Hosiery Trends To Take You Into Pre-Fall

 Hosiery Trends To Take You Into Pre-Fall

Pre-fall is a unique season for fashion. It’s the only mid-season fashion switch up we see throughout the year, and it really winds down the bold summer looks into a cozy place ready for the cool weather season to set in. We don’t have a pre-winter, a pre-spring, or a pre-summer, so the month long period of pre-fall is a really fun time to experiment with mixing summer and fall looks into one cohesive outfit.

Hosiery is a big part of pre-fall 2018, and it’s a great way to take summer looks and make them perfectly pre-fall. A few hosiery trends we’re particularly excited about for this mini fashion season are:

• Socks with heels – This is probably the most unique pre-fall look for this year, and it’s one that a person can really have a lot of fun with. This styling was first seen on the Fendi 2018 pre-fall runway, and it’s one of those looks that can translate from the runway to main street pretty seamlessly. Our 10910 Fashion Socks with a curling lace border and ankle bow accent are just dressy enough to pair with any favorite heel with confidence, but still keep on with the sock trend.

• Mules – Mules are the big footwear choice for pre-fall 2018, and it can be really easy to make a mule too summer when worn bare. A pair of knee-high hose or socks paired with a mule is a great way to bring the footwear into pre-fall, while embracing both of the summer and fall elements perfectly. The Rettem Mi Bas Knee-Highs are absolutely perfect for pairing with a mule and achieving this pre-fall look.

• Crystal embellishments – Typically, crystal embellished hosiery is big for the winter season. The sparkle of a classic pair of embellished hose is perfect for embracing the holiday and New Year spirit, but we’re actually seeing these looks a few months early this year. Valentino’s pre-fall 2018 looks were heavy on the crystal accented tight, and particularly when paired with airy and flouncy short skirts. A light summer fabric skirt with our Clara Stones 20 Fashion Tights and a pair of sophisticated pumps is perfect for going out on a pre-fall night.

At Hosieree.com, we love how hosiery is transforming pre-fall looks for the year of 2018. To find your perfect pair for pre-fall, check out what we have in store at Hosieree.com today!