The Top 2 Hosiery Trends From Fashion Week 2017

The Top 2 Hosiery Trends From Fashion Week 2017The highlight of March is fashion week, and one trend that we were really excited to see at was a couple of really stand-out tights trends. We want to break these trends down for you and show you just how you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe!

First and foremost, last year’s textured tights seem to be on their way out for right now, and in their place patterned tights are reigning supreme. Patterned tights, like textured tights, really ramp up the fun factor of an outfit, and they can be introduced into the board room just as easily as they can be worn on a night out with the girls. One great office option we have at are the Agnes Microfiber Tights, which are opaque with a sheer geometric diamond pattern. These black tights are sleek and sophisticated, but still bring that fun factor that dresses up your look in a way that only patterned tights can. For something a little less subtle and a little more stand-out, our Fiore Merida Fashion Tights are opaque grey in color with an all-over abstract design perfect for accenting a shorter skirt.

What’s really fun about the patterned tights trend is where you can take it and how it can bring some eccentricity to any look without the risk of going overboard. If you’re looking for a touch of attitude, that’s just how you get it!

The next trend we were excited to see on the Fashion Week 2017 runway was the return of fishnets. Forever classic, fishnets are never going out of style, but it’s nice to see them get the highlight they deserve with a few pieces of high fashion inspo. Because fishnets are such a mainstay, you can find them in all different styles, lengths, and colors, so you’re getting office friendly options as often as you’re getting bedroom or night out options. One such product you can use to introduce this trend into your office attire is our Rettem Mi Bas Knee-Highs fishnet socks, which give a sleek and stylish touch to office suits. If you want classic and sexy, however, there is no going wrong with the tried and true Fishnet Thigh Highs Attraction hosiery.

Whether you’re going to try to inspire with your own look, or give something from the Fashion Week runway a shot, we have all the tights and hosiery you need to get started. To see what we have in store for you, simply check us out at today!

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