4 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Shorts Into Fall

4 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Shorts Into Fall

At Hosieree.com, we’re all about taking your favorite wardrobe pieces and utilizing them in unique and fashion forward ways. With the right hosiery, your favorite shorts are no longer a summer staple; they’re a year-round staple you can enjoy well into the fall! When you pair your shorts with hosiery, not only are you cool-weather friendly, but you’re given a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating stand-out outfits.

The key component to remember when taking your shorts into fall is pairing them with the right hose. You can pair a cut off pair of distressed denim shorts with fishnet hose for a punk-rock look, and just as easily you can pair a tailored pair of shorts with solid opaque tights for something sleek and ready for the office. Once you have your hosiery pairings down, you can then start to branch out into pairing with accessories and additional layers for a new fashion-forward look every day. 4 ways to wear your shorts and hosiery into fall are:

  • Set yourself up with a blazer – If you’re looking to take this look into the office, pairing with a blazer is a must. Take your favorite pair of tailored shorts, an opaque pair of tights, and a tucked in blouse and pair these elements with a sophisticated blazer. Never thought you could wear shorts to work? Think again!
  • Use longer shorts for extra movement – If you want something a little more retro inspired, longer shorts that go down to about the knee with a little movement are perfect. Paired with a quirky blouse, opaque hosiery, and T-strap heels, you’ll be perfectly executing those vintage vibes.
  • Get grunge cozy – Fall is all about those cozy looks, and the grunge look is bigger than ever this year. Take a distressed pair of shorts, pair with fishnet hose, and layer over top a chunky knit cardigan for a perfect cozy grunge look.
  • Day to night – Shorts and hosiery is a perfect choice for day to night looks. The same tailored shorts, hosiery, and blazer look that was ideal for the office is taken to happy hour by switching out your top for one with a little sparkle and some sky-high booties.

With fall fully underway, there is no better time to try out some of these fashion-forward looks for yourself. If you’re looking for the perfect hose to take your shorts into fall, check out what we’ve got at Hosieree.com today!

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  1. I love wearing shorts with my tights either glossy or colored it creates a fantastic fashion look.

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