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Hosiery Gifts For Any Taste

Hosiery Gifts For Any TasteIf you’re looking to give something a bit more elegant to the women on your holiday shopping list this year, hosiery makes a perfect option. At, we have a plethora of elegant selections to make you and yours feel sexy, sophisticated, and confident this holiday season, and by giving the gift of hosiery, you can give the gift of the year’s hottest fashions without breaking the bank. Hosiery is an ideal gift option for women of all ages, and we at have pieces in our inventory suitable for each and every individual style. Continue reading Hosiery Gifts For Any Taste

The Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Hosiery This Fall

The Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Hosiery This FallHosiery is a long-time fall staple, and many fall skirts and wardrobe pieces will require some type of hose to keep you comfortable as the temperatures begin to drop. Not only is hosiery functional during this time, but it’s also fun, and these are the top 3 reasons to invest in hosiery this fall: Continue reading The Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Hosiery This Fall

Tap Into Your Inner Sexy Diva With Gorgeous Hosiery

Feeling good about yourself, feeling sexy, can reverberate through every aspect of your daily life. Think about it; on the days when you know you look your best, isn’t your smile a little wider, your attitude a little more confident?

Whether you feel like your look could use a little pizazz or you’re looking for an affordable way to add some spice to the bedroom, there is an easy way to get both from!

Hosiery not only feels smooth and silky on your legs, it can help emphasize your legs and give you instant impact everywhere you go. You can enjoy sexy hosiery that is still tasteful enough to wear to the office, such as the Champs Elysees – 100% Silk Classic Stockings. These stockings are elegant and classy, and no one will ever know just how sexy they really underneath!

If you want to wow your significant other, hosiery can do that as well. The sinfully sexy Cherir 20 Suspender Imitation Pantyhose can be worn under your clothes, or you can wear them with nothing else – the choice is yours! Either way you will feel like a goddess of feminine beauty and sexiness.

Whether your tastes run to the exotic or to the classy, you can find hosiery and stockings to suit any taste and budget. The low price of stockings and hose makes them a great addition to any wardrobe, and you simply cannot buy lingerie at the same kind of low prices as stockings. If you’ve always wanted to indulge your tastes in feminine allure items, but felt like you couldn’t afford it, now you can stop dreaming and enjoy items like the Gabriella Inez Tights that can be worn during the day or at night!

If you feel a little self-conscious about your figure, try some control top tights like the Falke Control Top 15 tights.
These lighter-than-air tights will contour your entire figure and they also feature a delicate floral pattern to accent your curves in all the right places.

Stockings, when properly cared for, can last for years, and the fashion hose and stockings are made of the highest quality materials to ensure that they feel great and will last. They are a fabulous addition to your sexy wardrobe and can let you tap into your inner diva for very little financial investment.

Let us at help you look and feel your best with these high quality stockings and hosiery items.

Tips For Pairing Your Stockings With Your Outfits

Fashion hose and tights are a fabulous way to dress up your wardrobe. Thanks to the affordability and incredible range of styles available, you can turn even the most boring dress into a show-stopper of an outfit.

However, since you don’t want to overdo it, here are some tips on how to enjoy the best of’s Parisian-inspired glam without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Plain black clothing can be worn with any type of tights you like. The great thing about black is that it really does go with anything. If you like to wear brilliant colored tights or even want to wear some of the gorgeous stocking styled socks with a black skirt – go for it! You simply can’t go wrong when you pair black clothes with hosiery. Period.

For a colorful outfit, you need to use just a bit more caution. Say you have a hot red skirt and shirt combo that you’ve been dying to wear. Simply make sure that the hose or stockings add to the color, and not detract. For instance, wear some fabulous black lace floral stockings like the Amy Fashion Micro Tulle panty hose with the red outfit, and it’s a winner.

You can also wear colored tights with a colored outfit, and the simple rule of thumb is to either make them clash fabulously or keep the tights or stockings the same color as your outfit. Don’t wear a soft purple outfit and pair it with a non-matching but similar color of hose. Either go bold and use opposing colors or make them match exactly. Shades of color too close together on the color wheel are not complimentary and can make your outfit look “off.”

