Fall Fashion Is Incomplete Without Tights

Fall Fashion Is Incomplete Without Tights

It’s fall! It’s time to get cozy and embrace the sweater weather. With today’s diverse, edgy fashion, it’s interesting what new fashion trends will find into every man and woman’s fall closet. But fall is never complete without the classic tights. Tights are classic staple in every closet. It’s versatile—can make an outfit classic and sophisticated or fun and eccentric. Here are some fall tights trends for 2022:


For this season, go-to look for it girls is metallic fashion. Who doesn’t love a shimmery, shiny piece of clothing? Metallic fashion is bold and attention-grabbing. Our Cecilia De Rafael Viena Fashion Lurex tights can be a great complement to metallic fashion pieces or can be the subtle metallic element to your everyday wardrobe.

Fishnets And Platforms

Platform shoes are everywhere, and they are often paired with cute socks or a nice pair of tights. Fishnet tights are a great way to add texture to any outfit—let them peek out between your boots and skirt, for example. 

Moto Style

The moto style made a surprising return as AW22 runways were filled with black leather pieces. Think leather jackets, leather dresses, and leather miniskirts. These leather elements will be nicely complemented with a pair of tights


Sexy, textured lingerie details are another hot trend this fall. If you’re not up for corsets or lace during cooler weather, tights may be the solution to your fashion dilemma. For decades, tights have been a partner to lingerie, so you can definitely wear tights or lingerie-inspired tights. 

Bold Colors

Go against the gloomy weather of the fall with bright colors. This trend is all about vibrant, stand-out key pieces or entire ensembles that would catch the eye of anyone within a mile. Some like to wear just one stand-out piece like a bright-colored blazer or a bright pair of leggings or stockings, while others prefer to wear three to four different colors in one outfit. A pair of semi-opaque tights in bright colors will certainly have room for such a look.

Statement Dresses

This season is not for the faint-hearted. Another standout trend is statement dresses—metallic dresses, embellished dresses, sheer dresses, and so on. You can take it up a notch by adding floral tights or polka thigh highs to your outfit. These will not only boost the look but also protect you from the weather.

Tights never quite go out of style. They are a fashion staple for a reason—they go with arguably everything. For more ideas on how to wear your tights, visit us at hosieree.com.