How To Stop Your Hose From Slipping

How To Stop Your Hose From Slipping

Hosiery can easily give you a trendy, elegant, and fashionable look, but what’s not fashionable is being caught having to adjust your hosiery in the middle of an event because it’s loose. When you’re dancing, walking, or moving around quite a bit, your panty hose can shift, slip, or begin to fall down, causing you to have to nonchalantly do the “hosiery shuffle” as you pull your hosiery up by the thighs or the waist. Not only does it make for an awkward scenario, but constantly pulling up your hose can damage the fibers in the hosiery and cause the pair to break down faster.

There are a couple of reasons why your hosiery may slip. First and foremost, your hosiery will slip if it’s a bit too large for you. If you are in between hosiery sizes, it’s recommended to size up rather than down, but this could lead to slipping as you wear the hosiery throughout the day or night.

Second, your hosiery may slip if it has begun to lose shape. Low-quality hosiery or older hosiery may begin to lose its shape over time, causing slipping as you wear it for a number of hours. No matter the cause of the slippage, there is a simple solution using only what you already own and likely have on right now!

While it may sound silly, the best way to avoid hosiery slippage can be found in your underwear drawer. A simple pair of panties worn on the outside of your hosiery, rather than under it, can help keep the pair in place all throughout the day. The heavier fabric of the panty gives the top of the hosiery some structure and keeps it in place even as you move. The panty you choose can be any style, including thong panties if you wish to keep that seamless silhouette.

At, we pride ourselves on providing only hosiery pieces of the highest quality as well as the panties you can use to keep your hosiery firmly in place. If you find that you’re between sizes and worry about your hosiery slipping throughout a day, you can have peace of mind with all of the products we offer. To find your perfect pair of hosiery, check us out at today.