5 Styling Tips To Elongate Your Legs 

5 Styling Tips To Elongate Your Legs

Long legs have a way of giving any look an air of grace, but unfortunately, we’re not all born with them! With the right outfit and the right hosiery, faking it is no problem. 5 styling tips to elongate your legs instantaneously are: 

1. High waisted pants do the trick – For short legs and a long waist, flipping the script is as simple as a pair of high waisted pants. It shortens the waist while lengthening the legs, and when paired with a heel it gives that perfect willowy look. To bring it into the 90’s resurgence trend that’s so huge right now, pair some ripped high waisted and relaxed fit jeans with a peekaboo of fishnet tights underneath. 

2. Match your shoes with your hosiery – If you’re wearing a skirt and hosiery, but you’re not trying to go for a patterned hosiery look, there’s a simple way to elongate the leg. Pairing the color of your shoes with your hosiery gives your legs serious length. If you’re wearing nude hose, pair with a nude shoe. If you’re going big and bold with colored tights, let your shoes continue the color pop. 

3. Wear wedges or heels – One of the classic ways to give yourself a taller, longer, and leaner look is to pair your outfit with wedges or heels. For those with open toes, toeless hosiery like the Calzitaly Toeless Sheer Pantyhose with Cooling Effect lets you show off your pedicure in a stunning pair of heels without your hosiery getting in the way.  

4. Never underestimate the power of vertical lines and patterns – Patterns can be your best friend when it comes to elongating. While a horizontal stripe might not do you many favors, vertical lines certainly will. Hosiery with vertical designs like the Gabriella CORE Thigh High Stockings with a cute vertical heart pattern going down the side of each leg draw the eye up and down, giving you immediate length. 

5. Celebrate slits – A slit in a skirt or a pair of pants works much in the same way as vertical patterns. It draws the eye upward, bringing length to your look without much effort. An additional benefit of a slit? It gives a great peekaboo to highlight the hosiery you have on underneath. 

Longer and leaner can be just one simple wardrobe hack away. For the hosiery that gives you the graceful length you’re looking for, see what we have in store at Hosieree.com today.