Fishnets Are Back In A Big Way

Fishnets Are Back In A Big Way

While we here at like to think that fishnet tights never really went away or faded from fashion, we have to agree that in terms of sheer popularity, they’ve been making a huge return into the public consciousness over the last few years. From the punk scene to the roaring 20s, fishnets are the perfect combination of sexy and stylish, and they’re a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their own personal style. 

If you’re thinking of adding a new, bold look to your life, look no further than fishnets. And they’re more versatile than you might realize, too. Options like Edera Wide Fishnet Tights break out of the black fishnet look and add a unique color as well as an awesome, revealing sense of sexual power to your look. 

But how do you add fishnets to your ensemble, exactly? Really, the only limitation is your sense of style and adventure, but a couple of ideas can help you see how others are fitting them into their wardrobe.

• Traditional Skirts – Skirts and dresses are the traditional option, and you can always slip on a pair of fishnets and then wear your sexiest dress or skirt. It’s a classic look that has never really gone out of style, and one that can fit into any look. 

• Denim and Fishnets – Jeans with numerous rips and tears in them have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and putting a pair of fishnets underneath them is a perfect way to enhance the look and add a sense of sexy mystery to it. 

• Shorts – No matter the material, shorts are a perfect match for fishnets. Pair them up with a pair of boots and you have a no-nonsense, tough look that is still sexy as well. 

No matter how you decide to fit fishnet tights into your wardrobe, you have plenty of different style options to choose from. They fit into virtually any occasion, whether it’s a high society function or just a shopping and lunch trip out with the girls. Their versatility is every bit as important as their sex appeal, which helps explain why they’ve exploded in popularity over the last few years. Take a look at what we have to offer here, and you’ll find a match for any look that you’re going for, for any event. We’re ready to help you find that perfect look, so place your order or contact us for help today.

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  1. Myself being a str8 male when I wear fishnets or fence nets I layer them over other colored hosiery to give them a different fashion look. And no not a fetish it’s purely a fashion to me.

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