Bold Statement Tights Are The Must Have Trend For Fall 2021

Bold Statement Tights Are The Must Have Trend For Fall 2021

Everyone is getting ready to head back out to work, to social events, and to living life once again and the latest fashion trends for fall and winter 2021 are reflecting that. Bold styles, color, and shape are slated to be huge in the latter half of 2021, with statement tights and hosiery taking a front seat. Embroidered hosiery, embellished hosiery, bold colored hosiery, and head-turning hosiery are helping designers to really double down on their statement piece looks, and we at have everything you need to recreate these styles for yourself. From the catwalk to the sidewalk, some examples of bold statement hose we have for your fall of 2021 are: 

  • Cazzola Gaetano Wet Fashion Tights – For those who can’t get enough of the quirky and whimsical side of bold, the Cazzola Gaetano Wet Fashion Tights are exactly what you’re looking for. These black 50 denier tights are just opaque enough with an all over pattern of multi-colored parasol style umbrellas. Perfect for wearing with short skirts, they take your cozy sweater outfits and make them just a bit more fun and 2021 fashion forward. 
  • Cazzola Gaetano Sogni Fashion Tights – With pearl embellishments up each leg, these 60 denier tights are perfect for nighttime looks in fall and winter. The Cazzola Gaetano Sogni Fashion Tights have just a touch of elegant glitz, ramping up any outfit you wish to pair them with. For those who want to take their tailored shorts into fall, these are the perfect wait to dress them up alongside a pair of classic pumps. 
  • Fiore Cotton Candy 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose – In bright shades of fuchsia and lime, these are the hose you’re looking for to bring the brightness to your look. Perfect for the pre-fall late August to early September months with an 8 denier, they let you take a little summertime fun along with you as the seasons change. In a classic look, the brighter and sunnier colors also look stunning in spring. 
  • Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights – With short date-night skirts, rock n’ roll distressed jeans, or tailored shorts, the Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights are bringing the sexy to every outfit you put on. Fishnet meets an elegant and seductive floral pattern giving you a look that can go just about any place you wish it to go. 

If you’re looking to get ready for the 2021 pre-fall, fall, and winter seasons, we have everything you need at Check out what we have in stock today to start building your bold 2021 wardrobe! 

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  1. Love bold statement tights believe they are a fashion statement. I myself have worn the boldest of bold and they look stunning on. From lace tights to design tights or even the boldest of colors and logo or slogan tights looks fantastic.

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