5 Ways To Showcase The Top Trends In 2018 Fall Hosiery

5 Ways To Showcase The Top Trends In 2018 Fall Hosiery

The bare-legged look at its day for about a decade, but hosiery has been slowly creeping into mainstream street fashion and it’s bigger than ever in 2018 for the fall season. 5 ways to showcase the top trends in 2018 fall hosiery are:

1. The peek from a sling back – During New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford’s big statement for fall 2018 was pairing vampy and sexy hosiery pieces with equally sexy sling back pumps and kitten heels. The result was a modern meets vintage sophistication that we love for any outfit. The hosiery you pair with your kitten heels should be focused on a timeless sexiness, and can be paired with other trends like the knee-high resurgence we’re seeing right now. To try the look, opt for the Rettem Mi Bas Knee-Highs and pair with your favorite sling back, allowing the fishnet texture to peek out of the back of the shoe.

2. Professional black in any style – The look of a refined black hose can be quite professional, but what we’re seeing in fall of 2018 is this look being taken to a more eccentric street fashion place. Sheer black hosiery, like our Hosieree.com Back Seamed Pantyhose Elegance, elongating the leg and bringing a classic refinement to brightly colored tailored shorts or cropped trousers, as well as futuristic looks that create a really interesting fashion dichotomy.

3. Color accents – Color accents are another huge fall 2018 trend, and this means using hosiery to bring out the lesser accent colors in an outfit or jacket. For instance, a floral blouse that uses a variety of colors can turn into a color focused look by pairing with a colored tight like our Classic Opaque Tights Freedom to bring out a particular shade.

4. Texture with pumps – One uniquely sexy look that was showcased quite a bit on the fall 2018 runways was texture peeking out of the top of a closed toe pump. Ribbed socks, textured tights, and patterned hosiery with an all-over texture complemented the leg down to the shoe, and then created an interesting textural complement when the hosiery laid against the smooth shoe surface.

5. The contrast of black – The one look that we saw most at fashion week for fall of 2018 was showcasing and cherishing the dramatic contrast of black hosiery against a brightly colored shoe. Yellows, greens, reds, purples – no color combination was off the table, and they all had a particularly modern, but still classic, type of look. This was one of the simplest trends to replicate, too, as all you need to do is pair black hose with the colored shoe of your choice.

The biggest fall 2018 trends are quite exciting, and they’re very workable for the every person looking to add a little runway into their everyday looks. To find your next favorite trendy pair of hose, check out what we have at Hosieree.com today!