Sometimes the patterns on the stockings can add some wow factor to any outfit without taking things too far. The Brigida Fashion Tights are one example; pair these with a simple skirt and you have a dazzling outfit with little effort or expense!

Fashion hosiery offers you a way to spruce up your entire wardrobe without having to invest much money. The sheer range of colors and styles available can give you unlimited options for style. Don’t forget to have fun with it!

Remember, these rules don’t have to apply. When it comes to fashion, you want your individual personality to stand out, so look over the vast selection of goodies that has to offer!

Online Hosiery Shopping Just Got Easier With

As many women have searched in frustration for great stockings, pantyhose and hosiery at their local stores, it has quickly become clear that online shopping is the only way to get beautiful hosiery in all the styles and sizes you need.

Online hosiery stores not only have an incredible selection of styles and sizes, they are also offering the latest trends in hosiery. Local stores simply can’t compete and their prices don’t compare. The only down side to ordering hosiery online is that sometimes it can be hard to know how to get the right size and style online. 

Here are some tips for getting the best hosiery online without mistakes:


Although the sizes can vary by manufacture, offers a size chart that will ensure that you can use measurements for an accurate size assessment. Our charts use your weight and height. This eliminates the problems with buying the wrong size stockings completely! We have a full line of sizes available so whether you are petite or plus sized, you can still get beautiful hosiery.


Not only do we offer a huge variety of hosiery products, we often have multiple colors available for your selection. We offer a color selection chart with our hosiery so you can also see other colors that are available. We even have a description of the colors as well as a color block to make it even easier to choose.


Our full line of hosiery products can be accessed by material, so if you know you want opaque Lycra stockings or wool stockings, you can go right to the product. On our product menu, we also offer a description of the exact type of fabric and content percentage. This help our customers get the right weight and texture as well as look.


Our line of designer stockings and hosiery products feature decorative stockings that can range from delicate lace flowers to full leg decoration. We have some of the top European names in our stock, and can bring you the latest trends right off the runway.

Online shopping with is easy and fun. Our prices are low and our quality is high. We have many shipping options available and can offer new products, sales products and the best in hosiery. If you’re frustrated with not having access to good hosiery locally, you have come to the right place where you can indulge your good taste.

The Thing About Thigh Highs

Thigh highs are one commodity that allow a girl much freedom. They’re practical and when you get them from, they’re stylish and sexy too. We’re here to give you a few tips for wearing them. These are options that are more wearing than you’d think.


When you wear thigh high stockings, it’s all about the shoe selection you make. Thigh highs, such as our ultra sheer Marlene Stay Up Stockings, are best when paired with the perfect heel. These stockings, with their floral lace embroidered band would be ideal when paired with a closed-toe velvet wedge in black or deep red. You want a shoe that’s going to give you enough lift in all the places that matter and won’t hide the thigh highs themselves, in much the way that a boot might, though, for this particular thigh high, a boot option would pair nicely as well. The goal is to show off the decorative tops. Which brings us to the next point…

How To Wear The Marlene

As mentioned, the embroidery of these thigh highs is at the top of them, just around the thighs themselves. To showcase these stockings in their best light, pair these with a nice dress or skirt that comes just to the top of the thigh highs or passes them only just so. That way, as you glide across the room, all eyes will be able to glimpse the artful display and lace adorning your thigh highs.

The Alternative

Thigh high stockings can be a nice alternative to actual stockings. That might be half the fun and enjoyment. Having thigh high stockings essentially means you have “easy in-out” stockings. All they take is a simple pull on and you’re ready to go.

You can turn a simple ensemble into something dressy and upscale with the quick addition of the perfect pair of thigh highs. No matter what the occasion is, there’s bound to be a style with us here at that will serve your purposes well. Sheer thigh high stockings are very popular and give the leg a bit of added allure. While thigh highs that are white or off-white, as opposed to the traditional black, have recently become very big in a number of circles. And those too have their own specifics in terms of how they can be worn to achieve the best look possible.

