Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

So you have your whole look planned out, and now you’re just stuck on the hosiery. Do you want to make a statement? Do you want your hosiery to add an “edgy” appeal? What about adding a bit of classic refinement? Are you trying to get a little funky with your hosiery? Choosing the right hosiery for your look is an important part of piecing an outfit together, and we have just the hosiery picks you need. A few tips for always choosing the right hosiery for every outfit are:

  • Black tights complete a look – If you’re looking for a “stand out” sort of appeal, opaque black tights might not be what you reach for, but these are staple pieces of any hosiery wardrobe. What black tights do is complete a look, and do so in a way that is understated but still important all the same. With patterns, neutral shades, boots, heels, and everything in between, if you’re simply looking for an easy finishing touch, you may want to reach for your black hose.
  • Colored tights add pop – If you’re wearing a lot of neutrals, or you’re simply trying to tie that “must have” accessory into your outfit, you’ll want to consider your colored tights. These add a real pop to your look, and they can help you to tie in those earrings, that bag, or that jacket with ease. If you’re trying to take a bit of the glumness out of an all-black outfit, try tying in a bright pair of jewel tone tights.
  • Patterned hosiery adds interest – If you’re wearing solid colors and classic fabrics, you might be looking for that piece to add a bit of interest into your look. A bag works, but it’s still an accessory and not an item to be worn on the body. This is where patterned tights really add something special, bringing particular interest and a true statement to your overall look. Florals, geometrics, and even quirky novelty print tights can be just what you’re looking for.

No matter the look you’re going for, we have just the hosiery you’re looking for. To find the perfect pair to suit your outfit, check us out at today.

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  1. Black tights have a stylish look and matches everything. When it comes to colored tights to add a pop of color they look fantastic on plus are very fashionable. Now patterned tights can be quite a fashion statement very classy looking and attention getting. Only my opinion for I have all the above styles plus one’s of the lurex type which add the glitz look to any outfit.

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