3 Situations That Call For Hosiery 

Not sure whether the occasion calls for hosiery or not? We’re here to help! While we at Hosieree.com believe that every look is made better with hose, we know that sometimes that internal debate can leave you wondering. 3 situations that always call for hosiery include: 

1. It’s starting to get cold – Whether it’s a chilly fall day or a brisk spring breeze, hosiery is made to provide comfort and style when temperatures are less than comfortable. During the fall, winter, and spring months, hosiery helps to make your look complete while keeping you warm and comfortable in the process. During this time, opt for a higher denier hosiery to give you a bit more protection against the cold. 

2. You’re wearing a short hemline – Short hemlines can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. If you’re going out for a nice evening, and you want to break out that mini hem, hosiery is exactly what you need for complete confidence in your outfit. For the shortest hemlines, opt for a higher denier hosiery with a more opaque look and you can never go wrong. The best part? Hosiery will work to elongate the leg making your look even more elegant! 

3. Occasions that require a bit more polishing – If you’re attending a meeting, going to a formal wedding, or attending any sort of event that calls for a bit more polishing, always reach for your hosiery. Hosiery works to provide a complete, refined, and careful look that lends to professionalism and formality. When choosing hosiery for a polished event opt for a style that’s classic, refined, and versatile like our Cecilia De Rafael Hyde Park – Back Seam Pantyhose.

Hosiery has its place in any look, but for some occasions hosiery becomes a necessity instead of an accessory. At Hosieree.com we have high denier tights, classic refined styles, and trendy pieces to go right along with every outfit and every occasion you have planned. To find your next pair, see what we have in store at Hosieree.com today.