6 2020 Tights Trends You Can Wear Today

6 2020 Tights Trends You Can Wear Today

If you think tights are no longer relevant in the fashion industry, think again. In fact, tights have evolved to fit into the latest fashion trends in 2020. So if you’re planning to wear a pair of tights this year, here are some trends worth following: 

1. Plaid Tights

Plaid tights will take you back to the seventies, and they’re really flattering. Wear them with a leather skirt or a trench coat to spice up your outfit.

2. Colored Tights

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, then you know how Blair Waldorf makes her school uniforms and other outfits stand out while walking the streets of the Upper East Side. You can pull off a Queen B by wearing a pair of colored tights in bright shades, such as red, green, and pink. Wear them with evening skirts and short dresses. 

3. Leopard-Print Tights

Animal prints aren’t going anywhere this year, specifically the leopard-print ones as they have found their way onto tights. That type of print was a huge hit back in the ‘80s, and now, you can have fun with it and look cool at the same time. You can wear leopard-print tights with casual or active wear. 

4. Floral Tights

Who would have thought floral patterned tights were going to be a thing this year? Floral tights have been spotted in a number of fashion catwalks and couture shows. The print is perfect if you want to go for a vintage style. 

5. Geometric Tights

Geometric tights are back, and they come in various patterns such as diamonds, and stripes. They are flattering and can make your legs look even longer. A pair of geometric tights is perfect for upgrading a boring look, especially on days when you just want to wear plain clothes with a touch of flair, which you can achieve with this pattern.

6. Logo Tights

Logo tights are so popular nowadays. In fact, Kylie Jenner has been spotted in them at music festivals. Spice up your outfit this year with a pair of logo tights, and you’ll definitely feel like you’re made for Hollywood.

Those are some of the tights trends this year. If you are looking for ways to make your OOTD stand out, a pair of any of them will be a great way to start. Just make sure you purchase them from a reliable brand. 

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Are you ready to make your outfit even better? That is now easier because all you need is to invest in a pair of tights and you’re good to go. With these trends, it doesn’t seem like tights are going away soon, and we’re absolutely thrilled about that!