Your Special Day & Special Night

So you’ve handled all the most important things except for one: the dress, the venue, the photographer, the catering, shoes, hair and make-up, bridesmaids, groomsmen and you’ve even taken care of everything for your groom.

The last thing on your list is figuring out your bridal hosiery!

There are a few things you should remember, however. You have to think on what style would go best with your dress. But not only that, you have to pay special mind to gown silhouette and the fabric composition. If your dress is form-fitting you may want to try some of our Support Hosiery options, like our Beauty and Comfort Tutto Nudo Support Tights. These Support Tights work to flatten your tummy for a natural look, so you don’t have to worry about sucking in those last few stubborn pounds that just would not come off.

Now think about your feet. What’s on them? Are you wearing peep toes or closed toe shoes for the big day? Are they boot-style or sandal-style? This matters, but not when you opt in for some of our hosiery options that come with the added benefit of a closed toe.

The most difficult thing will likely be deciding between nude, ivory, white, opaque, or sheer black tights. But if you’re looking for something that’s got a little sex appeal, go for the opaque option. Or really be bold and aim for a fishnet. This choice is all about your personal style so don’t let anyone dictate your choice.

Our last tip is don’t sacrifice comfort for style. There are plenty of times when this is okay to do. As women, we’ve all been there. But your wedding day is no time for unladylike grab-tucks and fidgets so avoid it as best you can by selecting a signature set of hosiery from This includes but is not limited to such styles as our Alica Fashion Knee-High with Lace Top which is everything a bridal knee-high should be with its floral lace border, light grey bow; and our Anemone Fashion Pantyhose, a popular option that shows off your silky smooth skin through the semi-sheer tights and diamond patterns.

Visit our entire list of bridal hosiery to select the pair that you’ll swear was made just for your special day.

Choosing The Right Hosiery For The Occasion

Women everywhere understand that there are different kinds of hosiery for different occasions: opaque hosiery, support hosiery, bridal hosiery, and fashion hosiery just to name a few. What you decide to wear for to a formal engagement will undoubtedly be totally inappropriate for a more casual spring function. Likewise, with all of the color, shape, and style offerings available, the options may be a bit confusing. Knowing the ins and outs of hosiery selection can not only help you to avoid embarrassing moments, but can also set the tone for a more pulled together look.

Purchasing online hosiery, particularly in an online tights store, can be made easier with Hosieree, a company whose niche is pampering women with the most fabulous items in high end hosiery. At Hosieree, we believe in offering both a quality and an attractive product to meet your specific needs.

Control Top Tights

Coming in a variety of options, Control Top tights are essentially designed to flatten the stomach, while controlling the bottom, waist and thighs. This eliminates unsightly flaws and smooths out the figure, allowing you to present a beautiful image. The Hosieree ABC 20 Advanced Body Control consists of special bands for the midsection to slim the sometimes-troublesome midsection. The colors available are Sun, Sable, and Nero. You may also want to try the Hosieree Belissima Leggings Push-up with Modeling Effect , complete with a Microfiber panty which adds a lift to the posterior.This product is available in Nero, Tobacco, and Denim. These control top items are great for any occasion when keeping your shape together is the goal.

Opaque Tights

Opaque Tights are non-transparent tights, stockings, or knee-highs, featuring the concealment of scars and discoloration. Since tights are thicker, they are better for warmth and coziness. The Hosieree Bellissima Everest 100 are the most luxurious opaque tights, made of high quality microfiber yarns and cotton and fitted perfectly to your skin with 7% lycra. These opaques are best for cold weather or for hiding leg imperfections.

Fashion Hosiery

Fashion hosiery come in many forms but one of the most popular are hold ups. At Hosieree, we offer The Fashion Hold Ups Liko, boasting a floral pattern. These fancy stockings with the non-slip lace hold-ups add a smooth and silky sassiness to your legs. Produced in Italy, it is made of a combination of nylon and lycra. These are the best choice for an extravagant night on the town when all you want to feel is feminine.

