How To Buy The Perfect Thigh High Stockings

How To Buy The Perfect Thigh High Stockings

Thigh high stockings are known for being very alluring. However, they can also be quite functional. They are a perfect option to wear when it is warm outside. They are great if you have a sit-down job because they can be more comfortable than regular pantyhose. Thigh highs also pair really well with shapewear and can help you avoid any tight bands around your hips or stomach that can ruin your dress line. They are a fantastic option for any woman’s closet.

If you have never bought thigh-highs before, you may not know how to pick the perfect pair. Here is a simple shopping guide so you can try thigh highs for yourself.

Stay-Up Versus Traditional

There are two main styles of thigh high stockings. The first is traditional which are held up using a garter belt like the Classic Stockings Oro 15. These stockings are great for a night out or when you are looking to add a vintage appeal to your undergarments. The second style is called “stay-up” and they have a silicone band at the top that holds them into place like the Les Bas 15 Sheer Stay Ups With Lace Border. The silicone band adheres to your leg, so stay-ups do not require any other garments to hold. Stay-up tights are great for everyday wear. There are also modern hybrids called suspender tights that incorporate a garter belt into the thigh-high like the Capriccio Suspender Tights.

Thigh Styles

Once you’ve decided between traditional and stay-ups, the next choice you need to make is what kind of design do you want on the thigh. The two most common are lace bands like the Intimidea Thigh High Stockings or plain tops that have no design like the Velour 60 Opaque Microfiber Thigh Highs. The plain tops offer a seamless look, while the lace tops add extra style. There are also thigh highs that have extra style along the band like the contrasting band on the Sheer Thigh Highs With Lace, the fringed edge on the Sheer Fringe Hold Ups By Henry Holland or the striped edge of the Back Seam Thigh Highs Line 20.

Choosing The Right Size

Once you have picked out your perfect pair, you will need to figure out your sizing. Unlike with traditional tights, you need to be really aware of sizing with thigh highs. If the size is too small they will create an unflattering line. If they are too large, they will fall down. Make sure to take the time to read the sizing chart.

Thigh-highs are a great option for any wardrobe. At we have a wide variety of thigh highs in different colors, sizes, and styles so you can find your perfect pair.