How To Make Colored Tights Work For You

How To Make Colored Tights Work For You

Yes, they can be funky and fun. No, you’re never too old to wear them. Colored tights have a place in every wardrobe, you just need to know how to incorporate them the right way based on how you want them to look.

Those who love to stand out will find it easy to add tights to any outfit. Pull on a pair of Brigida Fashion Tights and make your mark.  Even if you’re a minimalist, you can find a way to wear colored tights. A comfortable pair of Blueberry Love Fashion Tights are subtle enough to give you a slight edge while staying classically cool. 

Perfect Pairings

For the best pairings, think about your wardrobe and add tights to complement what you already have. You might be surprised at how you can make colored tights work for you when you wear them in one of these combinations.

  • Stick with what you know. For those who are skeptical about anything on the bright side of the color wheel, start off with tights in a color you’re accustomed to. Diamond Shimmering Fashion Tights come in a very deep blue color that isn’t too far above a classic navy. Consider it navy after a margarita.
  • Start off small. No matter what color you choose, only show a bit of it. This will get you used to the color without overwhelming your eyes. For instance, pair Freedom Classic Opaque Tights in Abricot with an ankle length skirt in chocolate brown. You’ll only get peeks when you walk, or when the wind blows.
  • Add a subtle pop of color. When your outfit is full of neutral tones such as pale beige or dove gray, pick a pair of tights that give some zing. Microfiber Sophie Tights in Acqua allows you to show more color below while keeping yourself neutral above. 
  • Go all out. Once you’ve mastered colored tights in your own time, let loose on a day when you’re feeling your best. Dig out your denim mini and pull on Cortina Tights in Soleil. After that, you’ll be ready to make tights of all colors a part of your everyday wardrobe.

The trend of colored tights will never truly go away, so the more comfortable you are now, the more fashionable you’ll continue to be throughout your lifetime. Take a minute to browse through the may colored tights that we offer at and begin building your wardrobe today.