With these hosiery variations and many more, you, too, can master the hosiery selection process. Let Hosieree help you to sculpt your look with our multitude of colors, shapes, and styles, designed to bring out the best in you.

Sultry Styles For All

It’s important to remember that women come in all different shapes and sizes. When it comes to fashion, each woman most likely has her own defined sense of style. With hosiery being an extremely popular choice for legwear among majority of women, each of us usually has her own preferred or combined styles. has the perfect patterns for all kinds women, whether they are thin and in their twenties or curvaceous and in their forties. 

For Everyone 
Colors and patterns play a huge part in style when it comes to hosiery. Whether it’s sheer thin material or thick stockings, certain colors and patterns can make a bold fashion statement on any body type. 
BlackOne color that compliments a variety of outfits and looks attractive on all body types is black. From a very young age, women are taught that black adds a slimming effect to legs and torsos regardless of body type. So why not incorporate this color type into every woman’s wardrobe? It rarely clashes with other colors and looks good in all types of material. 
 • LaceWhile it can be risqué in under certain circumstances, lace is becoming a more popular trend than ever with tights and panty hose. For all body types, lace gives a vintage feel to any type of clothing but also makes a very seductive statement as well. Women who are extremely comfortable in their own skin can make this bold fashion move with all kinds of different outfits. 
For Fuller Figures 
Even though many hose items are made with spandex or stretchy material, women with larger figures might feel more uncomfortable with skin-tight panty hose. Many stores carry “One size fits all” brands and that statement usually don’t hold much truth. Because of our many different body types, has some comfortable options for larger waist sizes. 
 • Queen Size HosieryThese panty hose are made of material with more stretch room and are created in large sizes so women don’t have to struggle their way through putting on a pair. They also won’t need to feel a tight hug around their torso and can enjoy their hose at work, out on the town or anywhere in style. 
LeggingsWith less sheerness and stretch room, leggings are a highly popular option for women with fuller figures. They come in a variety of different colors and can be paired with long shirts and dresses, giving women some warmth in the winter and that comfortable feeling all day long. 
Despite our differences, women can all agree that a love of fashion is a must and hosiery can bring that idea to life. On, women can find comfortable and visually appealing styles that fit their body needs for any occasion!

Why Brightly Colored Hosiery Is Beautiful

In today’s world of fashion, designers are constantly pushing the boundaries with brightly colored patterns. Recently, women have been picking up on these eccentric color choices, especially in the legwear department. A plain pair of pants or tights is a safe fashion move and can be extremely boring, If women want to stand out with their style, brightly colored hosiery is the way to go. To keep up with these exotic new trends, has a bunch of vivid patterns that most women can surely mix into their wardrobes. 

Brighten Up the Day! 
If a woman is wearing neutral colors to begin with, she can easily add some life to her outfit with a pair of colored tights. While there are many exciting trends sweeping the world, there are a few that seem to be outstanding picks for the majority of women. Determining which style fits her best is a woman’s key to properly incorporating bright colors on their legs. 
 • Colored Opaque TightsWhen going for a stand out color selection, opaque style tights can be one of the best options. Due to their lack of sheerness and their thicker texture, opaque tights can be a bold way to display vibrant color patterns or one solid color of choice. 
 • Colored LeggingsThis specific hosiery style allows women to get very creative with no limits. Because of their thick quality, leggings can display exuberant patterns that are becoming more popular than ever. Mixing different designs ranging from stripes to various shapes, leggings are a canvas for women to display their brightest style choices. 
 • Denier PantyhoseIf a woman wants to add a slight touch of color but not over-do it, there are sheer choices of hosiery that will display mild versions of bright colors without drawing too much attention to her legs. Depending on skin color, these specific panty hose might show colors differently. 
Ultimately, thicker styles are the hosiery options that will truly put women at the top of their fashion game! Sometimes, wearing these colors on legs is the simple touch needed to create a super exciting outfit. When browsing for what colors fit best, it’s essential for women to know which colors work with their skin tones and to choose the proper amount of sheerness.