4 Tips for Styling Stockings and Tights as Pants

Not sure if a high-quality pair of stockings or tights can replace your denim or slacks? If they are opaque enough, you can easily replace your regular pants with a pair of stockings or tights, especially if you know a few tips on how to style them.

The stockings as pants trend started back when Kendall Jenner stepped outside in Los Angeles wearing her Bottega Veneta leotard and a navy sweater with sheer pantyhose. This viral look showed the fashion industry’s love for this trend in 2023. 

During Couture week, we also saw bodysuits being paired with stockings and underwear as outfits with oversized blazers. 

1. Start Small

For a beginner just dipping their toes into this now viral fashion trend, you might want to start out small with an oversized blazer layered on top of a leotard. Not only does this give you the pantless style you want, but it also offers a good amount of coverage, not to mention comfort.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

While it is a viral trend in the fashion world and undoubtedly on TikTok, it will still turn a few heads and incite a few confused expressions. Some might think you simply forgot to put pants on, while others might think you are just trying to pass off an oversized blazer as a dress in public.

Well, this is what we have to say about all that—practice makes perfect. Start by wearing your pantless outfit around the home for a few days to get used to the ensemble’s style and feel. This also gives you the opportunity to build up the confidence you need when you finally decide to step outdoors.

3. Show Off the Confidence

Once you realize you are pulling off a high-quality hosiery look, you will have the confidence to rock it in public. This style was popular back in the 60s when fashion norms were pushed, and traditional expectations were tossed out the window. 

4. Find Alternatives

Not ready to try out the pantless style we have described above? No worries. You can take your stockings and tights out on a test run with a bit more coverage. You can wear them with shorts if you want something edgy without pushing too many boundaries. Find a more formal style short, perhaps in leather, and add your black tights or stockings and a great pair of boots. 

Gabriella Leggings Everyday offers a bit more coverage than other stocking or tight options and can also be the perfect introduction to ditching jeans and slacks. 

Above all, this trend starts with a good pair of stockings or tights. Ready to shop a vast selection to find something perfect to add to your wardrobe? Shop our selection at hosieree.com.