer 2023, you thought wrong! Pink is slated to be one of the hottest shades of spring and summer 2024, and we have just the tights for it. A pop of pink tights spices up a neutral look, it brings something fun and unexpected underneath a pair of distressed jeans, and they have the power to bring a certain flirty feminine appeal to even the edgiest of looks. Our Amour HIP LACE 30-Den Tights in Pink Ribbon or Magenta are exactly what you’re looking for. 
  5. Navy – The electric pop of color isn’t for everyone, and that’s not your only option when it comes to colored tights. Navy is another color we’re loving for 2024, and we’re seeing it as a way to replace the classic black tight. This doesn’t mean that black tights are out, they’re a staple for a reason, but navy provides a different way to embrace a darker tight without going black. Our Cette Seamless Matt 50 Opaque Tights are the classic navy that go with any sophisticated look you have in mind. 

The trends are out, and we have just what you need to update your hosiery wardrobe for 2024 at Hosieree.com. Check us out and see what we have to spice up your drawer today! 

Six Hosiery Essentials To Brighten Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Six Hosiery Essentials To Brighten Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is all about renewal. So it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. The easiest way to update your Spring looks is with hosiery. Hosiery is extremely versatile and quickly elevates any outfit. Spring is also the perfect season to experiment with hosiery. With so many lightweight looks, you’ll be comfortable and stylish whether you’re enjoying the sun or caught in April Showers. Refresh your Spring style by adding these six hosiery essentials to your closet.

1. Ultra Sheer Nude

Adding a layer of barely-there hosiery can help your legs look sleek and slender. Try these ultra-sheer pantyhose when wearing dresses, skirts, or shorts:

Gabriella Ultra Sheer Exclusive 8 Pantyhose

Doris 8 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose by Fiore

NOEMI Ultra Sheer Microfiber Tights by Trasparenze

2. Pops Of Pastel

It wouldn’t be a Spring outfit without bright and soothing pastels. Whether you wear spring green, daffodil yellow, or robin’s egg blue, these tights will add a pop of pastel to your favorite Spring looks:

Trasparenze OLEANDRO Tights

Cecilia De Rafael SEVILLA Ultra Sheer 3D Pantyhose

Fiore LAVANDER 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

3. Standout Socks

Who says socks have to be tucked? Socks are the ideal accessory to add a splash of color to any outfit. Add some extra color with these stylish Spring socks:

Fiore DAISY Ankle Socks

Trasparenze MONIQUE Cotton Socks

Girardi Bon Bon- Fashion Socks with Lace Border

4. Delicate Details

Spring looks are light and airy. Hosiery with delicate details like embroidery or lace adds an ethereal vibe to any outfit. Try these options:

Franco Bombana Baguette Pantyhose with embroidery

Fiore JARDIN 20 DEN Classic Stockings

Girardi Gwen Tulle Pantyhose with Floral Design

5. Fun Florals

Spring looks celebrate the return of flowers with gorgeous floral prints. Take any Spring look to the next level with these flower print hosiery options:

Trasparenze Hamadryas Leggings

Perla Fashion Tights

Fiore FLOWER POWER 8 Den Ultra sheer Pantyhose

6. Light And Bright Tights

Whether for the holidays or a Spring celebration, light, white, and off-white tights are a Spring wardrobe must. Consider these options for your closet:

Pierre Mantoux Pierre 15 Den Seamless Tights

Fiore ANASTASIA 15 DEN Garter Stockings

U4689 Opaque Tights

No matter what Spring essential hosiery you need, Hosieree has you covered. Offering the finest-quality European hosiery, you’ll find the styles you need that will last season after season. Check out more Spring styles on Hosieree.com.

Making The Transition From Winter To Spring

While winter is still in full swing, spring will be here before we know it. It’s not an overnight process, and that means getting your transitional outfits ready for when we start experiencing those warmer temperatures, longer days, and sunnier afternoons. 

Hosiery is one piece that transitions seamlessly from fall, to winter, to spring, and to summer. Regardless of season, there’s a pair of hose for that. For this transitional period into spring, however, you might approach your hosiery wardrobe a little differently than you would in the heart of either season. Just like going from summer to fall, or fall to winter, your deniers might look a little different, you might start bringing in a little more color, and texture might come into play as hemlines get shorter and overall looks more playful. 

In the winter, you’re likely to opt for your highest deniers. Afterall, they’re what keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable during those coldest days. For those cold days you might grab your Pierre Mantoux Wool Cashmere 90 Tights, while those days with peeks of spring call for more of a Gabriella Tights MICROFIBRE 40 Den sort of look. 

