Colorful Tights You Can Wear for Spring 2023

Stylists and fashion experts alike are making a strong case in favor of colorful tights in your spring wardrobe. The days of winter and layer upon layer are soon to pass. While we love being cozy and comfy, it is time to make more of a statement as the warmer weather creeps in, along with the bright colors and florals of our spring wardrobes.

Wearing Vibrant Colors More Tastefully

If your mind immediately travels back in time to the 80s and rainbow lollipop stripes and mismatched and bold colors, then it is time for some reconditioning. Instead, picture the potential vibrant colors like electric blues, rich purples, and vibrant pink shades have for your wardrobe. 

It isn’t just about all the bright colors when working with this new, colorful aesthetic. It is also important to strike some balance. You can accomplish this by pairing your bold and bright colors with pastel and white pieces. 

Matching Colors

Another way to wear color this spring is by layering matching colors, like a red blazer with bold red tights for an all-red look. This is also a great opportunity to mix textures and fabrics too or play around with red tights, but different patterns for an even more stylish aesthetic pulled straight from the runway.

Mixing Colors

And that brings us to also playing around with different colors. A bold combination we think we will see a lot this spring is hot pink and bold red shades. You can also mix pastels with purples and bold blues with softer baby blues. 

Your Favorite Shade

Remember, the bolder, the better, so don’t be afraid to show off your favorite shades. You can wear vibrant tights with an all-black look or a dress with a bold pattern and tights in the brightest color in that pattern. 

Coordinate With Your Footwear

Have a pair of statement boots with color? Pick out your favorite shade of color from the boots and find a matching set of tights in that same color. Matching your hosiery to your outfit and footwear can be fun and stunning. 

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