Update Your Styles With These Four 2023 Hosiery Trends

2023 is all about moving away from the neutrals and utilitarian looks that defined the COVID era. Designers are going bold this year with bright colors, exciting prints, and experimental lines and shapes. We’re seeing a fusion of nostalgic 90s and Y2K fashions and maximalism that shows hope for a brighter, more joyful future. This season is the time to unleash your inner designer and go big! Here are some of these fun trends to explore: 

1. Statement Socks

It was inevitable with the return of 90s and Y2k styles that we would see a resurgence of the statement sock. Worn with ballet flats and Dad sneakers, statement socks are an easy way to dress up a dressed-down look. Grab these chunky socks for the look:

Gabriella NINA Opaque Socks with Lace Band

Trasparenze MONIQUE Cotton Socks

Fiore VIRGINIA Socks

2. Knee-Highs

Outside of office looks, it’s been a while since knee-highs hit the trend cycle. As with the return of chunky socks, fashionistas are pairing knee-highs with sneakers and ballet flats. We also love them peaking over the top of a pair of boots. Get the look with these knee-highs:

Elly 140-Semi-Opaque Support Knee-Highs

Intimidea Attraction Rete Fishnet Knee Highs

Glamour Gladiolo Fashion Knee-Highs

3. Unconventional Hosiery Designs

Hosiery designers are letting loose this year. Inspired by the return of maximalist colors and patterns, it’s no surprise the hosiery designers are also creating bold styles. Unconventional styles like asymmetrical, cutout, and unique prints are elevating outfits to the next level. Here are some unconventional styles to try with your wardrobe:  

Fiore SQUARE 20 Pantyhose

Fiore STARDUST Fashion Tights

Hudson CONFUSION Tights

4. Fishnets

The return of 90s and early 00s styles brought back grunge looks as well. What is more essential to a grunge-inspired outfit than fishnets? Fishnets are everywhere from classic to bold colors, textures, and patterns. We love these fishnets for this trend:  

Trasparenze Edera Wide Fishnet Tights

Franco Bombana Fishnet Capri-Legging Gemma

Luisa Maria Lugli Ronny Fishnet Tights

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