Along with changing up your denier, you might want to break out a little more color this time of year. You don’t have to break into a full spring color palette overnight, and hosiery is the perfect place to start when it comes to making that gradual switch into spring color. The Girardi CORTINA 40 Semi Opaque Tights in Bright Colors feature the perfect hues for spring in weather friendly 40 denier. Simply grab a light colored sweater, your favorite skirt, and tights in a complementing color and you’re ready for your spring transition with little effort. 

At Hosieree.com we’re here with all the hosiery you need to break out of winter and into spring. To find your next favorite pair, see what we have in stock today. 

5 Unique Color Combinations To Give Your Look Pop

5 Unique Color Combinations To Give Your Look Pop

Blue and brown, pink and gray, black and white – there are some color combinations that are classics for a reason. While sticking with the classics means you never go wrong, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit more adventurous with your color either. With spring on the horizon, there’s no better time to play around with a few color pairings that are a bit less conventional. 5 unique color combinations we’re loving are: 

  1. Lavender and lemon – Pastels are always the rage as the spring season starts, and one combination we can’t get enough of is lavender and lemon. While pinks and yellows, and purples and pinks, are seasonal classics, this is a spin that really gives your spring looks that perfect seasonal pop. Lemon is bright, warm, and sunny, while pale lavender has a certain dreamy coolness that brings the whole look into balance. 
  2. Purple and red – It doesn’t get more regal than mixing these two royal colors together. With a bright purple, accents of a deep ruby red stand out in a way that’s bold, confident, and strong. For jewel tone lovers, this ruby and amethyst pairing may be a new one worth trying for any season. 
  3. Blue and pink – There was no bigger color than pink in 2023, and the pink trend is rolling right into 2024 as well. Cheerful cornflower and sky-toned blues meshing with bubblegum or sandstone pinks give an ethereal quality to your look that doesn’t skimp on surprise. 
  4. Orange and green – If you want to go bold, it doesn’t get much bolder than pairing bright oranges with bright greens. One color combination we’re loving for 2024 is a fruit-inspired bright orange paired with shades of lime, turning your look into a summer day personified. 
  5. Neon yellow and blue – Bright shades are all the rage for 2024, but we understand if you don’t want to go quite as loud as the orange and green trend. Neon yellow paired with a deep navy or a denim blue is an excellent way to do something a little different without fear of becoming “too much”. 

At Hosieree.com we have every color of hosiery you’ll need to make your color combinations pop all year long. Our Amour HIP GLOSS – 20 Den Tights come in several on-trend unique colors perfect for mixing with your blues, your oranges, your purples, or any color you love.  If you’re looking for that next trendy look, see what we have in stock today. 

Wool Hosiery Might Be The Staple You’re Missing

Wool Hosiery Might Be The Staple You’re Missing

When you’re crafting your winter hosiery wardrobe, what do you look for first? For most, it’s denier, and that makes sense. Afterall, the higher the denier, the higher the opacity, and the higher the warmth you’re going to get from your hose. However, not even all opaque hosiery pieces are created equal. While fine European hose with high denier is always a fantastic winter option, you’re going to an entirely different level when you opt for wool. 

A common misconception about wool hosiery is that it must be itchy or uncomfortable, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The wool hosiery of today isn’t quite like the wool hosiery your great-grandparents may have worn. What we get to enjoy today is hosiery that’s soft, smooth, warm, comfortable, and comes with a whole lot of benefits you’ll notice immediately. Some of the benefits of wool hosiery include: 

  • It’s durable – Wool is one of the most durable hosiery material options. It’s a resilient natural fiber meant to protect sheep while braving the elements, and in hosiery it can create pieces that last for years and years with very little noticeable wear. 
  • Breathable – The second biggest misconception about wool hosiery is that it’s just too hot, too stuffy, or too “much” outside of deep winter weather. While wool hosiery is cozy and warm, it’s also highly breathable. Wool has a natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin and allows for ample airflow to keep you comfortable from the fall all the way to the spring. 
  • Odor resistant – Wool hosiery is also naturally odor resistant, largely thanks to its moisture wicking properties. Because sweat isn’t allowed to stay against the skin, the bacteria that causes odor is unable to thrive in such a dry environment. The result is hosiery that always keeps you feeling fresh. 
  • Anti-static – The dry winter months can be a static nightmare for many. If you’re wearing a skirt to an event, the last thing you want is the delicate fabric sticking to the surface of your hose. Wool is naturally more anti-static than other fabrics, so you’re far less likely to find yourself fighting the cling. 

Merino wool hosiery, like our Franco Bombana Lana Merino Wool Tights, is a must-have for the entire duration of the cozy season. If you’re looking for your next wool pair, or you want to introduce wool into your hosiery drawer, see what else we have in store here at Hosieree.com. 

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