First Time Wearing Stockings? Here are a Few Things You Should Know

First Time Wearing Stockings? Here are a Few Things You Should Know

If pantyhose used to be your go-to when putting together your outfit, you might want to consider what stockings can do for you when you add them to your wardrobe. With stockings in circulation, you will find that with so many options available, you will never be lacking in the style department.

What Hosiery Do You Currently Wear?

Let’s take a closer look at the hosiery you currently wear because we are sure some stockings are equivalent to what you are used to. If you wear sheer black tights for work, then it is very possible to replace them with a pair of black stockings.

When Do You Think You Will Wear Stockings?

Where do you usually adorn your hosiery? Work? Everyday casual wear? Evening wear? No matter what time of day or occasion, some stockings will most certainly do the job. Work, weddings, a trip to the coffee shop- no matter where you go, you can be stylish and comfortable in a pair of new stockings.

Stockings Versus Other Hosiery Types

While they are very similar, you will find a few differences between what you are used to wearing and stockings. Thigh highs, for example, do not require that you use any kind of suspender belts to keep them in place. Stockings, on the other hand, do need suspender belts.

Stockings are also very sheer, and extremely form fitting and they reach to the top of the thighs. Pantyhose are sheer hosiery as well, but they can be worn all the way up to the waist. Finally, leggings will cover the waist down and are often made of much thicker and heavier material than stockings and pantyhose.

When to Wear Stockings

The following are just a few tips on when and why you should wear stockings:

• You are looking for coverage up to the top of your thighs
• You are wearing mid-length skirts
• You want a bit more ventilation than you would get with a heavier material

Some Misconceptions

The terms stockings and pantyhose are very closely related and are often mixed up. However, you will find that stockings will typically offer a more sensual appeal while pantyhose serves more functional purposes and are often worn daily.

You don’t always have to secure your stockings, but to make sure they don’t fall down, it is always a good idea to secure them and keep them in place.

Choosing Stockings

When you are choosing stockings, you should consider what you will be wearing with them. You will want to make sure that your hemline ends well below the garter belt area so that your skirt won’t ride up and show the top of your stockings.

If you are ready to choose your first pair of stockings to match with that adorable work outfit you are dying to wear, then has many to choose from. You have the option of a more classically styled stocking, or if you want to get a bit bolder, you can choose fishnet stockings.