Choosing The Right Denier For The Season

While looking for hosiery, you might notice a number and the word “den” or “denier” next to that number. You also may notice how some hosiery is sheer, some very opaque, and some sitting right in the middle. Denier refers to the weight of the fabric used in your hosiery, and typically the higher the denier the opaquer your hosiery will be. Often, winter hosiery will be the opaquest with a very high denier, while summer hose will be much lighter and more on the side of sheer. You’ll want to pay close attention to your denier, as this will let you know quite a bit about the way the hosiery looks and how comfortable it may be wearing with certain outfits or during certain times of the year. 

Lightest Denier 

Deniers ranging from around 5 all the way up to 30 are considered the lightest. They’re often the most sheer and they will feel most delicate on the skin. In some cases of very low deniers, the hosiery might even feel like a second skin resting gently on the surface of the legs. If you’re trying to go for a bare leg look, you’re wearing particularly delicate fabrics, or you’re going to a summer event, a good rule of thumb to follow is to go for the lightest denier you can find in your desired style. 

A light denier is highly breathable, so you’re far less likely to find yourself uncomfortable in the summer heat, and light hose will never “overtake” the look of a more delicate fabric. 

Medium Denier 

Medium or mid denier refers to deniers of around 30 to 40. Often, you’ll see this hosiery referred to as semi-sheer or semi-opaque, and you’re getting a good middle ground in terms of look and breathability. In those autumn months or during the early spring, you may find that you’re most comfortable in a pair of medium denier hose. You get some coverage and some color on the leg, but mid denier still allows for plenty of breathability. 

Heavier Denier 

Heavier deniers are those of 50 den or higher, and these are the thickest and heaviest hose. Typically completely opaque, these will be the hose you reach for in those cold winter months or later in autumn. Heavy denier tights are often worn well with boots and booties, but may be worn with heels or any sort of footwear you feel best goes with your look. Often, a heavier denier pair of hosiery will be somewhat more durable than the most delicate light denier hose. 

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