Large Thighs? No Problem Finding Hosiery for Your Body Type

Large Thighs? No Problem  Finding Hosiery for Your Body Type

You want to choose the hosiery that fits you best. To do this, it is important to understand your body type. We have tips for large thighs, taller women, and more. 

Best Hosiery for Taller People

When you wear too short tights, they can become uncomfortable very quickly and can tear and result in distorted fibers because you have to constantly pull them back up into place. Instead, you want to choose hosiery that showcases your long legs. 

Support tights with strong graduated compression like Elly Dream Tights are semi-opaque tights that give you an elegant look without them falling. The Platino Cleancut 40 Adaptable Waistband pantyhose should also be in your wardrobe. They go with almost any outfit and run a bit tall, making them the perfect option for taller people. 

Best Hosiery for Large Thighs

If your hosiery is too tight around the thighs, it can start to dig into the skin, which can be really uncomfortable. Additionally, they can also start to tear. Hold-ups and stockings aren’t always the best choice for larger thighs because they often roll down the leg, which makes it so important to find the best fit for your body type.

When looking for the best hosiery, find the color and style that flatters you the most, like thigh high tights with a silicon band border that helps keep them in place.  

Opaque tights are a simple and basic option that goes well with almost any outfit and comes in various sizes. Back seam tights are another great option because they often have a subtle yet flirty design and take black tights to the next level. Finally, suspender tights are a good option and work well for women with curves. 

Best Hosiery for Tummies

If you have thinner legs and a bigger tummy, you may find it difficult to find the right hosiery fit for your body type. If you carry more weight in your stomach, choose hosiery that has a deep waistband and flat or no seams. This helps eliminate discomfort from the hosiery cutting into the skin and creates a smoother silhouette.

Luisa Maria Lugli Boxer Modeling Tights have a deep waistband that ensures a nice fit while creating your ideal silhouette. 

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